Why you need an adult marketing agency in 2020 more than ever.
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Why You Need An Adult Marketing Agency In 2020 More Than Ever

marketing agency for the adult industry

Why You Need An Adult Marketing Agency In 2020 More Than Ever

Adult marketing agency. The global porn industry remains huge. Ridiculously huge. There are only three constants in life; you’re born, you die and people around the globe will always want porn. The porn industry is worth approximately $100 billion annually; not a small sum, I’m sure we can all agree. However, to make any kind of meaningful inroads or dents into that yourself requires some very shrewd marketing strategies. There are many ways in which you can market your business for the adult entertainment industry.

There are far fewer ways, however, in which you can market it well; this is especially true now given how competitive and saturated the industry is. It’s a full-time job knowing how to go about marketing yourself, which is where an adult marketing agency can help. Adult PR is an agency based in Essex that specifically focuses on marketing within the adult industry. Below, we’ve outlined some of the main benefits of outsourcing your adult marketing to an agency such as ours.

Porn is where PR is most vital.

Having a good PR team on-board for your business is a good idea, whatever the business is. However, adult industry PR is especially important. The perception around adult entertainment and the sex industry is changing for the better. However, there’s still some taboo surrounding it in the public eye. With a dedicated PR team, however, it’s far easier to generate more positive press. Optics are important within the adult industry, especially with the wonderful recent drive towards wellness and self-love as a priority. A PR team can help convey your company’s support of such trends. PR teams form a large, constituent part of any adult marketing agency and are certainly one of the best parts about them.

Another area where a PR team will benefit your business is at industry and trade fairs. These are often under-utilised by companies because they’re not as good at marketing themselves or their business face to face. They may have the sleekest, most stylish website, but in person often become quite withdrawn. PR teams are born to network, it’s in their blood. Adult industry shows present a fantastic opportunity to network and leave the kind of impressions that you simply can’t do over an email conversation. PR for the adult industry centres around connection and human interaction just as the porn industry does, itself!

Marketing your adult services in a non-adult way.

The digital nature of the world today and the sheer scale of major social media platforms means that you can’t afford not to target them with your marketing. This, of course, presents an issue, however, given the NSFW nature of adult content. So, to get around this you must learn to be coy – don’t take the general public for idiots, they’re smarter than you’d perhaps give them credit for. A subtly euphemistic post is sometimes all it takes to get across exactly what explicit meaning you want to.

So long as you make sure that the content meets with all of the particular platform’s guidelines and regulations, you can be as creative and cheeky as you like. If anything, this will perform better as it ties into the idea of the tease– always leave them wanting more. An adult marketing agency can provide both the quality of social media content and the necessary consistency to grow.

The adult entertainment industry is a fundamentally visual one. It naturally lends itself to beautiful graphic design and carefully curated content. If you can’t present your adult company’s social media platforms in an aesthetically pleasing way, people aren’t likely to be convinced about your adult services themselves. People often decide with their eyes, so it’s important that you get it right.

Consider deals & offers.

Money is tight and people are less readily inclined to spend the hard-earned cash. As an incentive, and if your finances allow it, it is always worth considering offering specials deals and offers – perhaps a special, one-time joining offer, for example! Offers also remain a great way of catching people’s attention. Like magpies, we are drawn to shiny things, and offers are just such a thing.

Don’t neglect your SEO!

Now, it may not be as exciting, glamorous or risqué as the content itself that it’s detailing, but optimising your website with regards to its SEO value is incredibly important. If your site has good SEO value, you will be seen– it’s as simple as that. If you don’t build your site, or optimise it with SEO in mind, then you’ll wallow in the depths of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) where very few people will see you. A good way of consistently chipping away at your SEO value is to implement a blog page onto your site. Not only is this a great way of showcasing your expertise of the adult industry, but it can help you climb up Google’s search rankings.

If writing isn’t your forte, then you can outsource to an adult marketing agency who will have a whole team of content creators at their disposal. Other things to look out for are making sure that your images and videos are compressed as much as possible; if you don’t do this, your site will run much slower which is a big turn off for potential visitors to your site.

The adult entertainment industry is constantly changing, it’s becoming more progressive, and, on the whole, a much more positive environment. It’s certainly a good time to get involved with the adult industry. Sex is a part of life with plenty of room for creativity, creativity that an agency can offer in spades.

So, if you feel that you want to be part of that industry and you’re in need of an adult marketing agency such as Adult PR, then get in touch today! Contact us and we can tailor-make a bespoke marketing strategy that’s perfectly suited for your business.