Why PR For The Adult Industry Is Booming - During this time...
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Why PR For The Adult Industry Is Booming

PR for the adult and sex industry

Why PR For The Adult Industry Is Booming

The adult industry is performing well. Seriously well. Whether there’s something in the air or the need to feel more connected to someone else recently we don’t know. What we do know, is that there’s never been a better time to capitalise on the successes of the adult industry than right now.

There has been a surge in the camming and escort industries which has coincided with the more society-level attitude changes towards sexual liberation and exploration. The stigmas continue to fall, but even with all this in mind, you can’t neglect just how well the industry is doing currently. It’s the sort of purple patch that only comes along once every few years. If you’re a brand within the adult industry, you don’t want to be missing out on it. The team here at Adult PR, an agency offering PR for the adult industry, have put together this blog explaining how the right PR will help you capitalise on this hive of industry activity whilst you still can.

Brand exposure is worth its weight in gold.

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It can feel like you’re always swimming against the tide when you’re trying to get your adult brand some positive exposure, or any brand recognition for that matter. How are you supposed to gather momentum when you constantly feel like you’re having to tiptoe around in the shadows? Non-adult brands will never understand just what a luxury visibility is when it comes to brand awareness. It’s for this reason that a team offering PR for the adult industry can help.

But what will a PR team do for your brand? PR executives and assistants have access to specialist journalist platforms that mean they can pitch out ideas on your brand’s behalf to try and secure you pieces in leading industry publications. When you pair this with their creative yet concise writing styles, you end up with your adult brand popping up in magazines and on websites, that you wouldn’t have dreamed of, previously.

More distance means more connection.

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean sexual isolation. In recent times, the digital adult market has been booming. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at some stats:

-In 2018, the world’s most prominent free porn site received 33,500,000,000 site visits. Those are mind-boggling figures, especially when you consider that this doesn’t even begin to factor in other major porn sites.

-Of all the data that’s transferred across the internet, 30% is thought to be porn or a variant of (and that’s considered a conservative estimate).

-Think Amazon, Twitter & Netflix have the edge over porn? Think again. Porn sites receive a greater volume of traffic more consistently than these three sites. Put together.

With the arrival of 5G, ever-smarter phones and tablets, and other current global events, a person’s sexual needs can be fulfilled remotely more easily than ever before. Even if you’re not a camming site, say, you should try and get your adult brand branching down these online, digital avenues. When people have time on their hands, they’ll turn to sex. We’re animals, at the end of the day. Whether you’re the most righteous celibate monk out there or a horny 20-year-old, it doesn’t matter. Our minds wander to lustful lands when we’re bored.

Things to consider, then, as an adult brand looking to offer more distance/remote based services are as follows:

Subscription services. It could be a brand Only Fans account, it could be a monthly subscription box containing sex essentials like lube, condoms and sex toys. Subscription services build a loyal clientele and keep a steady income coming in on top.

Behind-the-scenes (not explicit). People want to see more of the real lives behind those people who work within the adult industry. They want to see more honesty, a look behind the curtain if you like. Consider setting up a YouTube channel with weekly vlogs highlighting elements of your adult brand that people wouldn’t ordinarily have considered.

Host virtual events. With the aid of a team offering PR for the adult industry, your adult brand can set up the sort of trade-fair events they might normally do in a physical space, but virtually! Invite other brands you align with to a group video conference call or stream your brand’s events to your followers. This makes your brand more accessible, whatever the situation happens to be.

Capitalise on sexual freedom & societal trends.

Escort and sex worker PR agency

If your brand focuses on a particular sexual kink or niche, then shout about it. Gone are the days of kink-shaming and prude Christian values. You may have traditionally shied away from showing off your unique service or traits, feeling seedy purely because that’s what society said you should feel. Now, on the other hand, an agency offering PR for the adult industry loves nothing more than seeing a kinky client come on-board. It gives them a better angle and edge in this time of sexual liberty. Dust the cobwebs off your brand’s publicity and start getting loud about it. The more that adult brands continue to lurk in hidden corners, the more this stigma of taboo will be perpetuated in the more general media circles.

In what is already such a difficult industry to endure and be successful within, you shouldn’t be afraid to seek out to others to help you where it’s needed. Especially when that industry is in such a booming period, at the minute. In fact, we’d actively encourage utilising that help. It’s the sort of industry where having someone in your corner can make the world of difference. If you don’t want your brand to drown in a lake of industrial-strength lube, then grab onto that life-ring that an agency is offering you. You won’t just survive this slip n’ slide, you’ll thrive. So, if you’d like to find out more about how our agency offering PR for the adult industry can help you, then get in touch! Contact Adult PR today by emailing us at [email protected]. Or click this link.