Why choosing an adult marketing agency is so essential post-lockdown.
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Why choosing an adult marketing agency is so essential post-lockdown.

marketing agency for the adult industry

Why choosing an adult marketing agency is so essential post-lockdown.

Adult marketing agency.

Despite the devastating necessity to put an immediate halt on production, the global porn industry still remains ridiculously huge. There’s so much porn out there. An overwhelming amount really, but we’re not complaining. The thing is, it’s inevitable that people will always be watching porn. So, in the grand scheme of things, the need for social-distancing is more of a bump in the road when it comes to slowing the industry down.

With normality gradually resuming, it stands to reason that the porn industry will soon open its doors once more. After such a long hiatus, however, ensuring your marketing strategies are able to make a dent in this $100 billion industry is more important than ever. It can be difficult to know where to start. This is where an adult marketing agency can solve all your problems. Adult PR is a UK based agency, we put all of our considerable skill into adult entertainment PR and marketing. Keep reading to find out what you stand to gain by outsourcing your adult marketing to an agency like ours.

‘Family friendly’ marketing.

Okay, so family friendly may not be the best description. However, it’s still important to market your services over a wide range of social media platforms. When doing this, catering to the PG nature of social media is unavoidable. This may seem to go against the service you offer. But considering the tremendous reach major social media platforms provide, you really can’t afford to not utilize them.

One of the most important things to include in your SFW marketing is an element of subtlety. A splash of creativity is all that’s needed to get across an invariably explicit meaning in something which, at face value, isn’t explicit at all. Subtlety isn’t the only important factor, however. Social media, just like the adult entertainment industry, thrives on exceptional presentation and aesthetically pleasing content. The way you’re able to present your service to the public will ultimately reflect on the service itself. You might offer the greatest sensual service known to man. However, if this is portrayed through poorly curated content, people aren’t going to be convinced. 

With consistent and creative content to consider, as well as the importance of meeting each platform’s specific guidelines, adult social media marketing can seem quite overwhelming. It can be a full-time job ensuring all this gets done to a high standard. Adult marketing agencies have teams employed for this exact reason. An agency can take the reins on your social media presence and work on getting your name back out there after the lockdown.

Boring, but essential, adult SEO.

From family-friendly social media content to the fairly unexciting world of SEO. It’s true, adult industry marketing isn’t always fun and games. It certainly isn’t as fun as the NSFW content it seeks to bolster. Despite this, the importance of optimising your website’s SEO value cannot be understated. To put it as simply as possible: if your site has good SEO value then people will find it. Think about it realistically. How often do you ever go to the second page of Google? Our money is on hardly ever. Well, without good SEO value, your website would be lucky to appear on the second page, let alone the first.

Regularly updating your website with blog posts (like the one you’re reading now!) is an excellent way of consistently raising it’s SEO value. Unfortunately, there’s no correlation between a skill in writing and adult industry expertise. This means you may not feel comfortable writing your own blog posts. There’s no point in sullying your brand with a subpar blog, when you can outsource this task to an adult marketing agency.  

An adult marketing agency puts the PR in PORN.

Investing in a PR team is never a bad idea. No matter the business, a PR team is always worth implementing to build connections between the brand and their audience. Considering the taboo nature of many adult services, however, PR for the adult industry is doubly important. Whilst the general perception of the industry is certainly changing for the better, there will always be those who look down on it. Employing a committed PR team to generate positive press is essential in ensuring these kinds of views won’t put a dent in your business.

With everything that has happened in the world since 2020 began, optics has never been so important for a brand. It’s near essential for your company to convey support for certain trends and movements, but it can be difficult to make your voice heard on your own. A PR team can, and will, make sure your company’s support, sympathy and solidarity is widely known.

Make PR an Event.

With shops, pubs and restaurants all comfortably reopening, and pools and gyms not far behind, it’s only a matter of time before your business can make an appearance at an industry and trade fair. Having a PR team in place for when this time inevitably comes is certainly proactive. It doesn’t matter what service you provide, or how streamlined your website is, if marketing isn’t your strong suit then you will struggle to make the most of these networking events. PR teams, on the other hand, can’t get enough of it. These kinds of events are often under-utilized as paying for a booth and spending a few days networking surely can’t be that beneficial… Can it? Yes. Yes, it can. The impression left by genuine, face to face communication is going to be far greater than what can be achieved over an email conversation, in almost every case. 

The adult industry has always been quick to change, but the unprecedented events of 2020 have seen changes that no one could have predicted. Many in the industry will be suffering and will need a dedicated team to support and reinforce their brand. If this sounds like you – or you just want to reap the benefits of an adult marketing agency regardless – get in touch with Adult PR today!