Why Adult Industry PR Has Been Essential Throughout The Pandemic.
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Why Adult Industry PR Has Been Essential Throughout The Pandemic.

PR for the adult and sex industry

Why Adult Industry PR Has Been Essential Throughout The Pandemic.

The events of 2020 have been undeniably devastating; but adult industry PRprofessionals have been kept busy. Where many other industries have seriously suffered, the adult industry has been able to flourish. Pros in the sector have put this down to a variety of reasons. For one, the distance imposed on us throughout 2020 has led to people wanting to feel more passionate connections. OnlyFans has also exploded in popularity and helped give performers in the industry a stronger voice. Many have been left partnerless, meaning sex toys have become a basic necessity. Overall, many people have been utterly bored, so naturally, they turn to porn.

Here at our adult industry PR agency, we don’t believe that there’s a single, sole reason why the industry has flourished. From what we’ve seen, it’s down to an amalgamation of all of the above. But one thing’s for certain. If those succeeding in the adult industry right now didn’t utilise PR, their success would be limited.

In recent years, we have seen more societal changes in attitude towards sexual liberation and exploration. Amidst the chaos of 2020, these stigmas have continued to fall, further helping the industry to succeed. But note that adult industry PR often helps to connect the industry to the public in such a healthy way. The team here at Adult PR advise that brands within the adult industry shouldn’t ignore this opportunity. We have put together this blog detailing exactly how PR can help your adult brand flourish amidst all the uncertainty.

The Significance of Brand Exposure

Getting positive exposure for your adult brand can feel like a real chore. Due to the provocative nature of your brand, it may feel as though you’re forced to hide in the shadows. All the while, countless non-adult brands are garnering a ton of recognition. They will never know how lucky they are to be so… visible. But, hope is not lost! This is where an adult industry PRagency comes in!

The PR team at an agency, like VerriBerri, have unique access to specialist platforms dedicated to reaching out to journalists. They will have pre-forged connections that you can utilise. Not to mention their expertise and experience in securing articles in mainstream publications. This paired with their impressively creative, yet concise, writing styles, will result in some exceptional coverage for your brand. 

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

adult industry marketing

That sub-heading is a little vague, we admit, but bear with us! At the beginning of the pandemic, social distancing was heavily enforced. The way things are currently going, there would be no surprise for this isolation to return. But, as previously mentioned, the isolation everyone experienced definitely had a positive effect on the adult industry.

But hey, if you weren’t fuelled by a mixture of loneliness and horniness over the last few months, that’s fair enough. However, these stats on the digital adult market our adult industry PR agency have put together, should prove exactly how reliant the general public is on the adult entertainment industry:

It’s estimated that 30% of all the data transferred across the internet is some variant of pornography! Plus, ever heard of Netflix, Twitter and Amazon? You know Amazon? The company owned by the richest man in the world? Well, porn sites receive more traffic more consistently than all three of these sites. Put together. And if that wasn’t enough, in 2018, the world’s most prominent free porn website stacked up 33,500,000,000 site visits. These figures are nothing short of astonishing. Especially when you consider this stems from just one of the major porn sites.

Considering how accessible adult content is nowadays, it’s no surprise that people are so quick to fulfill their sexual needs. Any adult brand that isn’t taking advantage of these online, digital avenues is missing a trick. Just consider the fact that the general public are essentially sex-crazed animals. Then consider the fact that almost all of these animals are constantly browsing the internet. It doesn’t take the genius of an adult industry PR agency to put two and two together. 

What Can You Do To Improve Your Adult Industry PR?

So, now that we’ve cleared up the obvious, let’s consider what an adult brand can do when it comes to offering more ‘remote’ services. How about some sort of subscription service? Like an OnlyFans account personal to your brand. Or perhaps some sort of subscription box, containing sex toys and other sexual gifts. Subscription services are great for building a loyal client-base.

You could also provide some (non-explicit) behind the scenes of your brand on your social media platforms or YouTube channel. The public are always fascinated to learn more about the real lives of people working in the industry. Pull back the curtain and intrigue your audience with a glimpse into the exciting world of your brand. This will help to build up a lot of brand awareness, as well as the public’s trust in your brand.

Virtual Adult Events

You could even host virtual events! The dedicated team at our adult industry PR agency are well equipped to help you with this. Where you would have once set up a trade-fair event in a physical space, the circumstances now call for you to do it virtually. You could have a conference call with other brands you would like to align with your brand, and stream the event to your followers. This will not only be interesting content, but will also make your brand much more accessible.

The last piece of advice we’ll give you in this blog, is don’t give in to kink-shaming! These kinds of prude values are outdated. Now is the time to shout about whatever specific kink or niche your brand focuses on. Our adult industry PR agency loves a particularly kinky client as they often offer better angles to work with in this time of sexual liberation. Remember that if you continue to hide your brand from society, you’re only perpetuating the unjust stigma generated in more general media circles.

Contact Adult Industry PR

Despite the current booming nature of the adult industry, you may still want some help in getting your brand’s name out there. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We would love to chat to you about how our adult industry PR agency can help. Contact Adult PR today by emailing us at [email protected].