Hiring an Adult Public Relations Agency: What you need to know.
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Hiring an Adult Public Relations Agency

adult industry public relations

Hiring an Adult Public Relations Agency

If you’ve ever seen Sex and the City, you might have an impression of what a Public relations agency does. While Samantha made it seem like PR was all about attending star-studded events and going to glamorous parties;; it’s not entirely true. An adult public relations agency does more than simply set up events.

Want to know what really happens in an adult public relations agency and how we can benefit your business? Read on…

Editorial Content.

If you’ve ever read an article in a newspaper with a comment from a brand or spokesperson, it’s likely this was PR . A large part of PR is coming up with ideas for editorial content that can help promote your brand. To achieve a good level of coverage, the PR team will spend time reaching out to contacts. We will then put our clients forward with aspects that they can comment on (or write in its entirely). We will then seize opportunities to make you relevant to current topics and to stand out from competitors.


You may be thinking I will just hire an internal PR advisor. Well as talented as your in-house PR professional may be, the close-knit of contacts may not be relevant or appropriate for the adult industry. Even if a team member seeks out the right contacts, the relationship will need establishing from scratch and journalists only depend on trustworthy sources.

On the contrary, a successful porn PR agency, such as ours, is built on its media contacts. Hiring an adult marketing agency will provide your business with access to influential members of the media. From our weather of contacts you can shape how your audience perceives your brand. Additionally, you will increase the number of people who see your business.

Getting across your brand message can be difficult for adult brands. Our team already have a media list both in the general and industry specific media. We will work out which is the most appropriate media contact or publication that will help get your message across is.

Building an online reputation.

The beauty of online PR is that the mentions of your business and promotional articles are there to stay. Even if you feel that a particular article or feature didn’t drive a huge amount of traffic, by continually creating a bank of promotional pieces, your business will continue to reap the benefits; and increase your reputation in the long run. Additionally, the mention or link that PR provides is great for SEO!

Adult PR help to support the other marketing activities you carry out in order to raise your brand awareness. At Adult PR, adult industry marketing agency, we provide a range of services to help promote your brand, including adult social media marketing and adult SEO. 


As we touched on above, when it comes to marketing for the adult industry, you’ll want a PR professional with hard-wired expertise in everything. Including research, adult entertainment content writing and more. However, an in-house marketer only has so many hours in a day to achieve all this. Managing adult entertainment public relations takes time. It shouldn’t be seen as a quick fix on your company’s to-do list.

By hiring a specialist sex industry PR agency, you will be able to collaborate your brand with a team of experts, who can provide multiple perspectives on how to improve your businesses relationship with the public.


Another advantage to hiring an Adult PR team is the team’s ability to meet your objectives. The most challenging aspect of managing PR in-house is switching off bias. The fastest way to get your news story scrapped is to oversell a product or service. With the wrong mindset, your team could end up wasting time on a story that simply doesn’t get published.

So why choose an adult public relations agency?

Porn and adult marketing agencies go in with an objective perspective. They will know instinctively whether a story has legs to stand on. Relevant, timely and consistent PR will allow your brand to build up a reputation through an agency’s extensive contacts list.

For example, your inhouse PR team may not have the right contact or knowhow to successfully implement your adult marketing campaign; especially to a wide, mainstream audience. Contrarily, an adult marketing and PR agency will have expertise in this area. They will be able to produce effective campaigns that will get into mainstream media in an SFW way.

So, why choose Adult PR?

Sex is a multi-billion-pound industry and it’s still growing. So, it’s no surprise that companies in the adult industry need an adult public relations agency.

It’s a fact of life; sex sells; and with an insatiable industry at your beck and call, we make it our mission to promote your brand in all the right ways. We protect your reputation whilst ensuring your name is widely recognised.

We also have an in-house marketing team that works alongside the PR office ensuring every angle is covered. From people being able to find you on Google, to the measuring of your sales statistics to media attention.

Let’s be honest, there isn’t a media outlet out there that hasn’t in some way touched on the topic of erotica. As a result, where it fits, we will approach the mainstream media. Where there are more niche topics, we will look for more specialist websites; magazines and television opportunities.

We want to help.

Be it porn; toys or anything else in the industry we want to help you make a profit and gain brand recognition.

Consumers are starting to turn their noses up at the traditional advertising methods once used. As a result, we make sure everything you do is appealing to the reader or viewer and builds strong relationships quickly.

Not only do we save you time but we ensure we provide you will a return on investment. It is often said that our adult industry PR and Marketing team are an investment rather than an expense.

So, why not get in touch with us today and find out how our team can help you and your brand reach a new audience and build stronger relationships with your existing clientele.