What Adult PR can do for you. Our adult industry marketing team reveal all
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Adult PR

PR for the adult industry

Adult PR

Adult PR: The adult industry is currently worth approx $23.7 billion, with Business Wire predicting the market will reach $35.5 billion by 2023. But despite this being one of the biggest industries in the world, many businesses find it difficult to promote their brand in mainstream media outlets.

When it comes to marketing the sex industry, there are a lot of misconceptions as to what we offer businesses. There’s more to our services than writing naughty blog posts. With this in mind, here are three services that our Adult PR team can offer. 

Adult PR.

From sex industry events to national media publications, our adult public relations team are able to successfully promote your business in a way that’s both safe for work and culturally relevant. Using the relevant influencers and media outlets, Adult PR is able to successfully build brand awareness and engagement across the globe for your company, personality, service or product. 

Adult SEO.

SEO is the foundation of all successful websites. Our adult industry SEO team are able to enhance your website’s search results through both paid and organic campaigns. Utilising the best on and off-page techniques, our team are able to place your brand right in front of your audience and increase your brand awareness in the process.

Adult social media marketing.

According to Forbes, social media is ‘a great way for small business owners to connect with prospects and customers. With adult social media marketing, our team is able to deliver unique and engaging content to the right audience. We are also able to create a variety of ‘safe for work’ social campaigns in order to increase engagement and awareness of your brand.

When it comes to building a buzz for your adult brand, Adult PR is guaranteed to deliver powerful results. Our award-winning full-service agency provides marketing and PR that ensures your brand reaches its climax. We work around the world to help build brands and drive customers to your business to achieve amazing profit and growth.

What else can Adult PR offer?

PR is vital to effectively communicate with your audience when you trade in the adult industry. However, adult public relations are more than just shouting about your brand, hoping someone will listen. Adult PR, sex industry public relations agency, reveals why PR is vital to the sex industry. 

Brand Awareness.

Most adults in the world are aware of the sex industry. With millions of brands out there providing a similar adult service to yours, standing out can be difficult. By utilising adult PR, you’ll be able to promote your brand in an SFW way by producing a variety of articles to be featured in mainstream publications. As a result, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and improve your brand perception. Whether you are a dating app or an adult actress you will need brand awareness.

Promotional Events. 

PR doesn’t just extend to article writing. Whether your selling sex toys or escorting services, promotional events are a great way to promote your business. By bringing journalists and industry experts to your event, you’ll be able to increase your brand awareness in a safe for work way and improve the way people perceive your brand. 

Reputation Management. 

Reputation is everything, especially in the adult industry. Unfortunately, a company with a bad reputation can quickly find itself facing a PR crisis. By outsourcing your adult PR to a sex industry PR agency, you’ll benefit from a team with years of experience within the industry. They’ll also be able to create an adult industry crisis management strategy; should your brand ever face bad publicity or consumer backlash. 

Outsourcing your sex industry PR to an adult industry PR agency has never been easier. At Adult PR, adult entertainment public relations, we provide a variety of marketing services for businesses within the sex industry. 

Here are three things you didn’t know about Adult PR.

At Adult PR, we use creative adult social media marketing and PR strategies to help get businesses off the ground. The gap between mainstream culture and the adult entertainment industry is closer than ever. But despite this, few people know very little about adult public relations or how it helps normalise the sex industry.

With this in mind, here are three SFW facts about adult public relations agencies.

Porn PR is rarely about porn.

Most people think porn public relations is about getting porn stars into adult films and marketing NSFW content. But the reality is far different. News coverage about Porn stars rarely covers anything explicit. In fact, it’s often consumed more like a punchline rather than serious reporting.

Porn PR is about creating a positive message about the stars and the industry. For women, it usually reports on how sex work is empowering; encouraging them to become confident in themselves and financially independent.

Old boys club.

When people think of porn public relations, they quickly think of sleazy old men around young, beautiful women. For Adult PR at least, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We are a young, female-based porn public relations agency, providing elite marketing services to a wide range of clientele in the UK and USA; ranging from webcam models to sex clubs.

It’s not as easy as people think.

A common misconception about marketing the sex industry is how easy it really is. Many people presume putting up a sexually explicit image will help sell your product or service. But the reality is, your post will be taken down, your account will be banned, or your brand will face a public backlash that will result in your company needing crisis management.

At Adult PR, we understand how difficult it can be to have positive and effective PR for the adult industry. That’s we provide a variety of adult marketing services, with a proven track record of successfully marketing the sex industry.

Get above the competition.

The fact is that the adult entertainment industry is saturated with companies; performers and brands all trying to become the next market leader. With so much competition in the industry, how can you ensure that you make a positive impact on the market?

Adult PR an adult marketing agency offers a decade’s worth of experience in creating effective PR and marketing campaigns for our clients. Our team has summarised the services we provide along with how they will help you.

Social media.

More specifically, porn social media, we have found this to be a minefield for our clients. Trying to work to user guidelines while still creating engaging NSFW content can be a full-time job in itself.

Public Relations.

Our sex industry public relations team can build your reputation through positive industry-relevant press releases and campaigns. Our team have over a decade’s worth of contacts within the industry. This can see your brand being published in some of the most prestigious publications.


Adult SEO services will see your adult website climb through the rankings on search engines such as Google; our SEO team use a number of different techniques to ensure that your company or brand holds its own in the digital world.

Website Design.

Whether you are looking at setting up a new cam girl website or an e-commerce site for your sex toy store; our team can help with the design and running of your website while ensuring that your brand message is carried through.

Event Management.

Our events team can help you with brand launches or industry campaigns; making sure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. No matter if you are organising a sex party or convention our team can help.

Graphic Design.

Our graphic design team are able to help with anything from bespoke illustrations to unique graphics for your brand’s social media accounts.

If you would like to know more about how Adult PR, adult marketing agency can help you; contact our experienced friendly team today.