What adult digital marketing works?
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What adult digital marketing works?

digital marketing for adult industry

What adult digital marketing works?

As a professional agency, we’re often asked ‘what adult digital marketing works?’ In all honesty, there is no straight forward answer to this. Everyone’s strategy is likely to be different, even if you do operate within the same niche. In other words, what works for your competitors may not work for you. It’s for this reason that we always advise reaching out to a specialist team for tailored advice on where to start. When you get your strategy spot on, the results are endless. 

Who is Adult PR? 

If this is the first time you’ve come across our brand, allow us to introduce ourselves. Adult PR is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency, helping businesses to develop and grow. We work alongside organisations within the sex industry, aiding them with beating the stigma surrounding the sector. 

As a growing agency, our team are able to work collaboratively to build bespoke campaigns for our clients. We assist businesses wherever they need us, be it just for strategizing or for a full turnkey solution. Our work gets results and our positive client testimonials pay tribute to this! 

adult industry digital marketing

Types of digital marketing 

Not sure what adult digital marketing works? With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have seen the marketing landscape change astronomically through the years. When it comes to promoting your brand organically, businesses aren’t short of options. 

Graphic design and website development are always the best place to start. Bringing your branding and site up to scratch before you drive traffic here is vital. If your layout isn’t quite right, people will click off and this can tarnish both your SEO and your reputation. 

Social media, PR, and search marketing (SEO and PPC) are three core techniques that every business needs to be utilising. Additionally, events, email, and influencer marketing can all be equally as lucrative for the right brand. These techniques will help to boost your credibility and build a better relationship between you and your consumers. 

Something that people often forget when talking about marketing is crisis management. No matter how much we’d like to think bad press won’t happen to us, the truth is, it can happen to anyone. At Adult PR, however, our PR team are trained professionals in managing any damaging situation and can help you to ride the storm. 

5 reasons why digital marketing is important 

Around the world, millions of businesses are utilising marketing to grow their brands, and for good reason. Okay so we might be bias but really, organisations wouldn’t invest their time and money into these techniques if they didn’t generate results. Below, we’ve detailed 5 reasons why digital marketing is important: 

1. Competitive market 

The invention of the internet and ecommerce made it far easier for entrepreneurs to create businesses. Over time this has contributed to the oversaturated of many markets and the adult industry in particular. 

Given the current state of the UK economy and the cost-of-living crisis, we’re likely to see people having much smaller Christmases this year. For those of you who are targeting the average consumer, this could spell trouble. Through consistent and optimised marketing, however, your strategy is likely to become key in keeping your business afloat in such uncertain times. 

2. Cost effective 

Unlike advertising, marketing doesn’t have any direct costs to you as the business. Although there is a small expenditure involved in bringing on a professional marketing agency, you don’t need to spend the Earth. At Adult PR, we keep our prices competitive without a dip in quality. What’s more, the ROI you will see from your marketing will far exceed your initial outlay. 

3. Reputation 

Over time, consumers have become a lot more conscious about the types of businesses they support. During the many lockdowns, hashtags such as ‘#supportsmallbusinesses’ and ‘#shoplocal’ went crazy over on Instagram. Even if you’re not a small business, it still pays to take care of your reputation. This is even more important for brands within the adult industry. Credibility, professionalism, and personality are all key and marketing can help you achieve all three. 

4. Brand awareness 

Word of mouth and recommendation have always been important things for a business to generate. Consumers usually trust the opinions of their friends and even if they don’t rush out and buy something they’ve been told about, they sure will remember the brand. Marketing is a great way to make some noise and get people talking. 

5. Sales 

And finally, we get to the main reason why a business owner might want to invest in marketing – sales. Money is what keeps your brand afloat and in order to survive, you need to be making a profit. A strong and comprehensive strategy will place your company in front of the right people, be it on Google, in the press, or on social media. Drumming up business as you go, digital campaigns will help your organisation to develop and expand. 

Where do I start? 

The best place to begin is with finding yourself a top communications agency. When working with Adult PR, we will advise on what adult digital marketing works for your brand and assist with building or refreshing your strategy. During this process, our team will carry out thorough research into your niche and its target market. Additionally, we’ll also look at your competitors and brainstorm ideas on how we can make you stand out. 

Next up is implementation. When you’re ready for us to, we’ll begin working on creating the necessary marketing materials and distributing these in the right places. We’ll also produce monthly reports to keep you in the loop on our progress! 

Getting in touch 

Still not sure what adult digital marketing works? For more tailored advice and support, contact our experts today. From here, we can then gain a better understanding of your brand and its values and can start work on building a bespoke proposal. To get in touch with a member of our business development team, just click here