Twitter marketing for CamGirls - Building A Loyal Following On Twitter
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Twitter Marketing for CamGirls – Building your Loyal Community on Twitter

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Twitter Marketing for CamGirls – Building your Loyal Community on Twitter

Social media has blown the adult industry into daily life, that is why Twitter marketing for CamGirls is so important. In this industry, there are few who will dispute the claim that Twitter is King. Twitter is, luckily for us, adult-content friendly. That means you’re able to post pretty much anything you like within the confines of the law.

Unlike a lot of other social media, you can get away with being a lot less strict with your presence. However, that does not mean you should go out with at least a semblance of a strategy. At the end of the day, you’re running a business, and that business is your brand. So, like you wouldn’t set up a clothing store without a financial plan, you wouldn’t create an online presence without some kind of strategy. A bit confusing? That’s fine. Fortunately for you, here at Adult PR, we’re specialists in Twitter marketing for CamGirls. As with all of our guidance regarding online marketing, we’d recommend that you use aliases, and take every safety precaution.

Graphics are Great for Engagement

Much like on Instagram, where you repost pictures to your story, or join in with story templates, graphics work well on Twitter. It doesn’t have to be your own creation, if possible, credit and mention the owner. This just adds another layer of potential engagement for your posts, you can solicit a response from them, and their followers too! That being said, you can use free online tools such as Canva to easily create your own sleek graphics which people will want to share. Try to include graphics with as many posts as possible. Thanks to the way Twitter ranks its posts, this is a sure-fire way to be boosted within your circles. Not only that, it is eye-catching on screen, meaning people are more likely to pause scrolling when they come across yours. Things like gifs and short videos can also add value, if you’re able, why not make some high-quality clips from your existing content online. Little sneak peeks, if you like.

Host a Weekly Q&A

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Twitter marketing for CamGirls offers a unique opportunity to build a tight-knit and loyal community. Other than on your live shows, there’s not so much chance to interact with your fans on a personal level. This is a low commitment way to boost engagement. Choose a time when you see a lot of engagement in general, and set it aside as ‘free Q&A time’. It would be a good tactic, at this point to create your own personal Q&A hashtag. Choose something cheeky, something that says it’s a Q&A, and something that reflects your brand! Tweet at an optimal time when you know there is a large audience online, and allow the questions to flood in. A good way to boost these posts is to answer them by quote tweeting. Don’t forget to use your hashtag in your responses! Remember, you don’t have to answer every question, especially those that cross the line or eat into your premium content. This can be done from your sofa in your pajamas!

When it comes to Twitter marketing for CamGirls one of the biggest things you can do to boost your engagement is to interact with mutuals. Plus, if people see two of their favourite models interacting, of course they’ll want to join in! Get in touch with some of your CamGirl sisters and see if they want to join in with creating some content for Twitter.

Make Sure You’re Following Guidelines

Even though Twitter is one of the safest sites out there to broadcast and market your business, that doesn’t mean there are no rules. Any content that is pornographic in nature or sexually explicit must be flagged by you. This won’t mean it gets taken down, it’s just so the algorithm knows where and where not to push it. 

Make your Brand Accessible

Make sure your header, profile picture, and name all align with your brand. Ensure your username is that of your Cam name, and fill out your bio accordingly. All this information can help you to avoid being ‘shadow-banned’. Since there’s not so much space in the bio and only room for one link, take advantage of a pinned post for more info. Tweet with the content you produce, when you stream, what channels you’re on, and how people can contact you, then pin it to your profile. That way it’s always available, and people have no excuse not to find you!

Be real, but make things shareable 

Take some time to come up with some real-life thought provoking questions or quotes for your Twitter. This might take the form of opinions, or they may be informed by news surrounding your industry. Either way, you want your audience and your mutuals to be able to share your tweets and add to the conversation. It doesn’t have to be anything groundbreaking, just something personable that will get the conversation started. Had a difficult show last night? Tweet about it. Miss dancing in person? You know what to do. Have some thoughts on rights for sex workers? Stick it up there. As long as it’s true to your brand and you aren’t being outwardly offensive, it will work for you. Twitter marketing for CamGirls can be a hard nut to crack, but on Twitter, authenticity is everything.

Interested in building a community and ultimately adding value to your shows? If you want to find out more about Twitter marketing for CamGirls then don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] or click her to fill out our contact form.