Adult marketing agency - Our team discuss the wildest sex trends for 2020
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Top Trends in The Sex Industry as Told By An Expert Adult Marketing Agency

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Top Trends in The Sex Industry as Told By An Expert Adult Marketing Agency

This new decade and the sex industry are set to be subject to the wildest, most liberated sexual trends. As a society, gender politics and issues are being openly spoken about. Within relationships, we’re open to exploring more avenues than ever before. Individually speaking, self-love, wellness and introspection have never been so important. It’s certainly an exciting time to be involved in the sex and adult industry. The team here at Adult PR, an adult marketing agency, have looked at some of the most prominent of these trends in more detail.

Polyamorous relationships.

Going are the days where relationships are being so constrained by outdated morals and hamstrung by tradition. What constitutes love is different for everyone, for some people, their sexual needs won’t be entirely fulfilled by one partner. That’s not to say that they don’t love their partner. It’s just that their desire for sex needs to also be satisfied in a way that may not work in the relationship. One of the most damaging things for a relationship is a lack of genuine expression in the bedroom. In fact, many relationships have ended because of it. The sad truth is that this needn’t ever be the case, as the love aspect was there all along. This is where polyamory could potentially come in. Consensual non-monogamy offers a platform for both partners to be fully satisfied sexually whilst not jeopardising their relationship.

The idea of polyamory is entering the mainstream discourse more and more. Whilst it is still (irrationally) seen by many as a taboo, it’s certainly becoming more common. One of the main strengths of an adult marketing agency is their ability to help push these once frowned upon concepts into the more mainstream psyche through PR, advertising and social media. All it takes is that drive to move past that initial inertia and these ideas will become much more accepted.

Smarter sex toys.

In today’s digital age, it’s no wonder that our sex toys are becoming correspondingly advanced. The technology that some of the most recent, high-spec sex toys possess, is simply staggering. Take the smart vibrator, for example, manufactured by Lioness. This vibrator comes with an app that can track your arousal through your pelvic movements. It also has a temperature sensor to help the best track your sexual experiences in real-time.

Another smart invention is a smart condom! Still, in development, this high-tech bit of kit tracks calories burned and positions used by you and your partner. It then uses Bluetooth to transfer the data to your smartphone! Asides from being neat, little gimmicks, these data-collecting toys are genuine ways of furthering your sexual pleasure. Gathering metrics on performance enables you to check what was giving you the most pleasurable experience. This then allows you to factor in what else may have contributed to your experience (either positively or negatively); stress, alcohol, hydration etc.

More niche webcam genres.

Webcam genres are becoming more and more niche. In the same way that you can find virtually every porn fetish online, real-time webcam fetishes are becoming more commonplace. Gamer girl adult cams, for example, are a perfect example of sectors crossing over. Twitch streaming has become huge in the gaming world over the past five years. With some gamer guys and girls are combining their game streaming with live adult shows. These performers are satisfying niches that simply weren’t there until very recently. An adult marketing agency keeps up to date on these emerging trends within the sex cam industry. They’ll be aware of the best new avenues to pursue in terms of new niches.

CBD lubes.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has gained popularity in recent times for its purported medicinal benefits. CBD is thought to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, aid physical pain and even potentially reduced risk of cancers. Using lubes infused with this oil is thought to lead to increased sensitivity and a deeper relaxation; this, in turn, can help lead to more intense orgasms and an overall better sexual experience.

The pain-relieving symptoms of CBD may also help lessen the pain that some people tend to experience during sex. There are some people who even say it replicates a ‘high’ but for their vagina as opposed to their mind. Whether this is a placebo effect or not is yet to be determined. However, the consensus seems to be that CBD lube enhances solo masturbation and sex alike. This enhanced pleasure ties into one of the other emerging trends in the adult industry: a focus on women’s pleasure. After the #MeToo movement, men and women alike are trying to really satisfy the woman’s sexual needs. Making sure that it’s a mutually beneficial experience. As opposed to the age-old stereotype of sex where men get their gratification without ever truly fulfilling the woman’s needs.


The merging of technology and sex doesn’t simply stop at sex toys. The advances in virtual reality (VR) are rapidly working their way into the adult industry. VR technology is developing in tandem with teledildonics such as the aforementioned smart sex toys. This is to stimulate (and simulate) sexual experiences in virtual space. This is a world which we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of. With virtual reality, a form of media still in relative infancy; the possibilities going forwards are seemingly endless for the digital adult industry.

If you’d like to find out more about our adult marketing agency, Adult PR, then get in touch today. With a marketing and PR agency, such as ours, you’ll maintain at the forefront of all that’s worth knowing about within the adult industry. We can market you how the industry demands without ever compromising on your core values. The client remains of paramount importance, always. So, get in touch to find out what we can do for you!