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Top Camming mistakes

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Top Camming mistakes

These are the Top Five Mistakes You’re Making

Connections are Everything 

Not connecting with your clients is one of the top camming mistakes. This is especially true for new cammers. This doesn’t mean finding out every single thing about them. Nor does it mean remembering their whole life-story for when they log on. Instead, it means finding the times when your viewers really connect with you. We’d recommend starting with a nickname for your clients. Chances are they will come pre-prepared with an answer if you ask: ‘what should I call you?’. Most sites have the capability to record their preferred names so you don’t forget them!

Take the time to ask your clients how their day’s going. When they start to answer, just have a normal conversation. You don’t need to make it weird, awkward, or sexual, they will instigate that when they’re ready. 

Not Enjoying It

Let’s be real, if you’re not enjoying being behind a camera, you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s normal to feel nervous the moment the webcam light turns on. But you should be able to enjoy it, if not, camming might not be for you. Embrace that nervous feeling and channel it into an energy you can use. Perhaps you feel comfortable admitting you’re new. Then you can start a conversation with your viewers about what they’d like to see. If you want, you can even start off by typing in chat until you work up the courage to speak. Having some music on and singing along (even quietly) will help you feel more 8at ease. Some of the top camming mistakes that happen are due to nerves. What can also happen is that you try too hard and put people off by thinking they want you to be more seductive. This can come across as desperate and people will be logging off as fast as they can click.

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Being Unreliable

How are your fans going to find you? How can you make it as easy as possible? Not being accessible is one of the worst things you can do to hurt your cam career. When talking about the top camming mistakes, one of the things our experts kept mentioning was reliability. After spending all this time to build up a regular fanbase, to then change your schedule is a big no-no. If you’re having outside influences that change your existing cam schedules, that’s fine, but be aware it’ll most likely be a few months before you find regulars again. 

Another issue with unreliability is not being able to be found. How can you expect your regulars to be invested in you if they can’t find you on socials! By making your performer name your handles on social media, clients can quickly and discreetly find and follow you.On top of that, make sure your socials actually have your performer name, a useful bio, and interesting content. 

Being Irregular

Having a schedule is so important, on most sites, you can put your schedule up, so fans can know when you’re next going to be live. Another good tip is to post it on your performer socials, so that you can cast your net as wide as possible. Keep a work-life balance, underestimate rather than overestimate. Make sure your schedule works for you, and your regulars will reappear time and time again. 

Another mistake girls often make is to spend all that time building up a fan base only to reward themselves with time off. That’s all well and good, one day can’t hurt. That day turns into a week. Then into a month. Then when they finally get back in front of a camera, all their regulars have moved on. This is one of the easiest ways to make one of the top camming mistakes. You absolutely can take time off and make your own schedule. But just like you would in a vanilla job, you’d still have to request that time off. Go to your regulars and warn them in advance of breaks, and, if you’ve scheduled content, where they can find you in the meantime.

Quitting Too Soon

One of our most important of the top camming mistakes you’re making, is quitting too soon. Yes, you may have had one or two good streams, but mostly you’ve been working for free, now’s not the time to quit. Most girls have said that between 2-5 months is what it takes to really get set up and solidified with a fanbase. Don’t quit while you’re ahead. You’ll already have beaten the majority by sticking with it! Be the exception not the rule, and continue grinding. You’ve also got to consider the business-customer relationship here, a fan wants a cammer who is reliable, and someone they can depend on. Most importantly, they want to trust you, that’s why they come to your streams over mainstream porn!
Ensuring some of these mistakes are not happening to you is the first step for growing your career. If you’re looking for somewhere new to cam, or if you’re new to the industry altogether, then send us an email at [email protected], and we can talk you through some of our tips to help grow your business. Or instead, contact us directly through clicking here!