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Top Adult Marketing Agency: Our Success Stories

Image of sex toys to introduce our new blog titled 'Top Adult Marketing Agency: Our Success Stories'

Top Adult Marketing Agency: Our Success Stories

Handing over any element of your business to an outside team can be daunting. Additionally, finding a top adult marketing agency can be tricky. Although the mainstream marketing landscape may be saturated, there are few options to choose from for brands within the sex industry. That’s what makes the work our team do here at Adult PR even more vital.

Our Success Stories

During our time within the landscape, we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands. What’s more, we’ve also been able to build long-term relationships and secure incredible results. 

In this blog, we wanted to shine a light on some of our biggest success stories as a top adult marketing agency


Smooci are a global escort booking platform, offering a directory for clients to find and connect with sex workers nearby. Adult PR were brought onboard to help them break into the UK market and launch across some of the major cities.

Assessing Smooci’s goals, our team identified PR as the best route forward. As such, we held a Q&A panel discussing the adult industry. The panel consisted of escorts, cam girls, porn stars, and sexperts including Alix Fox who is a Radio 1 presenter. Some of the topics we covered included safety, female empowerment, and the future of the sex industry.

As part of our work for Smooci, we also secured them a place at Venus. This is a world-famous adult event in Berlin. It attracts thousands of people each year and we were able to secure 14 pieces of coverage off the back of this. This included the likes of The Daily Star and The Mirror.


Our collaboration with Vivastreet started in January 2024, with the brand never having engaged in PR before. Two months in, we have already been successful in securing leads for the brand within top publications. These include The Daily Star, Metro, and Yahoo! to name a few. We have also seen interest from journalists for other outlets such as Tyla and The Sun. 

Dark Massage

Dark Massage are an erotic massage service provider based in London. They initially reached out to us looking to boost their exposure through search engine optimisation. As such, we began working on their website to optimise the content that is already there, in addition to producing new content to ensure their website was ranking as highly as possible.

When we first started working with Dark Massage, they were only organically ranking for a total of 4 keywords. After 6 months, however, we were able to increase this by 3450% to 142 keywords. 

At the beginning of our partnership, Dark Massages website was bringing in 2k monthly visitors. During our time working on their SEO, however, we were able to reach highs of 40k visitors per month (this is a 1900% increase.) Moreover, at its peak, over 88.5% of their total website traffic was being brought in by organic search.


JOYclub is defined as a sex-positive community with over 5 million followers. The platform hosts content-sharing services, chat forums, live streams, kink-based dating tools for singles and couples, erotic events, and more.

The client approached us as they were launching in London and wanted to work on a campaign for brand exposure. In the first 5 months of our partnership, we were able to secure multiple leads for JOYclub across publications such as GQ, Metro, Huffington Post, Take a Break, and The Daily Star. Moreover, we also got them featured on the Turn Me On podcast.

What Makes Us a Top Adult Marketing Agency

On the lookout for a top adult marketing agency? Here are a couple of the main benefits of working with our experts:


Our team has over 7 years of experience within the adult marketing landscape. What’s more, our level of knowledge surrounding the industry, kinks, and fetishes is extensive. Having worked with a plethora of different businesses and individuals across the sex industry, our expertise is well-rounded. 

Established Connections

During our time as experts within the adult marketing niche, we have been able to establish connections with a huge range of businesses and journalists alike. As such, we are able to take our clients global.

Friendly Team

Our team are friendly and passionate. What’s more, we pass zero judgement over your business venture. Operating in such an industry, we are incredibly open-minded and love hearing from brands who are doing something truly innovative. No matter your niche, we’re here to help!

Contact Us

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