Adult Industry Marketing Top Tips For Your Campaigns
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Tips For Successful Adult Industry Marketing

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Tips For Successful Adult Industry Marketing

If you’re involved in the adult industry in any way, you need to be smarter with your marketing than in any other industry. There are more hurdles and obstacles, more red tape to get around and above all, there’s a heck of a lot of competition! Why most industry professionals fail to secure any longevity within the sector, however, is because they simply don’t bother with their marketing. At least, they don’t put in the sort of effort needed to succeed. The team here at Adult PR, a leading adult industry marketing and PR agency, has put together this blog to give you some marketing tips and tricks so that you can be one of the industry leaders, not one of the industry sheep!

Build Your Brand.

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The heavy hitters in any industry are those with the strongest brands. Think Coca-ColaNikeand Apple, these are corporations whose success is built, arguably, more upon their strength of brand image than it is anything else. Obviously, the products they offer are of a particular standard, but people now buy into those brands as much as they do the products they’re selling. In the adult industry, things are no different.

Take a pause from reading this blog just for a second, and think about your adult business or brand, has it got a strong brand? By that we mean all sorts of things, from the logo to your social media following, from your central message and service to the kind of response your brand elicits from the public. These are all questions you need to answer both individually and as part of a bigger, holistic branding package. Our first adult industry marketing tip is to build your brand. If it isn’t strong, make it strong. You can do this in several ways:

Some Key Points.

  • Work on your design. The adult sector is a very visual one, if your visual branding (your logo and website design, for example) isn’t up to scratch, you’ll find it very hard to progress. If you find that it looks a bit amateur, then don’t fret, freelance graphic designers are very easy to find online. You can also try giving it a go, simple designs are nice and easy to do and tend to actually do better than overly complicated, cluttered ones because they look much sleeker!
  • Work on your social media channels. Social media marketing is difficult for adult brands as you have to walk such a narrow tightrope between what is acceptable and not for these mainstream platforms. It’s not impossible, however, and one of the best ways of growing social media accounts is through consistency. Go on following sprees, engage with your target audience, pursue hashtags you’re interested in, and implement content calendars so that your platforms go from the occasional post to content scheduled with military precision.
  • Work on your identity. Often, to move forwards you first have to take a step out for a minute. Take the time to really drill into what your adult brand stands for. This seems like an obvious statement but many adult brands and companies fail because they don’t have a clear vision – if they’re unable to concisely sum up what it is that they’re about, how on earth do you expect customers to?

Without a brand, you’ll sink into obscurity. In an industry where being bold counts, obscurity is one of the worst things you can imagine.

Don’t Neglect SEO.

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Once you’ve seen to it that your brand is as strong as you need it to be, you need to look at other organic, longer term ways of keeping your brand growing. So, what other easy methods of adult industry marketing are there? Well, this is where SEO comes in nice and handy. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisationand is a way of ensuring your content and website is seen as highly as possible on the results pages of major search engines (predominantly Google).

One of the best ways of working on SEO is through regular blog writing. Even if you don’t consider yourself the most naturally gifted of writers, the benefits of writing a brand-related blog make a little added effort all worthwhile. Blogs allow you to show your authority in your chosen field as well as tactically placing keywords that you want to rank for within the paragraphs.

Other SEO measures you can implement are more oriented around the back-end of your website. These include: compressing image file sizes, checking for broken links (and replacing them if you find any), writing meta descriptions, categories and tags to name but a few. The point of this is to reduce load speeds and generally just make your website more user-friendly, outwardly. When people think of the adult industry, it isn’t usually the back-end of a website they’re thinking of, however these more tedious tasks have a great impact on your business as a whole. If it’s exposure and coverage that you desire, SEO is one of the best tools to help achieve this. Click here to find out more on adult SEO.

Be Bold And Confident With Your Marketing.

This one isn’t a tangible task you can set yourself to do, but it’s something you can set your mind to do. The key to adult industry marketing, as with so much in life, is confidence. If you don’t wholeheartedly commit and back what it is you’re putting out, then that hesitancy will come across. It’s scary putting your brand out there, you open yourself up to criticism and an increased number of stumbling blocks, however the rewards are so worth it. So, be bold and confident in your marketing, even if it’s a case of faking it until you make it, never half-heartedly commit to something, because if you do that, then you might as well not bother marketing yourself at all.

The adult industry is as changeable as they come, full of trends, fads and highs and lows. In order for your adult brand to navigate this industry successfully, you need to put yourself in the best possible position. Average isn’t good enough, not for your brand. Make it perfect. So, if you’d like to find out more about out adult industry marketing agency, then get in touch! Contact AdultPR today on [email protected].