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The Power of PR for the Adult Industry: Our Case Studies

Image of lady holding sex toys to introduce our blog titled 'PR for the Adult Industry'

The Power of PR for the Adult Industry: Our Case Studies

The power of PR for the adult industry is undeniable. In fact, this technique, when well executed, can be a game changer for every adult business across the globe. Knowing how to be featured in these publications, however, is easier said than done. With the help of a dedicated PR agency like Adult PR, using our industry knowledge and wealth of connections, we can take this weight off your shoulders!

In this blog, we explain what PR is, the main benefits, and the results we’ve been able to gather for some of our clients…

What is PR?

PR is short for Public Relations and refers to the process of having a brand featured within the media. This could be within print or digital publications, on podcasts, the radio, or even the TV. This allows you to bridge the gap between you and your audience, making for a more meaningful connection.

Public Relations is also often referred to as ‘communications management’ or ‘media relations’.  

The Benefits of PR for the Adult Industry

As you can imagine, being featured in the press brings lots of benefits. Some of the main ones include:

  • Brand awareness. Coverage in popular publications or industry press reaches far and wide. What’s more, mainstream media boasts a hugely varied audience. This helps you to hit every corner of your demographic, even those who you may not have otherwise considered. 
  • Credibility. Like many others, the adult industry is full of illegitimate brands. This naturally makes users more wary of companies they perhaps haven’t heard of previously. By being featured within well-known publications, however, you’re able to establish greater credibility and trust for your business. People gravitate to the brands they recognise, and PR for the adult industry will make you more recognisable. 
  • Sales. Hand in hand with visibility and brand awareness, PR will encourage more people to support your brand. This will ultimately lead to more sales and sustainable growth for your business.
  • Improved Reputation. PR is all about storytelling and when done well, will have a positive impact on your reputation. Being in the press gives your customers a deeper insight into who you are, allowing them to feel closer to your individual brand or business. 

Do I Really Need a PR Agency?

Whilst you can seek media opportunities alone, having someone work on this full time will only accelerate the coverage you achieve for your brand. Moreover, as an agency, we’re able to secure editorial features and have access to unique opportunities through our contacts within the industry that you wouldn’t have access to. 

When brands approach publications directly, they will usually have to pay a fee for the coverage which can be expensive. Working with a PR agency is a much more affordable option, allowing for regular and ongoing press. We don’t pay the publications an ad fee, so you only pay our monthly retainer. We also guarantee a minimum result (keep reading). Moreover, our team are also always on hand in a crisis should you ever find yourselves in hot water. 

Our PR Guarantee 

Here at Adult PR, we are the only agency to our knowledge who offer a guarantee on our leads. During the proposal process, we will provide several different packages for you to choose from. Within this, we will set a quarterly lead target which is the absolute minimum number of opportunities we will secure for you. In doing so, we can offer peace of mind to our clients. What’s more, we will always go above and beyond this where we can!

Case Studies 

As experts in PR for the adult industry for over 7 years, we have worked with a wide variety of businesses across the globe to secure some amazing results. Some of our stand out projects include…


Kaufmich is a leading social networking platform allowing sex workers to connect with their clients. After establishing themselves in Germany, they approached our team for help with breaking into the UK market. Instantly, we knew that PR would play an integral part in this. 

We were able to consistently reach and exceed their quarterly lead quota and secured coverage within a plethora of publications. This included the likes of Huffington Post, The Daily Star, Metro, and AskMen. We also secured a spot for them on the Smut Drop Podcast, which was a big opportunity for exposure. 

Fun With Feet

Fun with Feet are an established digital platform that allows for creators to sell foot fetish content online. They approached us for support with PR and were looking to spread even more awareness, resulting in more site traffic. 

Following a successful and consistent first quarter, in Q2, we then went on to launch a digital communications campaign. Capitalising on the popularity of the Barbie movie, we came up with the idea of sending an open letter to Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Within this, FWF offered the pair $250,000 to join the platform. We wrote these letters from the perspective of a FWF user who also happened to be a Margo lookalike to ensure we gained as much attention as we could. This was a huge success and generated over 40 pieces of coverage alone!

Moreover, whilst working with Fun with Feet, we also secured coverage within a myriad of publications including Metro, Daily Star, Balance, The Sun, Insider, indy100, MSN, Daily Mail, Daily Express, LadBible, and more. 

Contact Us

Interested in exploring press opportunities for your brand? For more information on PR for the adult industry, get in touch with our specialists today for your complimentary, bespoke proposal. Send us an email by clicking here!