The Benefits Of Escort Agency PR - Adult PR and Marketing UK
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The Benefits Of Escort Agency PR

Escort and sex worker PR agency

The Benefits Of Escort Agency PR

 Escort Agency PR Agency

In the sex industry, 2020 is the decade of self-love, sexual wellness and empowerment. This extends to escorting agencies as well. The reputation surrounding escort agencies has been one constructed by cheap, tabloid press publications. The kind of publication that presents them as seedy or irreputable; and whilst this couldn’t be further from the truth, unfortunately, the pulling power of this subset of the print media has meant it’s a reputation that’s stuck.

2020 is the decade where this false portrayal is put to the sword. By using a PR agency that focuses on escort agency PR; you’ll be able to spin a more positive, and more importantly, a more truthful account of the industry. Adult PR are a marketing and PR agency based in the UK, who focus specifically on the adult industry. Below, we’ve compiled just a few of the many benefits to be gained from utilising escort agency PR in 2020.

Promote Better Standards Of Escort Safety Within The Industry

For too long, the safety of escorts has been, at best glazed over, and at worst, downright neglected. At their core, escort agencies are businesses like any other, and money will always be a driving force. However, when there are such high stakes on the line – safety and wellbeing for example – the industry must do better to protect them. Change happens when an initial inertia is overcome. It only takes a few loud voices to set the ball rolling.

If greater safety standards for escorts become the norm; then that will spread across the adult industry as a whole. That is a very good thing. An escort PR agency will generate the sort of publicity and noise which means the industry won’t have a choice but to change for the better.

Better attitudes within the heart of the industry will inevitably then lead to healthier attitudes across the board. A reduction in the predominantly male entitlement that has plagued sex work, and sex more generally, for countless generations.

Help Eliminate The Stigma Around Sex Work

As touched upon in the opening paragraph; thanks to historical prejudices and cheap journalism, sex work has traditionally been given a bad rap. There’s been a drive to change the perception of sex work, a desire for the social view of it to be more positive.

A view that sex work and the industry as a whole can be a means of empowering people, and not shaming or stigmatising them as has typically been the way in the past. By getting your agency coverage in renowned publications – putting your opinions and perspectives forward to more respected, objective journalists without an agenda, for example – is all part of the surging tide towards destigmatising the sex work industry.

The trends set to dominate this decade are all about pleasure and self-love, education and openness. An escort PR agency can help your agency be part of that movement going forward.

Grow Your Client Base, Grow Your Agency

At its core, the job of a PR team is to secure you press. That is, after all, what it stands for – public relations. There are few industries which need positive PR as much as the sex industry does.

The team in our escort PR agency will reach out to journalists, publications and media outlets on your behalf. We will secure the kind of coverage that your escort agency needs and deserves.

A good adult PR team knows how to specifically target the adult industry, and all the intricacies it involves, the kind you wouldn’t normally face with regular PR. An agency’s PR team has access to a wealth of journalists and publication databases that mean you’ll be able to start conversations with the sorts of media that benefit your business, and paint you in the best possible light.

Not only that, but PR agencies know how to gain your agency access to the relevant adult trade fairs. This is important as the adult industry is particularly relationship-based. Forming foundations and partnerships face-to-face is the best means of networking in the sex industry.

Online interactions are great, but they simply don’t compare to meeting someone. These events are a great way of your agency gaining exposure; also, they’re a way to meet potential ambassadors looking to come on-board with your agency at some point, down the line.

Mitigating Potential Crises Before They Happen

In the circumstances where something unfortunate should happen to befall your escorting agency, you need to have a contingency plan in place, already prepared. The worst thing you can do is firefight, and be reactive. The best form of crisis management is a proactive strategy. An escort PR agency will tailor make a crisis management plan for your escort agency.

That is one of the highlights of an agency such as Adult PR, the bespoke nature of our working relationship. Now, in an ideal world, such a plan will never be needed; if it is, however, you’ll drastically curtail any damage done to your business, and will put yourself in a much better position to subsequently rebuild. Bad press can be particularly damaging within the sex industry, and when the chips are already stacked against you by society and its lapdogs, you don’t need further damage on top of that bringing you down.

Sex will always be hard to market, no matter how much societal views on it change; the stigma and taboo surrounding it will most likely never completely disappear. However, there are certainly countless opportunities for escorting agencies going into this bold, new decade, and the industry is in the healthiest, most positive place it’s ever been. Don’t let those opportunities pass you by. So, if you’d like to find out more about our escort agency PR and how it will benefit you, then get in touch today! Send us an email on [email protected]to see what we can do for your escort company.