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Sustainable Sex Toy Marketing: Driving Change in the Industry

Image of sustainable sex toys

Sustainable Sex Toy Marketing: Driving Change in the Industry

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is something that many of us have on our minds.  This extends across all consumables, even sex toys. With sustainability becoming such a popular trend, more and more brands are joining the eco-friendly market. As such, the demand for sustainable sex toy marketing has also risen. If this is something you’re seeking support with, our experts can help you to spread the message about your planet conscious initiatives!

The Benefits of Sustainable Sex Toys

Of course, it goes without saying that the biggest benefit in releasing a sustainable range is the positive impact this will have on the planet. The process of creating sex toys and transporting these to warehouses or stores is typically a carbon negative experience. Swapping to eco-friendly materials and planet conscious delivery methods, such as electric vehicles, can quickly help brands take steps towards being carbon neutral (or even carbon negative!) 

In addition to the benefits on our planet, switching to more sustainable methods will also help you tap into a new market. Moreover, it will also boost your reputation. Through sustainable sex toy marketing, we can help you spread the message about your efforts to protect our planet. This will shine a positive light on your company, helping you to stand out in an oversaturated market. 

Integrating Sustainability into Your Brand Identity

One of the most important steps in sustainable sex toy marketing is ensuring your brand identity reflects the same message. Standing out in the industry is crucial and one brand that does this particularly well is The Natural Love Company. Their branding, name, and website all reflects their core messages, allowing them to entice customers from all over the world. Although not quite as big as market giants such as LoveHoney and Ann Summers, they are certainly on their way.

If you’re just starting out as a sex toy business or are pivoting into the world of sustainability, we can help you to elevate your brand image. Our team of graphic designers are incredibly talented at what they do. We will take our time to get to know your company, its core values, and your target demographic. From here, we can work with you to produce a complete branding pack that is sure to pave the way for long-term growth.

Our graphic design team are innovative, friendly, and above all else, passionate about what they do. For more information on these services, get in touch today!

Difficulties Surrounding Adult Marketing

Like with all adult businesses, sustainable sex toy marketing involves several hurdles to overcome. With so many restrictions surrounding the promotion of adult products and services, brands within this market have it much harder than mainstream companies. As such, working with a professional is always advised. 

Social media is a crucial platform for brands looking to connect with their target audience, solidify their presence within the market, and boost their sales. Most platforms have strict policies surrounding the sharing of explicit content. 

Fortunately, as a sex toy company, there are ways around these restrictions. For example, competitors such as LoveHoney tend to have a very graphic-heavy feed. Regardless, the process of creating this content is much longer. What’s more, if you want it done to a high standard, we recommend working with a graphic design team like the one here at Adult PR.  

Why You Should Work with Adult PR

When it comes to sustainable sex toy marketing, it pays to work with an agency who understand the adult industry and it’s even better if you can locate experts who have direct experience working with eco-friendly brands too. Understanding the landscape, language, and restrictions is vital for a well-rounded campaign and here at Adult PR, we tick all the boxes!

Our team are well versed in the intricacies of adult marketing, with over 7 years of experience. Moreover, we’re also a full-service agency providing a plethora of services to help you meet your goals. We specialise in:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Crisis communications 
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Paid advertising 
  • Graphic design
  • Event management

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