Adult Entertainment Marketing & PR Strategy

“Strategy is a fancy word for coming up with a long-term plan and putting it into action” – Ellie Pidot.

Our adult entertainment
Marketing & PR Strategy

When creating a strategy for adult industry PR or marketing our approach is direct and pinned with evidence. Our team always starts the process by doing the appropriate research to provide answers to the questions ‘What matters to them? Who do they trust? Who is your target audience?’ To our team, nothing is sexier than data!

Strategy Process

Learning About Brands

Our team will start the process by first learning as much about the brand as possible, as knowledge truly is power when it comes to laying out an appropriate strategy that is relevant and on brand.

Brand Recognition

Like any other industry, the adult or porn industry needs brand recognition. As part of your strategy, we will use various innovative and traditional techniques to ensure the exposure of your brand.

Well Thought Out

With the taboo surrounding adult content, this must be a well-thought out strategy in devising, creating and posting the content; as well as building engagement.

Surveys, Investigations & Research

Through surveys, investigations and research - we can identify solutions to problems and eradicate prejudice from our plan making decisions. Your adult company will benefit from a plan that is tailored to the company’s brand image and goals.

Bespoke Strategy

Every adult business needs to have a completely bespoke strategy developed for their brand. Our team can include a mix of various adult marketing techniques along with porn PR implementation.

One Off Strategy

If you are keen to carry out your porn PR or marketing in-house, we will use our expert team to tell you exactly how to do this. With a smart adult social media plan, you will be well-known and respected in no time.

Ongoing Support

It's not only the strategy that needs attention, once this is in place, you require ongoing support to keep up the brand image. If you need help maintaining the amazing reputation your brand deserves, ask our team about our monthly rolling contracts.

Strategies that are
Bespoke to Niche & Brands

Our team at Adult PR carry out in an uncommonly fast-paced yet conscientious fashion. The adult industry can be broken down into a lot of different niches, meaning that each strategy is bespoke to that particular niche and brand.

Why Choose
Adult PR

At Adult PR, we create a bespoke adult social media marketing package based on your budget.

Our team of experts work with you to accomplish a show stopping social media account.

We optimise your social media presence and engage and manage your communities on your behalf.

We work on your accounts so that you have more time to focus on your business.