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Social Media for Adult Brands

social media for the adult industry

Social Media for Adult Brands

When it comes to social media for adult brands, building your online presence can be tricky. The sex industry has been a victim of bias for as long as anyone can remember. Whilst there may be some places around the world who are more open to celebrating sexuality, in the UK, US, and Canada; our views are still very much outdated. For adult brands, this unfortunately means working even harder when it comes to almost every aspect of running a business. And the buck doesn’t stop when it comes to promoting your company.

Here at Adult PR, we are specialists in marketing for the sex industry. As such, we’ve made it our mission to help organisations within this sector find their voice. From lingerie brands to camming sites, we’re here to help anyone who needs us. No matter your niche or who you’re trying to target, we’re happy to lend a helping hand!

Why marketing is so important right now

It doesn’t take an expert to know that the adult market is heavily saturated. This is common knowledge, and a typical characteristic of any multi-billion-pound industry. For those of you who are trying to compete within the sector, however, you’ve certainly got your hands full.

Marketing adds value to brands in many ways. Perhaps one of the most important benefits to note is visibility. Of course, the end goal of every marketing strategy is sales. When you invest in well-rounded campaigns, this puts your organisation in the spotlight, drawing attention away from your fellow competitors. Getting that one step ahead of the other businesses in your market could be just what your brand needs!

Marketing can also be used as a tool for improving your reputation and image too. Making a good first impression is vital, especially given that negative opinions can be difficult to shift. If you can position your company as an engaging and relatable brand, you’re sure to convert far more sales. What’s more, you’ll also encourage loyalty and customer retention too!

As you can see, social media for adult brands is quite the investment, and one that every business in the industry needs to be making. Alongside other techniques, a well executed strategy can prove incredibly lucrative for those who are willing to dedicate the time into social strategies and campaigns. 

The difficulties you may face

As we touched on earlier, there is still quite a taboo surrounding this market. Thus, social media for adult brands quite tricky. Whilst many mainstream organisations often do this job in-house, marketing brands within the sex industry takes specialist skill.

Below, we’ve detailed a few of the difficulties you may face to help you feel better prepared…

marketing your app to the adult industry

Banned content

In the past, social media sites have been blasted in the press for their unwelcoming approach to adult content. Instagram in particular allows anyone over the age of 13 to make a profile and immediately start sharing photos with their connections. Of course, it’s only right that the brand protects their younger users from explicit content. But does this mean everyone else should have to suffer?

Unfortunately, in the eyes of Instagram (and many other sites), the answer to this question is yes. Currently, most platforms ban any user from sharing content that is explicit or indeed implicit, in any way, unless being used for artistic purposes. In all honesty, the content we share online is always going to be monitored and somewhat restricted by stringent rules, whether we like it or not. There are many ways and means around this, but it does man knowing and understanding what you can and can’t do; what boundaries you can flex and those that are ridged.

Now, whilst we would argue that the likes of porn can easily be interpreted as art, the lines are very blurred when it comes to what is deemed acceptable. This, of course, makes social media for adult brands very tricky. If you’re struggling with what to post, our specialists are bursting at the seams with plenty of ideas, knowledge, and experience!

Restricted hashtags

Hashtags are something that can be used within your content to further its reach. These are particularly crucial when used on Instagram but should also be integrated within your Twitter posts too! All in all, making good use of these tags it going to be vital in the success of your feed.

Just like with your actual content, you’ll also find that many hashtags are also banned, or at least restricted, on many social media sites. This means that you must be extra careful in your selection. Not to mention, it can also make reaching the optimum level of hashtags on Instagram quite tricky. If you’re not quite sure which tags to be using, our team know all the loopholes! 

Which platform is right for me?

As you can imagine, your social media strategy is going to look very different from that of the next business. The platforms you choose to utilise will depend on a manner of things, from budget and consumer alignment, right through to your goals and aspirations. 

The truth is, it’s difficult for us to definitively say which platforms you’re going to find useful. This being said, some of the most popular platforms for adult brands are Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, OnlyFans and Switter, so this could be a good place to start!

For more tailored advice on social media for adult brands, we always suggest getting in touch with a member of our team. All our packages are completely bespoke and designed to fit your every need, hitting your personal goals!

Get in touch!

As we enter the lead up to Christmas, the busiest period among many markets, it might be time you invest in building a solid, long-term strategy. When you work with our professionals, we can help you formulate a strong plan of action, in addition to helping you implement this right from the off. 

If you’re looking for specialists in social media for adult brands, we’ve got you covered! For more information or your free proposal, get in touch! You can reach us by clicking here!