Sex Toy PR and Marketing- The techniques that will help your sex shop.
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Sex Toy PR and Marketing

PR and marketing agency for sex toys

Sex Toy PR and Marketing

From Ann Summers rabbits to Sainsbury’s bullets, sex toys are everywhere. Oprah has even endorsed products on daytime television! However, what surprises our sex toy PR and marketing team is the lack of public knowledge around one of the sex industries biggest trades. With this in mind, here are four facts about sex toys.

More people use them than you think.

While most people would never normally admit to using one, more people use sex toys than you think. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, one in three women use sex toys in the USA. Further to this, 52% of women in the UK have used a vibrator during sex. 

A popular Valentine’s Day gift.

Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend. In fact, many women prefer to sex toys to more traditional Valentine’s Day presents. In February, Babeland saw a huge increase in online sales of almost 50% – more than any other point in the year!


While sex toys have been available for more than a century, it’s safe to say they’re durable in more than one way. According to Reuters, the sex toy market was booming during the recession too. As the economy plunged and people were spending more time at home, they needed a way to relieve the stress the crisis brought. 

Sex toys were once popular among men.

While many sex toys are now commonly marketed at women, it wasn’t always this way. Back when vibrators were used as medical devices, doctors primarily used them to treat the sexual health of men. Following this, when they began to be used as pleasure devices, brands marketing sex toys often emphasised their potential to please males. 

With the world forever changing, knowing the right sex toy PR and marketing route to take can be difficult. At Adult PR, sex toy marketing agency, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the crowd. That’s why we offer a variety of sex industry PR and marketing services to ensure your brand targets the right audience and remains ahead of the competition.

Sex toy PR and marketing then and now.

As sex toy marketing experts, we’ve noticed a shift in how society perceives sex toys. The sex toy market is no longer a small, secretive industry. According to Tech Navio, the sex toy industry is predicted to grow by $9.9 billion between 2019 and 2023. 

So how did the sex toy market become so big in the adult industry and what does this mean for the future of sex toy brands? The team here at Adult PR, sex toy PR and marketing agency, reveals all.

Normalising sexual behaviours.

There used to be a time when anything sexual was considered taboo and completely ignored by mainstream media. In recent years, however, sex toys have become increasingly normalised within most well-known media outlets. This is due to brands investing in strong sex industry public relation strategies, that celebrates sexual positivity. As a result, the demand for sex toys has continued to increase and grow becoming one of the biggest in the industry.

SFW content.

With the demand for sex toys growing, brands have had to become more creative in order to increase brand awareness. Creating a safe for work adult social media marketing strategy is an effective way to increase reach and generate sales. 

To reach a wider consumer base, Dame Products partnered with Cult Beauty set out with the sole purpose of removing negative stigma and promoting its luxury toys. By creating a variety of sexually positive social media posts on Cult Beauty’s Instagram, Dame was able to remove the stigma around sexual pleasure and increase sales. 

Female focused.

So how did the sex toy market become such a huge avenue in the adult industry? The shift in focus to women’s sexual health was another catalyst in the sudden buzz for sex toys. Brands who focused on women’s pleasure in a positive, SFW way quickly reaped the rewards for the demand for sex toys and saw a huge ROI with sex toy PR and marketing.

Sex toy PR and marketing agency.

Sex toy marketing is incredibly competitive. Type into Google the phrase ‘Sex toy’ and over one billion results will appear! Granted, not all of these results are going to be sex toy stores or e-commerce. However, there is clearly a lot of online and offline competition when it comes to selling sex toys. This is fantastic for consumers as it means there is an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing who to buy your sex toys from. With so much choice on offer, consumers will be looking at branding and credibility when choosing a sex toy retailer.

The sex toy marketing team here at Adult PR, an adult industry marketing agency have listed some of the benefits of working alongside us; if you are looking to create a great sex toy brand or retail platform.

Why use Adult PR.

Adult PR, sex toy PR and marketing agency was created to provide a responsive and pro-active marketing and PR service for adult brands; who usually find it difficult to come by assistance with their marketing and PR strategies. This leaves adult industry brands and individuals to figure it out for themselves often making serious miscalculations or falling short with their efforts.

As an adult PR and marketing agency our team have developed unique relationships with members of the press and industry insiders. This means that our team have the capabilities to place your adult brand exactly where it needs to be to reach your target audience.

What our team can do for you?

When creating a PR strategy around sex toy marketing our team can secure features for adult clients in either print or online publications. The team will often want to put their focus on digital/online press as this will allow content to be shared online with ease. The digital articles can often help improve your adult websites SEO.

Sex sells.

Business Wire has predicted that the global adult toys market would reach 35.5 billion net worth by 2023.

Where there’s sex, there’s money to be made. Whether you are a start-up sex toy e-commerce or an established sex toy shop you will need to have a great sex toy PR and marketing strategy in place; if you want to get ahead of your competition and be the stand out brand for your target audience.

Sex toy PR and marketing will involve many different avenues. If you are unsure of how to execute a marketing strategy you may find yourself going down the route of trial and error; which can quickly eat away at a budget with very little result. One of the best ways to ensure your marketing gets the desired effect is to outsource to an established sex toy marketing agency like Adult PR.

The team here at Adult PR, sex toy PR and marketing agency know how much work goes into an effective sex toy marketing campaign; and how difficult it can be to execute a successful marketing plan.

The team have listed some of the benefits you would receive by outsourcing to a sex toy marketing agency such as Adult PR.


In order to get the best brand exposure possible, you will need to have the contacts and experience in knowing what works for the sex toy industry. If you outsource to a sex toy marketing agency you can be safe in the knowledge that their team will have the expertise to generate great brand exposure for your business; allowing your budget to go further.

Time is money.

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing to a sex toy marketing agency is that you will have the freedom to work on the day to day running of your business; knowing that you have a dedicated team creating and implementing fresh ideas to see your brand reaching and attracting its target audience.

Start with your SEO.

Sex toy companies and stores must have a great online presence in order to succeed. As most people will order sex toys, lingerie and any other adult products from the safety of judgement via their phone or computer. This means that sex toy retailers and brands need to focus a good portion of their marketing efforts on sex toy SEO.

The adult digital marketing team here at Adult PR, know the importance sex toy SEO has for online sex toy stores. The team always advocate spending more time on achieving organic SEO for adult brands as this has a much longer-lasting effect than just simply paying for Google Ads. They have compiled some simple tips to help you get started in achieving great organic sex toy SEO for your business.

Key words.

The first step is to look at your target market and think about what they would be searching for in order to find your products or services. Generating a list of around thirty keywords means that you will have a broad spectrum of keywords and phrases to use in your website’s copy. This means that your sex toy SEO is more likely to hit different target audience groups.

Website Audit.

Now that you have your keywords you will need to do a website audit this will involve looking at what is written on your website, this is called the websites copy. You will need to look at ways you can reword sentences to naturally fit in your chosen keywords into the website text. This is a basic start to achieving better sex toy SEO.


Once you have optimised the copy on your website pages you should start to look at writing blogs placing the keywords naturally throughout. You should post and optimise your blogs regularly so that you get the quickest results possible. This will also offer your website visitors some valuable content which should, in turn, improve your bounce rate.

These methods are merely scratching the surface of how to approve your websites SEO.

If you would like to know more about how our team here at Adult PR can assist with your sex toy PR and marketing, then contact us today by clicking here.