Sex toy PR and exposure - Adult PR marketing in the UK and USA
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Sex toy PR and exposure

sex toy

Sex toy PR and exposure

Sex Toy PR

We get it, the sex industry can be a taboo subject to discuss. More specifically, the use of sex toys. But realistically, the world is starting to have a different perspective on the use of them; mainly due to the huge profit companies make from sex toys each year. 

It slowly yet surely is becoming a more common topic of conversation. This year alone, America has generated nearly 32 billion dollars in sex toy sales. The accessibility of toys is huge in this day and age. With even local supermarkets such as Tesco providing them, it is nearly impossible to escape the availability of sex toys in everyday life.

Due to the exposure of this industry, it is difficult to find the right platform to successfully represent the sex industry. At Adult PR, we believe that the sex industry is all about diversity and equality. Therefore, with this specific industry being challenging to promote with effective results, an agency like Adult PR can give you the professional results you desire. 

Why Sex Toy PR?

sex toy marketing agency

Working alone on your business may not be an enjoyable process, therefore discovering a team of professionals who are just as passionate about your brand as you are is a key asset. As to reiterate within the introduction of this blog, the sex industry is a taboo business to market and to target, but here at Adult PR, we have collectively over the years developed contacts that will network your business in the correct direction that it needs to be in. 

Did you know that the global sex toy market is set to grow by 56 billion dollars due to COVID-19? With the popularity on the rise, here at Adult PR we seek to produce positive brand exposure whatever the product may be. We have the abilities to get your brand exactly where you envisioned it to be. 

Sex generates profit

It may be obvious to you, but sex sells. It could be a TV show or even a film, if sex is involved it is inevitably going to generate money. Popular brand LoveHoney generated 9 million pounds from sex toy sales during Brexit, highlighting that the popularity has soared since then. 

Sex toys can be bought anywhere and everywhere. All in all, it is easy to find yourself in a state of confusion when it comes to the PR side of things. The team at Adult PR are driven by delivering services that suit you and your adult brand to get it exactly where it should be in terms of reaching your target market.

To ensure that you choose the right PR agency for you, consider what agencies are all about inclusivity and innovation. We will always point you in the right direction. Here at Adult PR, we understand how difficult it can be to construct a campaign to a target market that represents you and your brand. 


Sex toys first became popular in the 70s and were heavily dominated by men. This resulted in no equality for women within this industry. Now, there are women-led tech companies that specialise in non-intimidating toys that are specifically made to suit a womans body. This has shown a huge shift within stigma as well as attitudes of using sex toys and really, shows female empowerment. By brands focusing more on the empowerment of the female body, it illustrates the brands strength of inclusivity and equality. 

Shift in Attitudes

As you may be aware, it is a favourite for the modern-day society to create a taboo on the use of sex toys.  But in recent years, they have become anything but normal. Today, you can find reviews on different toys, or even a tutorial on how to use it in the bedroom. Popular women’s magazine Cosmopolitan has a whole section dedicated to everything sex, highlighting the positivity and norm of sexual activity.  

As well as this, Cosmopolitan has endless articles on the use of sex toys, what to do, what not to do. The list is endless. Media exposure helps further increase sales of toys within the industry. Did you know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a 13% increase within sex toy sales across the board in the UK alone? 

Not only this, popular beauty company Beauty Bay broke the stigma of sex toys by promoting toys on their website to support female sexual pleasure and wellness. This aids the promotion of the brands positive approach to sex toys. This is what Adult PR aim to do in order to suit clients. We take pride in going above and beyond for all clientele. 


However big or small your brand is, Adult PR are here to help.  Sex toys offer a huge economic growth in businesses worldwide, and with increasing sales as mentioned, it is only going to get bigger in a few years to come. The sex toy industry was once described as ‘niche’ until it grew into a $15 billion industry according to Forbes, showcasing it as one of the most successful industries worldwide. 

Sex toys are extremely easy to access, with popular high street store Ann Summers located in many towns and cities to the huge availability online. The possibilities of owning a different type of sex toy that suits your body is endless. 

At Adult PR, we seek to fulfil the needs of a business owner in making their PR dreams become a reality. The good thing with having different types of toys is it keeps competition high between brands. This can make standing out hard though!Here at Adult PR, we provide responsive services in order to help your brand take many different pathways. All of these achieve amazing results. Click here to get in touch and find out how we can help.