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Sex toy marketing agency

sex toy PR and digital marketing aenncy

Sex toy marketing agency

There are many people who are looking to spice up their sex life. As with any supply and demand-based business, there are many sex toy websites.

With the world becoming more liberal, more people than ever are subscribing to sex with a ‘helping hand’. As a result, the sex toy e-commerce market is growing month on month.

We offer Pr and marketing for sex toy brand who are looking to make more sales. We offer guaranteed results and a completely free no obligation proposal. If you’d like to find out more click here to get in touch.

Our sex toy marketing agency would like to talk about online sales and how you market yourself in today’s blog. 

When selling adult toys, alongside promoting the benefits of your products, it is important to promote awareness with regards to hygiene when using the products and of course, sexual health and protection. This isn’t to say that you should repeat your message on each page but you should show you care. You need to demonstrate to your clients that you are not simply selling an item.

Another vital cog in the wheel is genuine reviews. When buying a toy (or two) online, it is hard to tell the size, power, and quality of the product on the other side of the screen. As such, the target market heavily relies on what others have experienced. In addition to this, with the lack of a physical store, your product descriptions need to be as detailed as possible.

Stand out from the crowd.

Talking of liberation, Sainsbury’s, Poundland and Superdrug are just some of the places you can now buy sex toys. Thankfully, sex is no longer seen as secretive. The once clandestine world of adult products and services has now been opened to mainstream audiences. This means that people are much more comfortable with discussing dildos, vibrators, and lubricants than they were even just a couple of years ago. 

To adapt to this change and capitalise on societies’ shift in attitudes, many businesses are now selling their sex toys on social media in order to engage with potential customers. With the right campaign and strategy, your business can target those who are comfortable with engaging with or discussing this type of product on their social media feeds.

Here are a few tips that our sex toy marketing agency believe will help you make the best of social media to grow your adult business.

Engage with every platform that you possibly can.

While this may seem like an unfocused approach, each platform can potentially bring in new business. Instagram is a great way of displaying images of your products, whereas witter is great for humour..

Adult social media marketing does come with its limitations. Facebook and Instagram have strict user guidelines which means that any adult content can result in your account being deleted. However, Twitter and Reddit are incredibly relaxed with adult content guidelines; making it a powerful marketing tool for adult businesses.

Post content people want to see.

Just like any other business, adult entertainment content must allow people to establish a connection with your brand. Try being creative with your social media posts by including user reviews; think pieces and even videos. The key to good quality content is readability, so make sure it’s entertaining and easy to understand! 

To engage your audience, you will need to create original and gripping content. You should always use a visual element such as an image or video. Using a graphic designer will enhance the chances of your image and videos being seen by your audience and allows a chance for you to watermark any visual content.

Hire a sex toy marketing agency.

Creating the right content and posting on the right social media channels without your accounts being deleted, restricted, or shadowbanned can be difficult. Hiring a sex toy social media agency can be incredibly beneficial to your company as their expertise in the industry will help put your sex toy company on the map.

Work backwards.

The best way to start a sex toy marketing strategy for social media is to look at the end consumer. You will need to think about what platforms they are using; what content are they engaging with and what other interests they have? This will help you decide what platform is best to use and what content you should be posting to gain their loyalty and trust.

Link back to your website.

People virtually spreading the word of your business can be a huge benefit for you. For instance, If a friend recommends something to you, you are naturally more inclined to trust what they are recommending. For maximum ease and to track that your website visitors are coming from social media you should include a direct link to your website on your social media platforms.


When it comes to creating content for your sex toy store’s social media you need to be posting regularly; our team recommend at least once a day. The phrase quality over quantity definitely applies here. Your content should be of value to your users and not just some boring sales feed.


Engaging with your audience is vital in building trust. If you are just simply posting content and leaving you won’t gain the trust of your audience. Your feed may look great, but your customers will feel left out of the loop. Make sure you set aside time to reply to comments and direct messages in a personal manner.

Brand continuity.

Make sure that no matter what platform you are using that you are carrying a consistent brand message and image. You don’t want your brand to look less credible or unestablished because every platform looks like a different company is running it. Obviously use different content on different platforms to reach different audiences, but you should always keep the brand message at the heart of the content. Click here to find out more sex toy marketing tips.

If you would like assistance in learning how to sell products indirectly through adult social media marketing; contact our sex toy marketing agency; just click here.