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Sex Toy Marketing Agency: Hit the Ground Running in Jan

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Sex Toy Marketing Agency: Hit the Ground Running in Jan

If you’ve worked within the adult industry for a while, you’ll know that marketing an NSFW brand is not easy. In fact, that’s probably why you’re looking for a sex toy marketing agency to help in the first place. Nevertheless, with the landscape so oversaturated, businesses simply cannot afford to just sit back and hope that sales come their way. Instead, they need to be go-getters and carefully strategize ways to reach customers more effectively. 

Why The Start of the Year Is the Perfect Time to Get Started

December can be a busy time for businesses and that includes the sex toy industry, with many people purchasing new toys for their partners at this time of year. When January rolls around, however, your sales are likely to hit a bit of a lull. Working with a specialist agency like Adult PR, we will help you to remain competitive and busy during even the quieter periods! Not to mention, you should already be thinking about your Valentines and Easter campaigns if you want to get ahead of the second cumming!

The Importance of Professional Photography for Your Campaigns

First Impressions Matter

Research suggests that consumers form their first impressions of a brand within the first 7 seconds of their interaction with them. This means that if your website and imagery aren’t up to scratch, people will quickly click off your site. 

As a sex toy business, your website needs to be visually pleasing if you want to catch people’s attention. One way to make your site (and social media) more aesthetically appealing is through professional photography. 

Fierce Competition

It’s no secret that the sex toy industry is fiercely competitive. As such, businesses must work even harder if they want to be successful within this market and stand out. Professional photography will help you to build your credibility and position yourself as a market leader. Poor imagery does nothing but cheapen your sex toy brand. 

Encouraging Sales

Most people buy products based on aesthetics. In fact, research suggests that 81% of consumers admit that packaging design significantly impacts their purchasing behaviour. The same can be said about professional photography. The nicer and clearer your images, the more informed your customers will feel before making a purchase. Moreover, the more enticed they will be during the initial stages too. 

Marketing Opportunities 

Every brand’s marketing strategy is different, with each business working towards their own unique goals in 2024. Moreover, what might work for an adult brand in one particular niche may not be possible for your particular company. As such, for a tailored strategy and advice, we always recommend getting in touch with our professionals. Below are a number of promotional techniques that you might find useful…

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As a sex toy brand, the most important area of marketing for you to focus on is SEO. In fact, this is true for any e-commerce business. With the market being so oversaturated, visibility is key if you want to reach your target demographic and build your reputation as a credible brand. 

For those of you who are new to the marketing world, SEO is an organic search marketing technique aimed to boost your websites discoverability on engines like Google. There are several different tasks that are completed under the SEO umbrella, such as adding optimised meta descriptions and alt tags, and improving the speed of your website. Additionally, if you work with a sex toy marketing agency, they will also likely want to create new content to share on your website in the form of blogs and landing pages. 

SEO is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to climb the rankings. New content and meta data will help Google to understand your speciality. As such, you will quickly become ranking under more relevant searches. You’ll also start positioning higher under these too!

Search engine optimisation is a lengthy and technical process. As such, it’s always advised that you work alongside a professional for the best results. Implementing black hat SEO techniques through lack of understanding could even damage your website beyond repair. 

Public Relations (PR)

The press are always interested in sharing stories that promote sexual health and female pleasure in particular. As such, this may be an interesting route for you to explore alongside a specialist communications agency, like Adult PR.

Public relations cover a broad spectrum away from just standard press exposure. In addition, this technique also covers appearances on the TV, radio, and within well-known podcasts. When you work with our sex toy marketing agency, we can help you seek these opportunities. 

Benefits of a strong communications strategy include exposure to a wider audience, greater credibility, and improved authority within your market. Not to mention, press appearances will also boost your sales too. It’s a good all rounder!

Paid Advertising 

Looking for a quick initial boost? Paid advertising on social media and Google can be an easy way to boost your sales and often work quicker than traditional marketing methods. This doesn’t mean to say the other techniques we mentioned aren’t worthy investments, however. Adverts are great for a short-term fix. Long-term, however, you should really be working to get your ducks in a row with a more permanent strategy which will generate more consistent results. 

Although advertising is a struggle for many brands within the adult industry, the sex toy market in particular is able to benefit from this method. The market is crowded with giants such as Love Honey and Ann Summers. Even retailers such as Boots and Tesco are now selling these kinds of products. As such, it’s important you work alongside a PPC or social media ad specialist if you want your campaign to reach far and wide. This is something our sex toy marketing agency can help you with!

Looking for Support and Guidance?

Keen to hit the ground running in 2024 with a brand new, sparkly marketing strategy? Looking for someone to help you build and implement it? Here at our sex toy marketing agency, business growth is our specialty. 

For more information, contact our Business Development team today by clicking here and filling in our contact form.