Sex Shop Marketing: Building a strategy
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Sex Shop Marketing: Building a strategy

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Sex Shop Marketing: Building a strategy

Whether you own a physical shop or an e-commerce website, one thing is certain – you’ll need sex shop marketing. Investing in your strategy is the one of the best things any business can do. Not only will this help you in the short-term, but it’ll also help you to develop long-term stability too! 

What are the benefits of sex shop marketing? 

Marketing has a plethora of benefits and is a valuable tool for adult companies. One of the biggest positives is the visibility this can generate for your products, brand, and/or services. In an industry as oversaturated as the adult sector, this is crucial. Putting your efforts into promotion will help you to get ahead of others in your market. 

In addition to the above, marketing will also build credibility for your business. When purchasing from your brand, your customers need to have confidence in the products you’re selling. Tactics like SEO, social media, and influencer marketing will all help your organisation to look more established. In turn, this will build your authority, positioning you as a trustworthy brand within the market. 

Last but by no means least, marketing is ultimately designed to drive sales. Building greater long-term stability, a good strategy will improve your revenue – something that every business strives for. 

The bottom line is a strong strategy could be the difference between success and failure. If you want your brand to grow, sex shop marketing is a must-have investment. 

What services are right for me? 

It’s difficult for us to say exactly what is right for you without knowing more about your business. As a sex shop, however, you should definitely consider the following techniques when building your strategy… 

Social media 

Whilst social media is often harder for adult brands over those who are more mainstream, it’s not a lost cause. In actual fact, this type of sex shop marketing is a great way to build brand awareness. Additionally, these platforms are a great way to communicate with your community and reach new corners of your target demographic. With its international reach, social media can help you take your brand global. 

Sex Toy marketing shop

When looking to buy from new brands, many people go to social media first. If your page is non-existent or even worse, empty, this doesn’t set a good first impression. Instead, you should be working hard to populate your profile, engaging with your followers along the way. Social media is also a great way to keep up to date with your competitors and what’s working for them. 

Search engine marketing 

It’s 2023 and by now, every business really ought to have a website. For those of you who do, congratulations. Now let’s look at how we can ramp up your sales! 

SEO as a marketing technique is centred around improving the visibility of your website on search engines like Google. This is done by better aligning your site with their algorithms, making you more favourable when they are ranking content. If you can get your site health up, you’re likely to start appearing higher than your competitors when people search for products that you sell. In other words, you’re going to start seeing an increase in sales. 

Search engine marketing is a tricky method to understand, so don’t worry if you’re struggling to wrap your head around it. What you do need to know, however, is the types of processes that are involved in boosting your site health. Key SEO tactics include writing and uploading blog content, setting up your website for all mobile devices, optimising your current site copy, compressing image file sizes, and building credible backlinks. There are plenty of other elements to consider along the way, but these are often the simplest to get to grips with. 

Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing has long been a lucrative technique and as time goes on, the results are only getting better. People are far more likely to have confidence in a brand if it’s recommended to them by someone they trust. When creators promote products to their loyal audience, the brand behind the collaboration should see a spike in sales. It’s as simple as that! 

There are lots of different types of influencer marketing out there. The main techniques include gifting, paid collaborations, brand ambassadorship, and affiliate marketing. Gifting is often the most attractive option for businesses given how little this costs organisations. This being said, due to the success of this sex shop marketing technique, many influencers are now being flooded with collaboration opportunities. As such, paid partnerships are much easier to secure. What’s more, when you chose to go down this route, coverage is guaranteed. 

In conclusion, influencer marketing is incredibly lucrative for adult businesses. If you are looking to implement this, however, we would always advise putting an additional budget behind your strategy for paid partnerships. 

Who are Adult PR? 

Based here in the UK, Adult PR are an experienced and trusted marketing and communications agency. We help brands with the sex industry to gain the exposure they deserve, ultimately helping them to grow and succeed. Operating globally, there’s no challenge too big for us to take on. Our specialist areas include: 

·Public relations (PR) 

·Crisis management 

Influencer marketing 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) 

Social media management 

Event planning 

Graphic design 

As a full-service, integrated agency, we’re able to provide a turnkey marketing solution should you need one. Alternatively, we can also work with you on a couple of key focus areas or even on a consultancy-only basis. We have packages to suit every business, no matter their size or structure. 

Contact our team 

Interested in hearing more about sex shop marketing and how this can benefit your brand? To speak to one of our specialists about the services we provide or working with Adult PR, just click here. We can’t wait to hear from you!