Sex convention marketing and why you should invest in it.
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Sex convention marketing

marketing your sex convention

Sex convention marketing

Running a sex convention is not for the faint-hearted. When you look at what it is you are organising, it is clear there are many obstacles to overcome. That being said, if you create and execute your marketing strategy well, then you will have a very successful event.

If we break down a sex convention’s consumer base, you will see that there are two separate audiences to attract. Assuming you already have a location and date agreed, you will then have to start attracting exhibitors to your event. This is the first audience you will need to approach. Without exhibitors, then you will not be able to attract your second audience, visitors. Your event will need both audiences to be a success. Furthermore, he demographics of each one will need to be looked at in your marketing strategy. This is so that you know the best way to engage, attract and convert them as two separate entities. 

You may be reading this and thinking that it is pretty obvious advice. However, you would be surprised how quickly this can be overlooked. Especially when you are against the clock and have a hundred and one other things to organise. After all, the pressure is on as you are working towards a fixed date. It is important to refer to your marketing strategy regularly to ensure that you are keeping to the plan and amending it if necessary. If you do make changes, that’s fine. However, the overarching theme and the end goal should not change.


Why you should invest in sex convention marketing.

When organising your sex convention, you must put aside a budget for your marketing and advertising. Put simply, without a healthy budget in place you will struggle to attract the numbers needed to make the event a success. 

To understand why marketing is important, we first need to look at the difference between marketing and selling. A marketing strategy is created with the consumer’s requirements in mind. Whereas, a sales strategy is built around the event itself and your benefit from that. 

This means that a marketing strategy will see you create an event-based around what your target consumer will want. This will require work on promoting the event to your audience but won’t require a hard sell. On the other hand, a sales strategy will see you influence a consumer to fit your event whether it meets their requirements or not. It’s clear to see what one will be more effective. 

In the case of attracting visitors and exhibitors to a sex convention, a marketing approach would work a lot better than a sales strategy. Although you may have to implement some sales tactics when trying to attract exhibitors.

There are three main ways to market your sex convention. 

Our team at Adult PR have compiled a few ways to start your sex convention marketing below.

Adult social media marketing.

If you have ever had any dealings with promoting an adult brand on social media, you will know that it is an absolute minefield. That being said, it is not impossible, and it would be crazy not to utilise these platforms. 

Instagram alone has over one billion active users so you can be sure that some of your target audience is using it. Having a strong social media presence builds up your event credibility while helping you gain exposure. You will need to look at what social media channels your consumers are using to ensure that you are getting the best results from your campaigns. We recommend starting with Instagram and Twitter.

Social media marketing agency for porn brands

As the event you are hosting is linked to the adult industry you will find it difficult to create any paid ads on social media. Instagram, in particular, is notoriously difficult when it comes to anything erotic. As ads are out of the question this will mean that your following and engagement will have to be organic. Creating an organic following takes time and a lot of education around what is allowed on each platform. You need to research everything, right down to the hashtags you are using as these platforms make changes daily.

You will need to ensure that you are posting at least once a day and that your content is valuable to your target audience while representing your brand well. Engaging with other users is a great way to start building a following. You should take a targeted approach towards who you engage with. As you are using social media as a marketing tool you do not want to end up with a page full of people who will not be interested in your event.

Adult website and SEO. 

A great website is a huge benefit for a sex convention. Not only is this the central hub of information for your consumers but it is also a great way to generate inbound leads. We live in a world where people turn to Google for everything. To make sure that your event is appearing high in the search rankings you need to work on your SEO. A great SEO strategy will see you receive a lot more enquires and reinforce your sex convention’s credibility. After all, it never looks good to Google the name or nature of a convention and for that event to not dominate the results.

It is important to understand Google’s latest algorithms to carry out effective SEO. If you are just making it up as you go along Google will penalise your website making you drop through the rankings. If you do not know how to implement SEO then you should look to outsource this to a third party that can.

Sex convention PR.

PR for a sex convention can go so much further than sending out a press release and hoping it gets picked up. When executed properly, PR can achieve huge brand exposure. Our Adult PR team have fantastic connections with both mainstream and industry-specific media outlets all over the world. As a result, we hold a lot of value to sex conventions looking to achieve great brand exposure. Our team will look for newsworthy angles to have your event organically appear in the press. By featuring organically your brand will look like an industry leader while offering the readers engaging content.

If you are looking to effectively promote your sex convention but are finding it difficult to maintain your marketing efforts, then send our friendly team a message. Or click here to read more!