SEO for porn websites: Our team reveals some great techniques.
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SEO for Porn Websites

porn website SEO

SEO for Porn Websites

With the number of adult industry brands only looking to grow over the next few years. If you are the owner of a business in the adult industry you need to start focussing on how you’re going to get your website noticed by consumers. One key component of any adult marketing strategy has to be SEO for porn websites. 

What is SEO for porn websites?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is the process of increasing the amount of traffic to your website by ensuring that your site appears within the top 100 results on popular search engines. This involves a number of different techniques with one being posting regular, relevant content associated with your industry, this could include blogs; videos; backlinks etc.

How does SEO apply to adult entertainment?

At least 30% of all data being transferred across the internet is porn-related. You need to ensure your website is not lost among the masses. Our SEO experts at Adult PR are able to get your website ranking within the first three months of working with us. We will create a list of keywords or phrases relevant to your industry. We will then work to make sure your website ranks for these chosen keywords.

What are the benefits of organic SEO for porn websites?

  • An increase in website traffic.
  • Gives your brand higher credibility as people trust Google.
  • Grows brand awareness.

Where to start?

Say you have just launched your very own porn website; you have plenty of content available to users but you’re not getting any traffic. You may find yourself asking how adult sites such as Pornhub drive the amount of traffic they do.

Well, you need high quality and effective SEO plan if you want your adult entertainment site to stand out against the rest.

However, when it comes to SEO for porn websites, it’s quite different from your typical Search Engine Optimisation – such as the kind you would use to boost your insurance company in the search engine rankings. Instead, adult entertainment websites have harnessed the power of a unique, porn website search engine optimisation by introducing a number of features to their content.

At Adult PR – porn marketing agency, we understand the differences between regular SEO and SEO for porn websites.

Here are just some of the SEO techniques you can implement into your website to get your adult site to number one in the search engine rankings: 

1. Use Long-Tail Keywords.

When choosing keywords in “normal SEO”, some people use long-tail keywords as an afterthought. However, when creating content for your adult entertainment site, it’s important to use these long-tail keywords and expand off them.

According to Wordze, the most popular search term featuring the word “grandma” is “grandma sex” with an estimated 16,148 search per month. From there, there are a variety of long-tail keywords such as “Filipino grandma sex” as porn websites try to capture as many users as possible.

2. Let Your Affiliates Do the Work.

If you’re looking to target hundreds of niches, it can be hard work and extremely overwhelming – especially when you’re starting out. However, when you employ an affiliate program into your strategy, you can let them do all the SEO for you.

For example, the performers who upload videos to your site will be able to keyword the content with the relevant tags. They will also be able to promote the video on their social media channels and personal website, driving more traffic to your website.

3. Build Quality Links.

Start by connecting with other adult entertainment sites; these could be other porn sites, adult entertainment businesses or media outlets. You should offer to write guest posts or post a review of your site on their page, in order to receive a link from their site to yours.

When it comes to building backlinks, focus on quality and not quantity. It’s much better to have ten backlinks from “high-authority” sites than hundreds of links from spam websites.

With Google returning over 2.4 billion results with the term ‘porn’ alone; it is vital that your business begins positive SEO practises now more than ever. 

How can Adult PR help you?

Not only do we specialise in SEO to grow your business, but we can also help assist with:

  • Porn PR: Sex is a multi-billion-pound industry and is constantly growing. Naturally, you’re going to need PR. With our specialist in-house public relations officers, we can be sure to get you in the appropriate media.
  • Adult entertainment marketing: Every industry needs marketing and we’re here to help, whether it be work with social media or content creation, we’ve got you covered!
  • Design: Maybe you’re just starting out or looking to rebrand, whatever it is, we can help with logo creation, website development and the creation of leaflets and posters.

Are you in need of SEO for your porn website? We have a team of experts who provide adult SEO services for a variety of adult entertainment businesses. If you want help your porn site stand out against the rest, get in touch with Adult PR – adult industry marketing and public relations agency.