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SEO for the Adult Industry

marketing agency for the adult industry

SEO for the Adult Industry

When striving to improve the visibility of your business, there are few better options than SEO for the adult industry. Approximately one in seven online web searches look for pornography and adult content, highlighting the true competitive nature of the adult industry. SEO, however, is not a quick or simple process. Unless you have a plethora of experience in this area, it is best left to a team of professionals. That’s where we come in!

Optimising your content incorrectly can drop your website deep down the Google rankings. This can make it practically invisible. With the majority of users not venturing beyond the second page of results, ranking highly is essential. If done successfully, SEO can elevate your brand right to the top, massively increasing your visibility, awareness, and click-through rate (CTR).

Whilst this process may seem daunting, Adult PR have been helping adult businesses in this regard for over a decade. As a fully integrated marketing agency, we have built a diverse portfolio over the years. Working alongside many different businesses, we have collected extensive knowledge on how best to boost your brand. With positive testimonials and awards for our efforts, you can be sure of both our credibility and quality.

What exactly is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a unique marketing technique used to improve visibility according to Google’s ranking system. SEO for the adult industry, however, is particularly tricky due to the stigmatisms surrounding NSFW content and businesses.

For each website that appears on Google, a set of criteria is used to rank them according to usability and performance. For example, a quick loading speed or adequate sentence lengths can all push a website higher up the rankings. However, the lack of mobile compatibility can do the exact opposite.

Google use a process called ‘crawling’ to determine website ranking. This is where robots score your site against a virtual checklist. SEO is the process of making modifications and adjustments to your website to make it more favourable to the algorithm these robots follow. Whilst it is not the only solution to ranking your website higher, it does bring in the largest amount of organic traffic.

What can you do to rank higher?

SEO is not a one-trick pony. Many modifications can be made to increase a websites SEO value, both on and off the site. If done incorrectly, however, these could negatively impact your positioning on the search engine results page (SERP). Content must be tailored specifically to your website, market, customers, and even their device!


If your content isn’t optimised with keywords, this makes it trickier for your target audience to find you. Keywords are phrases that are relevant to your business that may be searched for by potential customers. For example, if looking for a sex toy store, the key phrase “adult sex toys” may be searched.

It is important to rank highly amongst relevant keywords commonly searched by web users. This will help to boost your brands visibility and awareness, helping you to get ahead in your industry.

marketing agency for adult brands

Content Structure

Readability of the content on your website is also of importance to Google’s algorithm. Firstly, content should be formatted into paragraphs and bullet points (where appropriate) in order to break up big blocks of text. Utilising headings, subheadings, images, and interactive features will all help to hold a reader’s interest.

Sentence Length

This is one of the most important aspects of SEO for the adult industry. When users search for adult sites, the last thing they want to be met with are long sentences that are hard to follow. Optimised sentence lengths improve the readability of your content, improving the end-user experience.

Although the algorithm is constantly changing, currently, Google prefer to promote content where 80% of its sentences are 20 words or under. What’s more, there is also an optimal length for your content too!


This is a form of back-end optimisation and isn’t an SEO technique you can afford to be ignoring.

Backlinks are acquired when other websites link back to yours. If a business was to feature on a credible news site, for example, a link will often be included to where readers can find more information (usually a brands homepage). In other words, this technique goes hand in hand with PR.

Having your website linked to by trusted websites can boost the credibility of your own site. The more positive backlinks you receive, the better your SEO value will become. Due to the oversaturation of the adult industry, this could be make or break for your business.

The back end of your website

Whilst it is important to focus on the physical aspects, it is equally as important to optimise the areas your users can’t directly see too. This being said, if you aren’t technologically adept, this can be difficult to do alone. Like with all aspects of SEO for the adult industry, it’s always advisable to bring in a team of professionals.

Back-end optimisation techniques include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Writing optimised meta-descriptions
  • Including alt-text
  • Compressing image sizes
  • Improving your sites loading speed
  • Optimising websites for tablets and mobile devices

What we do

As a multi-award-winning integrated marketing agency, search engine optimisation isn’t the only service Adult PR can offer. Whilst SEO alone is vitally important, you can excel its overall effect further by combining this with other marketing techniques. Some of the other services we offer include…

  • PR
  • Content Marketing
  • Crisis Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design and Branding

Contact us

Whilst some of the mentioned techniques can be performed by yourself, others are best left to the professionals. Poorly optimised content can make your brand practically invisible on Google’s SERP. In an already oversaturated industry, it’s crucial to avoid hindering your brand in this way.

If you’re looking for support with SEO for the adult industry we would love to help! For more information about any of our services, get in touch with the team by clicking here.