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SEO For Cam Agencies: Set Your Brand Apart

SEO For Cam Agencies: Set Your Brand Apart

If you want maximum brand visibility within the adult industry, SEO, or search engine optimisation is a steadfast way to gain more exposure. It’s a crucial marketing technique that if done well, leads to guaranteed recognition, especially online, which is why SEO for cam agencies works so well. However, it is a complex concept that must be implemented correctly. Failing to do so, will leave you high and dry, with nothing to show for your efforts.

At Adult PR, we are award-winning SEO experts. Time and time again, our content team deliver amazing results, getting our clients the recognition and reputation they deserve. Our skill set, combined with our knowledge of the adult sector makes us the go-to agency for brands looking to grow, expand and succeed.

The Basics

There’s a lot to cover when it comes to SEO for cam agencies, but let’s start with the basics. Like any other business, Google want their users to experience great service. So, when you Google something on the search engine, they will give you the most relevant and reputable websites to obtain your information from. Only the best will get a look in, because if Google were to suggest websites that were riddled with faults and generally substandard, that would damage their reputation. So how do Google separate the good from the bad? It’s all about the algorithm.

How to Get in Google’s Good Books

PR for the adult and sex industry

SEO is a concept that is constantly changing due to Google’s algorithm. Essentially, Google crawlers want to find the best, most user-friendly websites for those who are using their search engine. In order to succeed, you must abide by the basic EAT guidelines. To be in with a chance of making the top ranked pages, your website and it’s content must follow this format – Expertise, Authoritative and Trustworthiness (EAT). The more boxes you tick, the higher you climb in the ranking. Ideally, every company wants to be on that first page of search results.

You may be asking, so if I follow this criteria, I’ll be on the top page right? Well, not necessarily, because Google never tells anyone what the current algorithm is. All you have is those guidelines to follow, and with many cam agencies already putting them into practice, the competition is vast. 

We Can Help You Rank

This is where specialists in SEO for cam agencies are an invaluable investment to your adult brand. With the adult industry saturated, you need to stand out from the crowd for SEO purposes. Our in-house team have the software and knowledge for all the behind the scenes work to help you rank organically. We can add regular and relevant content to your site and monitor important keywords to add into your content. We can also track competitor content and keywords, and consistently update your site health. This will maintain user friendliness for optimum chance of Google seeing your website and brand as reputable.

Successful, organic SEO is a process that takes time. So, you can’t expect to write a couple of blogs one month and be the top search on Google. We say it takes about 3 months to start seeing traction. Once your strategy is in place, you can begin your SEO journey and through upkeep, leave a reputable digital footprint.

Upkeep is Essential

So often, companies set up their website and believe the hard work is done. Just because you’re on the internet, it doesn’t mean you’ll be seen. The only reason any brand stays visible on Google is because of SEO – put it like that, and you realise just how fundamental it is to a business. If you’re lower on the SERP, you won’t be seen. Humans want a quick solution to everything and will rarely look through every option on a Google page to find what they need.

In order to rank, your website must be user friendly and easy to navigate. Potential customers are not going to stick around if your site is complicated and google will register exactly how long people are spending on your site. Short sessions negatively impact your SEO. 

Any content you share on your website should pose you as an expert in the field, going back to those EAT guidelines. It then goes full circle: the more relevant and appropriate content you put out, the more prominent you are and the more website traffic you’ll get. Google will pick up on this and you’ll begin to rank higher through credibility. The public always feel more comfortable using a reputable service, and a higher ranking means you become the ‘go-to’ service.

SEO, Socials and Public Relations 

Social media and PR go hand in hand with SEO for cam agencies and create further exposure for your brand. It goes without saying that a social media presence in paramount in today’s digital world. A strong following, regular activity and engagement tells Google that people are enjoying the content you are displaying. This contributes to your ‘EAT’.

Likewise, PR can reference your company through backlinks in articles to help prove your credibility. In essence, it’s another site saying, “I endorse this website”, which your business will only benefit from. 

Get in Touch

We’re not surprised if you’ve been left feeling a little overwhelmed by the level of time and effort needed for SEO for cam agencies to really work. Often, there just isn’t the time to implement such specialist marketing when you are the person running the company. With something so vital to your brand success, it’s a good idea to call in the professionals. 

At Adult PR, we can help you. Our professional in-house team are SEO and marketing experts, offering a completely comprehensive and bespoke service to each and every client. 

We want your adult brand to gain the recognition you deserve! Contact our friendly team for a no commitment proposal today.