SEO for Adult Websites - What You Need To Know
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SEO for Adult Websites

porn website SEO

SEO for Adult Websites

Although there is lots of conversation surrounding the significance of SEO for adult websites in 2020, we’re here to tell you, it’s still relevant! In fact, it’s one of the marketing factors that gives the highest ROI. The internet surrounds us all. Therefore, it’s would be ignorant to disregard the importance of visibility for your website. 

Here at Adult PR, we have worked alongside hundreds of clients covering all aspects of the adult industry. Whether you’re working in porn, sex toys or you name it, we’re more than capable of boosting your brand recognition ten times over. 

Search engine optimisation (or SEO for short) is the process in which a company aims to improve their Google ranking. Essentially, if you’d usually appear on the 3rd results page, putting your time into SEO will get you within the first page. At least if it’s done properly. 

Whilst there are loads of factors contributing to how high you rank, there are still lots of attributes that people forget to consider. More on this later. 

How Does the SEO Process Work? 

When you publish a website, Google sends out little robots to index your site. These are called ‘crawlers’ or sometimes referred to as ‘spiders.’ In order to be a successful business, you need to sell a service that is useful. In order for Google to satisfy their consumers, they need to be able to answer their questions. How do they determine what content is useful? The Google algorithm. Going back to crawlers and indexing, these robots will search your site looking for SEO ranking factors. They’ll then determine the importance of your information off the back of this. Dependant on how much of the criteria you meet, you’ll either rank well or poorly. 

As we mentioned previously, there are lots of things that people forget to consider when trying to get their website to rank well. As specialists in SEO for adult websites, we’re here to tell you where you’re going wrong. Afterall, it’s the little things that add up. 

Content Factors 

Adult Entertainment SEO for pornstars

If you’re wanting to make your content useful, sentence length and formatting needs to be a main focal point. The average sentence length is 20 words however, it is easy to go over this when you get carried away. When writing long sentences, it’s easy to lose people. If people become lost, they’ll quickly click off. This will hurt your SEO value. Similarly, formatting plays a big part in the readability if your content. Using headings and bullet points are a great way to make your message clear. 

Although it’s thought that grammar and spelling have no direct link to your Google ranking, it does have an effect on your bounce rate. If people are reading through your content and there are inconsistencies, the likelihood of them getting fed up is high. High bounce rate means your ranking will be affected. Also, mistakes can make you appear untrustworthy and unprofessional. Something that Google doesn’t favour. 

Many companies try and cheat the system. We get it, writing content can be time consuming. Whether it’s a blog about a similar thing or a landing page, it can be tempting to copy and paste. Despite this temptation, duplicate content will be extremely harmful. Even similar content could be flagged. Quality always trumps quantity. 

The technical world has become much more advanced through the years. With the development of videos, podcasts and images, multimedia has become increasingly popular. It’s thought that having these implemented on your site will mean people stay on your adult website for longer. This acts as a big indicator to Google that you’re experts in your industry. 

Keyword Factors 

There’s been lots of discussion recently regarding whether keywords are still as dominant as they used to be. Once upon a time, keywords used to have a heavy hold over how well you ranked. Despite this, in 2020, it’s thought that keywords are less relevant. This being said, they are definitely something you should still include. 

Things to consider particularly is keyword density and keyword prominence. In terms of keyword density, this is a very powerful indicator factor to Google. Keywords tell Google what your content is about. Unless they know what you’re on about, how will they know when you could be answering the questions of their consumers? One thing to note with keyword density however, you don’t want to go overboard. Including your keyword too many times will make your content unnatural and boring to read. This will mean a higher percentage of people clicking off. 

Keyword prominence refers to when a keyword appears within the first 100 words of your content. As long as your keywords are relevant and not shoe-horned in, keyword prominence is another good indicating factor to Google. 

URL and Linking Factors 

Broken links scream that your website has been neglected. This is bound to damage the reputation Google has of you and in turn, they won’t promote your content. By fixing these links, you remove any doubt that your website has been abandoned. 

You also need to be aware of the quality of your links. If they’re coming from authoritative sources (well-known websites such as Wikipedia) this can be really powerful. As part of Googles algorithm, they use the anagram EAT. This stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. If another popular website source is shouting about you as a company, this will add to your EAT value. 

As well as this, you need to have diversity amongst your back links too. If all your links are coming from the same source, this could be flagged as webspam. This is harmful to SEO for adult websites. A positive link velocity (the rate at which people are linking to your website) will result in a higher ranking. Meanwhile, a negative link velocity will make Google view you as a source of information that is becoming less popular. 

There is some discussion surrounding whether the length of your URL is impactful on your SEO. It’s thought that shorter URL’s can be much more effective than longer ones because they’re more memorable. As well as this, you may want to focus on using keywords within your URL’s. 

Technical Factors 

Reported as the ‘apocalypse of SEO,’ ‘Mobilegeddon’ is a term often referred to by SEO specialists. It’s thought that over half of searches are done on mobile phones. Especially when it comes to viewing porn. Therefore, Google favours websites that have optimisation for this type of viewing. This being said, it’s easier said than done. Investing in a team who are experts in SEO for adult websites will result in much less stress and confusion for you. 

Another factor that often falls by the wayside is image optimisation. The size of these files, file names, alt-text, captions and descriptions all affect your SEO. If you can make these effective (or hire a company to) your ranking will improve. 

People are impatient. If the speed at which your website loads is slow, you’re going to pay the price. What use is porn if it keeps buffering every 5 seconds? Page speeds on Google and Bing are estimated by crawlers when they’re busy indexing your website. The way in which they determine this is through your HTML code. The slower your website, the higher the bounce rate. This means Google won’t favour your content if it doesn’t load correctly. 

Contact the Team 

Regardless of your understanding surrounding SEO for adult websites, it really is something you need to be considering. Not only will it boost your website traffic, but it will also pave the way for you to get to the forefront of your industry. For more information on how can help with your SEO project, get in touch by clicking here. Don’t be shy! You can also find us on Instagram and Twitter