SEO for Adult Toys: The Difference in a Saturated Market
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SEO for Adult Toys: The Difference in a Saturated Market

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SEO for Adult Toys: The Difference in a Saturated Market

The sex toy industry is currently valued at over £18 million. Over the last decade, the adult industry has taken the world by storm, with numerous products and services available. As a result, consumers are now spoilt for choice. From a business point of view, it’s no secret that the adult market is saturated. If you want your brand to make its mark online, you should be paying close attention to your marketing techniques. SEO for adult toys is the way forward. 

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With new adult toy websites launching every day, many of them faulter when it come to their lack of SEO strategy. It’s a difficult industry and technique, there are hoops you’ve got to jump though to succeed. At Adult PR, we combine our expert knowledge with results driven digital marketing techniques to help exhibit your business and give you the recognition you deserve. With over a decade in the industry, we know exactly what works when it comes to effective adult marketing and PR. 

Standing Out in A Saturated Market 

As we’ve mentioned, selling sex toys isn’t the easiest form of retail today. This is because of just how many adult toy retailers there are. As if it wasn’t hard enough, Google doesn’t tend to reward adult brands as well as they would other websites. It’s more difficult to rank because Google’s algorithm is all about user experience and suitability for all audiences. 

However, it is essential to have a consistent online presence if you want to be in with a chance of cutting above the noise. So long as Google can crawl your website, you’re in with a chance of ranking, but you must be sure to adhere to the EAT guidelines – expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Improving your search presence and standing out from the competition, really starts with a good website, informative content and the constant nurturing of both for maximum SEO value. 

PPC vs. Organic Results 

There are two forms of SEO for adult toys. Organic and PPC, or pay per click. PPC means you are paying for the top spots on Google and optimising your adverts on a daily basis. This is to achieve this status on the SERP. Although this method can be effective, it requires a large marketing budget, and when you no longer want to use it, you drop right back down on the search results. A lot of time and money wasted in the long-term. 

Although it’s a little more time consuming, especially at the start, organic SEO is the way forward for steadfast recognition. Think of it as an investment to your business, and if done right, the results will continue to deliver. There’s a lot to it, but generally, organic SEO can be achieved through blogs with keywords, a user-friendly website and backlinks. Content must be consistent, but the results are often lasting. We say it takes about 3 months to gain traction organically. 

Content and Reputation 

marketing the sex industry

These two go hand in hand. Any content you are putting out, must be relevant. The more intriguing, helpful and engaging your content is, the more website traffic you’ll get. Google will pick up on the amount of clicks your website gets and the amount of time people are spending on it. More people spending time on your website means a better chance of appearing on that first page of Google results. 

Maintaining a user-friendly website is absolutely essential when it comes to successful SEO for adult toys. With Sex Toys, a lot of people don’t know exactly what they want and will 

often browse curiously. Make your page personable, informative and easy to navigate. This will build your positive reputation and in turn, can increase your sales. 

Having a good reputation will help your adult brand stand out. The aim of your online presence should be to ensure you are the ‘go-to’ business for your product. Engage with your customers online, whether through social media or reviews – it shows you’re real and you care. People will always buy from a brand they trust, or that has been recommended to them. 

On and Off Page SEO Techniques 

It’s important to have an awareness of what could help you climb the rankings. On page SEO for adult toys are things like relevant tagged images on your website, optimised product descriptions, keywords and meta descriptions for any content appearing online. On page SEO is complex, and there are a lot of boxes that need to be ticked with each update or upload. If you’re new to the game, we would recommend consulting a specialist to set up the basics up for you. 

Off page SEO mainly refers to link building and backlinks. A backlink is another reputable source linking to your business as a point of reference. Essentially, they’re giving their approval to Google and potential customers, by recommending you. The more you get from authoritative websites, the more you benefit and the more trustworthy you become. In return, you will be rewarded with a higher SERP ranking. 

Get Expert Help 

As the owner of a business, we understand that it’s often hard to run the marketing side of things. Let alone dealing with the daily goings within the company. If you find that your marketing is on the backburner, we suggest investing in specialist help. It’s important to act fast and keep on top of your marketing, because as you’re probably aware, things change so fast. 

Often, it’s a case of many business owners not knowing where to begin, and many haven’t even heard of SEO. We’ve covered the basics here, but as one of the most effective, long-term marketing techniques, SEO for adult toys is time consuming and complex. 

At Adult PR, we are specialists in SEO. We come up with fresh and innovative ideas to ensure that your content is relevant, unique and hitting the criteria to rank consistently. From keywords, to overall site health, we can monitor your SEO marketing to ensure that your Google rankings improve month to month. 

Remember, the more search engine visibility you have, the more successful you become. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with SEO for adult toys, please get in touch at [email protected] or click here to be taken to our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!