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SEO for Adult Sites

porn website SEO

SEO for Adult Sites

Here at Adult PR, we specialise in SEO for adult sites. Having worked with companies across a range of different sectors within the adult entertainment business, we have a varied and wealthy knowledge when it comes to boosting your Google ranking. Through our almost 12 years, we have seen the Google algorithm change and shift hundreds of times. Not only does this make SEO for adult sites difficult but it also makes it incredibly time consuming. 

What is SEO and Why Do I Need it?

You’re not going to learn how to fully optimise your website through reading a few articles online. Realistically, it’s much more complicated than what anyone can put into writing. It takes a great deal of both creative and technological talent in order to master the highest Google ranking you can get which is one of the reasons people often outsource this work to an agency.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. When we talk about your ‘Google ranking’ we essentially mean how high you appear in the search results when someone looks up words relating to your business. For instance, if you specialise in dominatrix porn, you’re going to want to be as high as possible when someone searches for ‘dominatrix porn.’ 

So, why do you need SEO for adult sites? When you’re Googling something, how often do you enter the realms of the second search results page? Have you ever even seen it? The likelihood is no. With many areas of the adult sector being overwhelmingly saturated, you’ve got a lot to compete with. If you’re not ranking in the top position or at least on the first page, it’s likely you’re not going to get a look in. Investing time into your SEO will work wonders for your brand in terms of exposure and brand awareness. 

How Does it Work?

This is where it can get a little confusing. When you publish a website, Google sends out what they call ‘crawlers.’ These are essentially robots who trawl through every inch of your website and index it. Put simply, Google create a checklist of things they’d like to see from you in order to determine how useful your content is, and the crawlers try to check off as many of these points as possible.

Like with any business, you want to make your product or service as simple for the consumer as possible. Google is a business and therefore, it’s only natural that they want their search engine results to be as helpful as possible too. Without their algorithm, you’d spend hours looking for the information you actually need. 

Why Everyone Has a Blog

Through the years, you may have noticed that many companies have started to introduce blogs to their website. When writing a blog, you’re potentially covering topics that people may search for on Google. The reason this kind of content is so useful is because it highlights itself to Google as good information to pull in order to answer the question of the consumer. Similarly, landing pages are also a great way of doing this. 

Back-End Optimisation

Living in the world that we do, it’s rare that we have much time on our hands. Most people are living fast-paced and chaotic lives and we don’t have time to waste waiting for a website to load. There are a number of things that back-end optimisation covers and loading speed is one of them. Imagine watching porn and having to sit there waiting for the video to buffer. You’re just not going to. You’re going to click off and go elsewhere. Talk about a cock-block.

Going back to what we said about life being so busy, the majority of us use our phones when going online. Not only can it be a more private way of viewing but it’s a lot more convenient than having to turn on your laptop. If your website isn’t fully optimised for mobile phone use, then you’re seriously missing out.

 Alongside the points mentioned, you also need to consider meta-descriptions and alt tags. I told you SEO had its technical side. 

SEO for adult industry websites

How Social Media Plays its Part

Social media is a really effective way to boost your position on the search engine results page (SERP for short.) Whilst there are a lot of limitations when it comes to social media management of adult brands, not all is lost. The likes of Instagram and similar platforms usually have restrictions on the level of nudity you’re allowed to share. This is to keep the platform family friendly as well as it being their way of adhering to age restrictions. Having been SEO specialists for over a decade, we know all the shortcuts and loopholes when it comes to getting around this.

You may be confused as to how something external can affect your website and that’s understandable. When looking at SEO for adult sites, there are both on-site and off-site factors that can come into play. Social media is one of the off-site factors. Going back to what we were saying about the Google algorithm, they also like to use the anagram EAT to assess your usefulness. This stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. If you’re able to gain a good following on social media, you’re able to contribute to all of those characteristics. 


Back-linking essentially refers to when another company links your website within their site or social media. When gaining good quality backlinks, Google figures you must have attributes of EAT in order for another business to risk recommending you to their audience. Hence, you get bumped up on the SERP.

Contact Adult PR

Every business should be considering improving their SEO no matter what industry they’re in however, lots of people don’t bother because they simply don’t understand it. Alternatively, lots of people try to cut corners and do it themselves and can actually end up making it worse in the long run. This being said, you may find it more time and cost-efficient to bring on-board an SEO for adult sites specialist like ourselves. For more information on how we can help, click here to get in touch