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SEO for Adult Sites: How to climb the search engine results page

porn website SEO

SEO for Adult Sites: How to climb the search engine results page

Based in Essex, Adult PR are a team of professionals with over 12 years experience in SEO for adult sites. Day to day, we help a vast range of brands to generate the exposure they deserve through improving their positioning on Google. Whether you’re a camgirl looking to find new clients or a sex toy retailer, we’re ready to hit the ground running with your project!

What is SEO? 

The acronym SEO stands for search engine optimisation, a technique that is essentially used to boost your ranking on Google. The options that appear first on the search engine results page (SERP), are the ones that receive the most attention. As such, spending time improving where you appear can prove incredibly lucrative. 

Obviously, SEO boasts lots of different benefits, perhaps the most important being visibility. As a brand within such a saturated market, this is vital. Additionally, a strong strategy will also help you to boost your credibility and authority. It will also help to build your client base. 

How does it work? 

Now that you know what SEO for adult sites is, you’re probably wondering how it all works. This is where the technique starts to get a bit more complicated, so you might want to pay extra close attention here. 

The internet is home to trillions of different websites, many of which are owned by businesses looking to generate more sales. Like all brands, Google want people to continue using their services and the best way to do this is through improving their end user experience. In order to keep people coming back for more, they produced their algorithm. This was designed to rank different websites based on their usefulness. 

Algorithms were originally invented to solve problems. In Googles case, this helps them to determine which content a user sees, and the order in which it appears. SEO is a way to better align your site with said algorithm. This is about finding out which characteristics Google see the most value in and finding a way to harness these. 

When you share your website with the world, Google will usually begin a process known as crawling. This is where they send out spiders (tiny little robots) to assess your site against their criteria. The more of their requirements you satisfy, the higher you rank. It’s as simple as that! Or is it? 

How can I optimise my website? 

If we’re being completely honest, the implementation of SEO is going to require a team of specialists. This task takes years to master and isn’t one for those of you without prior 

experience. Having said this, it’s important that you’re able to get a good understanding of what this process entails, before reaching out for any agency help. 

Content creation 

take it from us at Adult PR, there are a few different types of content that you need to be producing if you want your website to rank highly. Namely, blogs and landing pages. These are a great way to share additional information about your products/services or industry. Additionally, you also need to keep refreshing your website copy too. 

Now that you have begun creating content, there are a few things you can be doing to optimise this further. For example, using keywords (this one is really important!) and keeping your sentence lengths low are two quick and easy ways to improve the influence your content has on the Google algorithm. When you work alongside our experts in SEO for adult sites, you can be rest assured that we know all the tricks in the book! 

SEO for adult industry websites

Building back links 

Backlinks are usually the area of SEO that is neglected the most. Having said this, these can often have the biggest impact on your overall ranking. Thus, meaning this is definitely something you need to focus on. 

For those of you that don’t know, back links are usually formed when one website links back to another. These are most commonly generated via digital PR. Journalists will usually include a link to your website within the article in order to give their readers a place to go for more information. Providing these links come from credible sources, these can really help to build your authority. Moreover, Google are far more likely to recommend your site to their users. 

Optimising your website for mobiles 

As you would expect, Google are extremely up to date with current trends, putting an emphasis on making sure that your website is optimised for mobile devices. Did you know that over half of all searches are made using our phones? With this in mind, search engines know websites that aren’t easily viewed on these screens aren’t going to be favoured by the public. 

Providing you want to covert the traffic your website receives, it’s important that you are creating several versions of the same site. For example, you may have one layout for computers, one for phones and another for tablets. When it comes to SEO for adult sites, this is one of the first places that any credible agency will start. 

Meta descriptions and alt tags 

For those of you who don’t know, meta descriptions are the little snippet of information that you see under each option on the SERP. These are typically used to provide searchers with a preview of what said page is about. Every different section of your website should have their own description. What’s more, these need to be developed in a way that is informative and enticing. 

Alt tags, also known as alternative text, is something that website admins can add to images that are shown on their website. Essentially, these are used to describe what can be seen in picture and are helpful for individuals using screen readers. What’s more, should your website not load correctly, visitors are still able to gain a good insight into what the image is trying to show. 

Like with many elements of marketing, there is a lot more to SEO than first meets the eye. Trust us when we say that the techniques mentioned above really are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Want to know more about us? 

If you’re an adult brand looking to improve the yield of your website, get in touch with our specialists today! We’d be more than happy to chat! 

To discuss SEO adult sites further, you can reach a member of our team by clicking here!