SEO For Adult Sites - Our Experts Share Their Knowledge.
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SEO for Adult Sites

porn website SEO

SEO for Adult Sites

Specialising in SEO for adult sites, we are a team working hard to bring amazing results to our clients. We have worked alongside a whole range of businesses in almost every sector of the adult industry. This has left us well-versed in just how important SEO is for your brand. What’s more, we’ve even become a 10x award-winning agency along the way. 

The SEO Process 

In order for Google to offer the best service to us as consumers, they introduced their algorithm. Google’s algorithm constantly changes to ensure it is bringing value to its consumers. However, the basics of their algorithm means they will simply set out benchmarks that your website and online content must reach in order to rank effectively for appropriate search results. These involve both things to be carried out on your website directly as well as off-site too. Alongside this, Google also ranks you on your EAT attributes. This anagram simply stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Therefore, the more EAT indicators you can tick off, the more favourable you will be. 

In order to determine your ranking, Google send out bots called ‘crawlers’ to index your site. They wiz through every ounce of information checking for the qualities stated on the algorithm. Once this has been done, your website will then begin ranking on Google. Judging by how optimised you have made your site; this will determine your position on the SERP. 

You may be wondering why your ranking is so important. Well, there have been many studies surrounding human psychology and our behaviour as consumers. The discoveries from said experiments usually end up indicating to the same concept. The idea that we only interact with websites that rank within the first few positions on the SERP. This is likely due to a mix of both impatience but also being overwhelmed by how much information is out there. Nevertheless, this should showcase to you just how important SEO for adult sites is. Given that you’re in such a saturated market, without SEO, it would be easy for you to be overlooked. 

On-Site Factors 

Content creation is a huge on-site factor when it comes to search engine optimisation. As specialists in SEO for adult sites, we’re passionate about helping companies showcase their talents through their content. Where appropriate, featuring a blog on your website can be massively beneficial. As can landing pages. 

Of course, SEO is a hard process to rap your head around. This means that nothing is ever quite as simple as it sounds. Whilst writing content may seem like a walk in the park, you then need to focus on optimising it. The key things to remember include length of text and your sentences, formatting and keyword density amongst other things.


SEO for adult industry websites

When writing anything to go up on your site, you’re usually going to cover topics that people may search for. A good way of indicating to Google what you’re actually discussing, is the use of keywords. These are usually 3-5 words that help Google determine your relevance in line with a consumer’s question. The optimum length of a blog is usually a minimum of 1,000 words. Within this, a keyword/phrase should ideally be implemented every 200 or so words. It’s important to remember not to go too far over this, especially if you’re writing a landing page which is usually shorter. If you include them too often, Google will penalise you for keyword stuffing. 

Moreover, within the algorithm, Google state that no more than 20% of your sentences should go over 20 words. Given that the average sentence length is spot on, you may think this is easy. However, if you have a tendency to waffle on, it can be hard to keep things concise. This is where bringing onboard a team may benefit you.

Content Creation

Writing content is time consuming and it can sometimes be tempting to hit copy and paste on your previous work. Despite this, it’s important you resist. Even slightly modified content can hurt your SEO value. Unfortunately for you, there is no way to cheat the system. 

Within the back end of your website, there are also lots of things you can optimise in order to rank better. For example, improving your loading speed. Nobody likes waiting for something to load. Therefore, Google is less likely to promote your website if they know their users are likely to be held up. Unless you have specialised knowledge, it can be hard to know where to start with improving these sorts of things. With the help of experts in SEO for adult sites, this can quickly be sorted. 

No matter what aspect of the adult industry you’re in, there’s no escaping how popular mobiles have become. Google is well aware of these changes as they happen and as such, you should be optimising your site for this type of viewing. Unless you do this, you’re not going to be favoured very highly by Google. 

In addition, other things that you can also do include the likes of compressing the file size of your multimedia as well as fixing broken links. All of these make small contributions that amount to a big impact. 

Off-Site Factors 

Social media and PR tend to work in tandem when it comes down to SEO for adult sites. You may not think it but your online presence on socials can have a big effect on the performance of your website. By generating a decent following on these platforms, this helps back up your other EAT attributes. For example, if people like your content, this usually makes you stand out as trustworthy and so on. 

Off the back of PR campaigns, you’re likely to receive back links and mentions. This is where another website links back to yours or mentions your brand. These links help push you up the rankings for similar reasons as social media. You do however need to be wary of links that can harm your SEO value. Back links from unknown sources can have the complete opposite effect. 

Get in Touch 

All of the above being said, SEO is a difficult process to get right. On a regular basis, we speak to clients who have attempted their own SEO and in turn have done more damage. To avoid this, it’s always best to bring specialists onboard. 

If you’re looking to make your company stand out within the industry, look no further. For more information on how SEO for adult sites can benefit you, why not get in touch? To do so, just click here!