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SEO Agency for Adult Toys: Getting prepared for the Christmas rush

sex toy PR and marketing

SEO Agency for Adult Toys: Getting prepared for the Christmas rush

As an expert SEO agency for adult toys, the team here at Adult PR work around the clock to help our clients ‘build a buzz’. With the sex entertainment market being as competitive as it is, marketing is not something you can afford to avoid. In fact, a comprehensive strategy could just be the difference between success and failure.

As demand grows in the coming months, implementing SEO will allow you to take full advantage of the festive period. What’s more, it’ll even help you to excel when it comes to credibility and market authority too! Interested in knowing more about how this technique works? Keep reading!

Why it pays to get ready early

As the end of the year begins to draw in, many businesses are faced with one of their busiest periods yet. Year on year, the popularity surrounding Christmas continues to escalate. With plenty of seasonal sex toy campaigns already hitting our screens, it’s time for you to act quickly with your festive marketing.

Now, you don’t need us to tell you that the adult industry is oversaturated. With plenty of competitors appearing left, right and centre, making some noise and establishing yourselves can be tricky. If you’re struggling to draw people into your website, SEO is the perfect way to give your discoverability a boost! 

Not quite sure where to start? Our SEO agency for adult toys have got you covered!

What is SEO and why is it important?

If this technique is something you’re not overly familiar with, essentially, SEO is all about improving where you rank on Google. This acronym stands for search engine optimisation.

When you search for anything online, Google will return a plethora of options for you to choose from. Each of these options should have some kind of correlation to what you’re looking for. In order for Google to ensure a good end user experience, they rank these results by relevancy. The SEO process is all about persuading the platform that you are the most appropriate result for all topics relating to your niche.

When it comes to determining the ranking of websites, Google use an algorithm. This looks out for what Google believe to be the requirements of a good, comprehensive site. The more boxes you tick during the crawling process, the better you will position. For a more in-depth explanation of how this works, just click here.

SEO is vital for a number of reasons and, when implemented correctly, can be incredibly lucrative. Benefits include…

  • Boosted reputation
  • Enhanced end user experience
  • Brings you closer to the forefront of your industry
  • Better visibility and brand recognition 
  • Higher traffic and increased sales

How can I improve my website?

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As we mentioned earlier, Google are looking to promote only the very best websites they can find. Although their requirements for this aren’t public knowledge, making smaller adjustments to improve your user experience can make a huge difference. Key things to look out for include…

  • Content creation: Generating blogs, landing pages, and website copy is one of the easiest ways to improve your SEO. On-site content is a great way to boost your ranking! This needs to be highly relevant to your industry and should be optimised using keywords. 
  • Mobile phone optimisation: As of 2021, most internet searches are carried out via a mobile device. With this in mind, Google particularly favour those who have a site that is optimised for this kind of viewing. Gone are the days of pinching the screen to Zoom. 
  • Alt text: This step is all about improving the accessibility of your website. Whenever you share images on your site, you’ll be given the option to include alt text. This is where you include a short description of the image to help those who use a screen reader.  
  • Site speed: Nobody likes to sit and wait for a website to load. As part of the crawling process, Google will calculate your sites speed. The better this is, the more brownie points you earn. Not to mention, this will help to reduce your bounce rate too!
  • Backlinks: For those of you who don’t know, a backlink is a type of link that makes a connection between two different websites. These are typically generated through digital press. When a company shares an article that you feature in, they’ll usually include a link back to your site. Providing these come from credible sources, Google sees this as a good sign that you can be trusted.

As an experienced SEO agency for adult toys, we know all the best tips and tricks. Believe us when we say, this is just the very tip of the iceberg! 

Is a professional agency necessary? 

Whilst SEO may be one of the most plentiful marketing forms, it is certainly one of the hardest to implement. The truth is, this skill takes years to master. What’s more, with the algorithm constantly changing, keeping on top of your SEO is an extremely time-consuming task. With this in mind, yes, an SEO agency for adult toys is a must-have! 

Over the past 12 years, our team have been given the chance to hone our skills. Our portfolio coves a vast array of adult brands, allowing us to hit the ground running with your project. If SEO isn’t quite your specialist area, we’ve got you covered!

Contact Adult PR today!

Here at Adult PR, we are dedicated to providing businesses with a platform to share their message. What’s more, ensuring that every brand has access to good marketing is a huge passion of ours. No matter the size of your company, we’re always happy to help!

From the technicalities of SEO, right through to social media, PR, and event management, we leave no stone unturned. We can even help when it comes to graphic design and web development too! 

Interested in knowing more about our SEO agency for adult toys? Get in touch today! You can reach our team by clicking here!