Adult Industry Marketing- How to promote your adult brand.
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Adult Industry Marketing

adult industry marketing agency

Adult Industry Marketing

If you search for the word ‘sex’ on Google you will see there are billions of search results! Everyone is aware of the phrase ‘sex sells’, however it may not be as simple as it once was. The sex industry is highly competitive. This means that if brands want to stand out from the crowd, they will need a great adult industry marketing strategy.

Here at Adult PR, sex industry PR agency, our team have a vast array of adult industry clients that all rely on us to continuously increase their brand exposure through a number of different ways. Our team have listed some of the go-to services that we provide.

Adult public relations.

PR is probably one of the most vital elements in our adult industry marketing strategies. Public relations work incredibly well at achieving brand exposure and providing credible links and mentions to client’s websites. This means that not only does it increase our clients brand awareness but it also assists with improving their SEO.

Adult social media marketing.

Every adult brand from Ann Summers to Porn Hub have social media channels. Social media is a massive influencer when it comes to individual purchasing decisions. Due to this, it is necessary to have an active social media presence. Many adult brands find it difficult to keep their content compliant to guidelines and often find their accounts are removed. Our team of social media experts know what can and can’t be shared when it comes to adult content on social media. Which means whilst they are in control of your account you won’t have any nip slips.

Adult industry SEO.

The adult industry is divided into a number of different niches. This is a great advantage if you are looking for increased brand exposure in the form of adult industry SEO. Our team here at Adult PR know-how to ensure that the content you are producing for SEO purposes is appropriate and noticed by the likes of Google. By fully optimising your content you will rank quicker, making it easier for your audience to find your brands website.

Content marketing for adult brands.

Content marketing is a subcategory of digital marketing that involves posting material on online platforms that do not directly promote a brand. Instead, the content generates interest in the consumer, so that they investigate the products or services of the content creator. The content itself could be anything from vlogs and images to written articles or blogs.

Traditional methods of promoting brands in the adult industry tend to include explicitly promoting a brand using video adds and roller banners on websites and TV. Not only are these methods of promoting a brand expensive. They are also outdated as many consumers hate to be sold to.

Adult industry content marketing can massively benefit your brand; it creates valuable content that you are building a personal connection with your audience. It can also help with your porn websites SEO if you are creating blogs using keywords organically.

The adult industry marketing team here at Adult PR, have created a guide to help you get started with your adult content marketing.

What to write about.

When choosing a topic to write about you first need to consider what your business stands for and who you are trying to attract to your brand with the piece of content. Once you have these in mind you will find it a lot easier to find something to write about.

Measure your results.

To make sure that you know your adult industry content marketing is working you will need to measure your results. For example, if you are creating content to enhance your SEO you could keep track of where your keywords make your website rank each month on Google.


You need to ensure that your content is easy for your audience to digest. If you are writing blogs, for example, you need to lay them out using paragraphs; subheadings and bullet points to make them easier to read.

Some key points to consider for your adult industry marketing campaigns.

If your business is in the sex industry, you might be wondering how you can increase your brand awareness; especially if it’s a specialised niche. At Adult PR, adult industry marketing agency, we help a number of niche businesses with their sex industry marketing strategy. Whatever kink you cater to, here are some tips to help maximise your impact.

Understand your target market.

Just because your product or service only appeals to a small number of people, that doesn’t mean you can be lazy when researching your target market. Running a business that offers a product to a limited number of people can make it difficult to figure out who your marketing and PR campaigns should be targeting. Do your research and make sure you fully understand your target market inside out before beginning your campaigns.

Rethink how you spread the word.

One of the biggest problems businesses face when marketing for the sex industry, is the lack of available channels to do so. For example, adult baby businesses are unlikely to see their press release accepted by national newspapers. But that doesn’t mean your business is doomed to fail. Investing in a sex industry PR agency can help provide exposure for your niche business by promoting it in relevant magazines, events and other media forms.

If your business isn’t using social media; start right now! Adult social media marketing on channels such as Twitter and Instagram can not only help increase brand awareness through followings and engagement but can further increase sales. 

Invest in PPC.

While creating adult social media channels can help promote your business online, you may have to look into other promotional outlets. PPC is perfect for niche marketing campaigns. PPC allows you to create advertisements that feature at the top of the page on Google; ensuring your brand is put in front of the right people.

Let’s look at these techniques in a brief example. 

We may be seen as prudish Britain, but the truth is we are one of the most sexually adventurous countries in the world. In fact, we boast an ever-expanding number of swinging clubs, sex parties and orgies nationwide.

The team here at Adult PR; an adult industry marketing agency, have found many organisers find it difficult to get the word out about their events. So, how do you promote what you’re offering?

Competition is ‘stiff’ in this industry, so you need to stand out. First of all, what is your brand? Are you opening your doors to the public or are you offering a more elite experience?

Once you have determined who you want to invite, you need to use this information to spearhead your campaign. This will increase your exposure so that people can find you.

This can be done in a multitude of ways, such as adult social media marketing, Adult public relations or adult SEO techniques. Simply choose what your audience is more receptive to and start building campaigns.

If you are running an adult SEO campaign there is a lot of competition. But you can benefit from minimal restrictions with regards to what you can and cannot say in blogs.

Social media allows you quicker access to your audience. But there are strong boundaries in place which means that building a prominent brand that doesn’t get deleted can be very tricky.

Twitter and Instagram are good options, but they change their algorithms fairly often. So, you need to keep a close eye on them to ensure you are not doing anything which could damage the reputation of your brand.

Things to avoid include; using hashtags which are frowned upon, recycling the same hashtags over and over, posting explicit content, tagging yourself in a location you are not in and using foul or unpleasant language.

Adult public relations could be an incredible tool to generate nationwide brand exposure. Journalists love to run sex stories in the press and if you are happy to have yourself as the face of the brand you can take full advantage of this. By using a sex industry PR agency such as Adult PR you will benefit from PR professionals contacting mainstream media outlets with article ideas which will see your brand featured organically in publications that receive a huge readership reach. Click here to find out more on top trends within the adult industry.

If you need an expert opinion on how to promote your adult brand, why not get in touch with our experienced team here at Adult PR? We understand the industry well and have teams in our office dealing with graphic design; content; social media; SEO; public relations and events.