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PR for Adult Brands

PR for Adult Brands

Generating positive PR for adult brands is one of the most challenging requests for many marketing agencies out there. There are few harder industries to generate positive perceptions of than the adult industry. That’s why many marketing agencies tend to avoid it, as the challenge may appear too strenuous. 

Those agencies that do approach the adult industry tend to develop a similar opinion to those who don’t. The industry’s taboo nature acts as a deterrent for many, so finding a reliable agency can pose a challenge. At Adult PR, we are just that. With over 12 years of experience in providing award winning marketing services for adult brands, our quality of work is incredible. This is backed up by our PR guarantee, as we are the only marketing agency to offer this. This means that no matter the circumstances, you are guaranteed outstanding results. 

Why us?

Obviously, the past 24 months have posed issues for many businesses worldwide, with adults brands being no exception. Restrictions such as social distancing and working from home have clearly affected your businesses’ day-to-day operations, some more than others! With the pandemic restricting the revenue making activities of your business, we understand the toll taken to stay afloat. When working with us, you get guaranteed high quality results, without the expected price tag. 

Many question the necessity of adult brands’ PR campaigns, and how they break the stigma associated with the adult industry. The target audiences of adult brands are normal, everyday people. The need for positively portraying products and services is just as important in the adult industry, as other industries. No matter who you market to, the respective consumers will still form positive or negative views towards your brand. Like other industries, this has a sizeable effect on your engagement, reputation, revenue, and long-term survivability. 

What is PR 

PR takes many different forms and faces. However, the underlying premise remains the same. It surrounds the communication of your brand to your target audience. This can be an extremely difficult process, with many platforms limiting or restricting the exposure of adult brands. As a multi-award-winning provider of PR for adult brands, this has yet to become an issue for us. Over the course of our 12-year history, we have provided effective PR opportunities for countless adult brands. Some of the main PR opportunities have included: 

Not every technique can and should be implemented for every brand, with some being more effective than others. Due to the differentiated characteristics of every business, its only nature that this is the case. Therefore, when working with Adult PR, we can tailor the most effective portfolio of techniques to best benefit your brand. 

Influencer Marketing 

PR agency for porn stars

Influencer marketing can be a very useful strategy to employ for adult product sellers to utilise in enhancing their awareness. This surrounds the utilisation of influential community figures to promote awareness and interest in your brand. Whilst this strategy tends to be used in beauty of clothing markets, the adult industry is absolutely a suitable candidate. However, this does have to be implemented extremely carefully. Partnering with an influencer who has a relatively young audience could cause serious legal trouble, not to mention the associated reputation damage. 

As a leading contributor of PR for adult brands, we have a vast portfolio of relevant influencers on hand. Whatever vision or direction you wish to take, we can partner your brand with the respective influencer to facilitate it. This could be achieved by utilising various influencer strategies, including gifting, ambassadorships, and paid collaborations to incentivise enhanced brand awareness. Influencers have high engagement and loyalty amongst their followers, relatively unmatched to any other marketing technique. This can provide unique opportunities to promote your brand amongst the target audience, and potentially entering new, unscathed customer segments. However, it is important to reiterate the potential damage that this causes if not done correctly. If your company isn’t thoroughly prepared and capable of employing this technique, it is best left to the professionals. 

Media Relations 

Some of the more old-fashioned, but yet still extremely relevant PR facilitators are media relations and press releases. This involves the portrayal of your brand using various mediums, including newspapers, magazine articles or trade press. By utilising press releases to communicate your brand, you can communicate desired information to your target audience without external influence. This could include a background to the business, messages from the owners, or any ethical activities being engaged with. Whilst only being a few examples of media relations’ potential possibilities, the premise remains the same. The difference between positive and negative portrayals of your brand could be the difference between solely surviving and prospering. 

Speaking of negative portrayals, this can be a massive detrimental factor for your brand image. With all the negative stigma surrounding the adult industry, this is something that must be avoided. Crisis’ can arise at any moment and from any source. Be it rogue journalism, negative social media opinions or something else. At Adult PR, our crisis management team is well-adept in dealing with any uprising situations. As well as preventing them from happening in the first place, our team are quick to respond to any incidents. Negative PR can spiral out of control, especially within an industry as condemned as the adult industry. 

Contact Us 

PR isn’t the only service we offer. At Adult PR, we are not solely a provider of award-winning PR for adult brands, but also a fully integrated marketing agency. This means that we can assist with other aspects of your marketing strategies, including social media, SEO or content marketing. For more information about the services we offer, click here.