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PR for the adult and sex industry


PR for adult brands is one of the most challenging tasks that any marketing agency could possibly take on. Unfortunately, with a huge taboo still surrounding pleasure, there are few harder industries to generate positive perceptions within than the XXX industry. Additionally, with so many illicit companies flooding the market, many professionals prefer to steer well clear. With this in mind, finding a reliable agency can pose a real challenge.

At Adult PR, we have been providing NSFW brands with marketing and public relations for a number of years. Twelve in fact! As a multi-award-winning company, the quality of our leads is unquestioned. This paired with our PR promise means that no matter the circumstances, you are guaranteed the outstanding results that you pay for.

Why is now a good time to be investing in PR?

The past 24 months have posed many issues for businesses worldwide, with adult brands being no exception. Restrictions such as social distancing and working from home are likely to have affected your businesses day-to-day operations in some capacity or another, with some more widely hindered than others. With the pandemic restricting the revenue making activities of your business, we understand the toll taken to stay afloat. That’s why when you work with us, you can get guaranteed high quality results, without the London price tag. 

Many question the necessity of adult PR campaigns within mainstream press. It must be recognised, however, that the target audiences of most of these brands are just normal, everyday people. This is something that many of us tend to forget. The need for positive portrayal of your products and services is just as important as any other brand, regardless of industry. Failure to form optimistic views around your business could have a sizeable effect on your reputation, revenue, and long-term survivability.

What is PR?

PR takes many different forms and faces; however, the underlying premise remains much the same. It surrounds the communication of your brand to your target audience. This can be an extremely difficult process, with many platforms limiting or restricting the exposure of NSFW businesses. As a multi-award-winning provider of PR for adult brands, this has yet to become an issue for us. Over the course of our 12-year tenure, we have provided lucrative opportunities for countless brands. We can help you with…

  • Influencer marketing
  • Media relations
  • Press releases
  • Crisis management
  • Physical and digital appearances

adult industry public relations

It goes without saying that not every technique mentioned above may be necessary for your brand. Due to the differentiated nature of many businesses, your strategy is likely to look very different from that of the next organisation. When working with Adult PR, we will tailor build a proposed plan of action to bring you the most effective results possible.  

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be a very useful technique for many brands, the adult industry included. This method surrounds the utilisation of influential community figures to promote awareness and interest in your brand. Whilst this kind of strategy may mainly be used by the beauty and clothing markets, many of you within the adult industry are likely to be suitable candidates too. Just remember to choose your creators carefully. The last thing you want is to be caught up in a scandal! 

As a leading agency specialising in PR for adult brands, we have a vast portfolio of relevant influencers on-hand. Whatever vision you have for this campaign, we can partner your organisation with the respective influencer(s) to facilitate it. What’s more, we’ll also help you to manage the process from start to finish! From brand ambassadorship and paid collaborations, right through to affiliate marketing and gifting, we have seen, done, and conquered it all!

Influencers have high engagement rates and a great deal of loyalty amongst their followers, two things that are unmatched by any other marketing technique. This can provide unique opportunities to promote your brand amongst their target audiences, and gives you the change to enter new, unchartered territory. It’s important, however, that we reiterate the potential damage that can be caused if influencer marketing isn’t implemented correctly. If this is something you have little prior experience in, it really does pay to leave this task to the professionals. 

Media Relations

Traditional media relations and press releases are often overlooked by brands in today’s society. Having said this, you’d be surprised at how many people still like to pick up the printed version of their favourite publications. When these techniques work in conjunction with digital press, these elements of your strategy can be just as lucrative as the next.

The difference between positive and negative portrayals of your brand could be the difference between failure and prosperity for your business. As PR professionals, we will work with you to define the right course of action for your campaigns. This process will involve highlighting your goals and aspirations, in addition to pinpointing key publications to target. From here, we can then get to work implementing your strategy and generating top tier results!

Crisis management 

As we trust is relatively obvious, negative portrayals of your brand can be massively detrimental. When you operate an adult brand, however, you have even more of a spotlight on your business. 

Whilst crisis can’t always be avoided completely, there are definitely steps your business can take to minimise the chances of negatve press. When you work alongside our experts in PR for adult brands, we can help you find weaknesses in your upcoming campaigns. What’s more, we can act as a contingency plan should you find yourselves in hot water!

Crisis can arise at any moment and from any source, be it rogue journalism or a negative comment on Instagram. At Adult PR, our crisis management team is well-adept in dealing with any uprising situations, in addition to preventing them from happening in the first instance.

Contact Us

Here at Adult PR, our specialities aren’t just limited to the realms of public relations. Additionally, we can also be here to support your brand with marketing too. From social media management and event planning, right the way through to SEO and PPC, our team have many functions!

For more information about PR for adult brands or the services we offer, click here.