Our Sex Toy PR Agency Discuss marketing subscription boxes.
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Our Sex Toy PR Agency Discuss Marketing subscription boxes

PR and marketing agency for the sex toy industry

Our Sex Toy PR Agency Discuss Marketing subscription boxes

The subscription box format has gathered momentum over the past couple of years. From meal subscriptions to monthly beer boxes; from men’s razors to makeup, there seems to be a subscription box for everything nowadays. Why should the adult industry be any different? Sex toys and their accompanying apparel are a perfect size (cheeky) to fit in a discrete monthly subscription box and will offer something for both new and regular customers alike. The team here at AdultPR, a sex toy PR agency based in Essex, put their thoughts down on why the monthly subscription format is just waiting to be capitalised on by the sex toy industry.

The Benefits Of Subscription Boxes

Why exactly has the subscription box format seen such a meteoric rise in popularity? Firstly, it provides you with a monthly treat; it offers a little present to look forward to each month. By the time you’ve got through one month’s supplies, the next month has rolled around and you’re back to being treated again! That in itself is an enticing little package. In terms of your business’ resources, they’re not a particular drain. You can pack the box with one main value item, whilst the rest can be pretty-looking filler or useful yet inexpensive extras such as those we’ll mention in a moment. Another benefit is that it gives a sex toy PR agency a great angle to work with. It gives them something that not many other sex toy companies will be offering.

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A Sex Toy A Month? Is That Enough?

Unless you’re pretty insatiable, one new toy a month is probably going to be more than enough! If it’s not? Then we salute you, you creatures of appetite! What you decide to put into your subscription boxes is entirely up to you and your brand. One thing is worth considering, though, is to keep It mixed up – and also to consider the nature of your service. So, as a sex toy company, you may want to offer monthly restocking of lubricant and cleaning products. This is both useful and saves customers the hassle of having to go and replenish stocks themselves, or remember to repurchase them!

You’ve Got To Love A Theme!

What with subscription boxes being delivered at a set, regular intervals – i.e. monthly – they’re incredibly easy to tie themes into. For example, around Christmas time you could dress your boxes accordingly and maybe throw in some items for a festive-themed play that you wouldn’t ordinarily include. They don’t even have to be holiday-themed, you can so easily offer up something relating to any national days or bank holidays, St. Patrick’s Day is an agency favourite of ours, and at very little hassle or cost for your company!

Reliable Income

Monthly subscription boxes are a great way of tying in an extra bit of regular income for your business. If your business ever finds itself in uncharted waters, uncertain times or even just in a bit of a slump, in terms of cash flow, then these boxes provide a welcome bit of relief. Like with any subscription service, once people have subscribed, it’s much easier to just keep it going than taking the time to cancel direct debits. As much as anything else, it’s a reflection of our laziness as a species, but for your company that laziness will translate into a solid little earner. Moreover, you can be smart with your monthly boxes and use them, either to promote already high-performing toys or on the flip side, to try and boost toys that perhaps have been languishing at the bottom of the sales lists.

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An Easy Add-On, An Easy Sell

Marketing wise, subscription boxes are easy to tack on as basket offers when people are shopping for other products. They also lend themselves nicely to introductory offers – get your first monthly box free! sort of thing, and people, especially here in the UK, love a bargain. Any kind of offer scratches our primal itch to feel like we’re getting something that others are not. We’re flawed like that as humans! For what is a couple of clicks, and a small financial extra each month, you’re getting (to the customer’s eye at least) a huge amount in return. Subscription boxes give a lot of bang for their buck, so to speak.

Customer Loyalty

Monthly subscriptions build customer and brand loyalty. Those who take up your subscriptions will feel like they’re ‘better’ customers, or ‘more loyal’ customers than those who simply rock up, buy a dildo, and then waltz on their merry way again without giving your company a second thought. More loyal customers are also more likely to spread the word about your brand to their friends and family (scratch the family part).


If you’re struggling for branding ideas for your adult subscription box, then a sex toy PR agency will be able to help! They can sit down with you and brainstorm what’s attractive to both the consumer and media publications you’ll want to access for better brand exposure. There’s a fine line between choosing something sensual enough to get people excited, and keeping it above board for media purposes. A PR team will also help secure that media coverage on your sex toy business’ behalf, by pitching to media outlets (both industry-specific and more mainstream).

We’re a consumer-driven lot, with eyes bigger than our… stomachs, definitely stomachs… We love a bargain, and we love stuff and a subscription box seems to satisfy both of these conditions. The usage and ownership of sex toys are set to see a big rise between 2019 and 2026. In fact, some market experts suggest that it may increase by up to 9%! It’s not a market, therefore, that you want to be missing out on. So, if you’d like to find out more about our sex toy PR agency, then get in touch! Contact Adult PR today by emailing us on [email protected]. We’d love to realise your brand’s vision!