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Mukbang for Camgirls

Mukbang for Camgirls

Eating on camera has been a craze for a few years now, and now is the rise of mukbang for camgirls. Eating and getting paid for it? Count us in! If you want to get technical, we can call it gastronomic voyeurism. Mmm, sexy. We’ll stick to Mukbang I think. Not sure if it’s already a documented kink, but it could be. Mukbang originated in Korea around 10 years ago, and has only built in popularity since then. From pirate eating shows, to global livestreams, there’s no way we can’t capitalise on this!

Spread the Word

Capitalise on the ‘relationship marketing’ aspect of it, and really sell it to your audience. That way, you can make them feel like they’re there with you! Who wouldn’t want to spend their evening dining with a beautiful human like yourself. Message some of your regulars and let them know that you’re going live with a Mukbang. Be sure to emphasise to them that it’ll be a nice experience, and perhaps link it to girlfriend experiences (GFE), if you do it. Make sure you make it clear that not all of your content is going to be Mukbang from now on, so you don’t lose any clients!

Some sites already have a ‘Mukbang’ section ready for you to select. If you’re not sure, you can always add it as a category, try it out and then remove yourself at a later date. When you’re working on coming up with some content, mukbang for camgirls really offers some interesting options.  

Use Social Media 

Run a poll on your Twitter asking what your fans would like to see you eat. Something as simple as ‘What’s the sexiest dinner?’ will do. Options can include steak, spaghetti, cherries on their stems, anything you can think of! Take a couple of raunchy pics in your kitchen. Ideas could be you ‘serving up dinner’ or ‘getting a snack’. Use this as the perfect opportunity to interact and let people know that they have some new content in store. Even using stock photos can add a level of intrigue to your posts. You’ll likely attract a broader audience too, since mukbang for camgirls has such a wide scope. Be prepared to entertain some new clients, perhaps with different kinks.

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Capitalise on Events

Yes, it’s quite hard in the SW world to be able to get a look in on global hashtags such as #mondaymotivation and #humpday thanks to the fear of shadowbanning. But you don’t have to explicitly say that’s what you’re doing. If you look up a list of ‘days of the year’, you’ll find a load of them are relating to food. There are 365 days out there to choose from, so set aside some time to plan your content.

Here are some of our favourites:

Consider having a Mukbang Niche

  • 11th July – Blueberry Muffin Day – simple, eat a muffin. Treat yourself.
  • 24th January – Peanut Butter Day – provided you’re not allergic, you could add an option to your menu to lick it off your fingers.
  • 14th September – Cream-filled Donut Day – we’ll leave this one up to your imagination.

If you have a favourite food, use it. Simple as. I know, it really does sound too good to be true. Have a sweet tooth? You could market yourself as the doughnut queen. Just really like popcorn? Then here’s an idea: eat your popcorn whilst being the Dom. Maybe it’s something that’ll come from your existing username. If you made your user something like CherryBomb or MissChocolate, then that’s a good starting point for your niche, and some content too! Make mukbang for camgirls work for you! If you’re new to it, this is the perfect time to come up with something really creative and interesting that’ll grow your fanbase quickly. Being known as the PopcornDom will mean people know what they’re going to get when they join your stream.

Switch it up

Here are some other ideas that could work for you:

  • Perhaps you’ve just gone to the gym, live stream you getting your energy back whilst making your protein shakes and having a big post-workout lunch. Set the scene a bit, you can make yourself up, but gym wear, water and sweaty hair is a must.
  • ‘Date Me Day’ where you can literally just make yourself dinner, and turn on your camera. Dress up nice, this is a date after all. Make it a weekly thing where your fans know that on Thursday, for example, they’ll have dinner with you.
  • Make a Mukbang-exclusive menu, where your fans can choose what you eat, and can tip various amounts for different foods. If you hate olives, make it £50 for you to eat one. Chances are, someone somewhere will be the one to tip.
  • Be clever with your content! If you manage to get some good pics whilst camming, or before and after – then you can use them to promote your next live streams! Pre-planning your streams as with ‘days of the year’ will also help with this. 

A word of warning, however. It may be tempting to bring alcohol into the mix, and even though you may get some real encouragement from your fans, we recommend not camming under the influence. It’s not good for your professional experience, and nor is it enjoyable for your clients. Since camming is so much about personal relationships, there’s no way that mukbang for camgirls shouldn’t be considered as a content idea. If you’re looking for somewhere new to cam, or if you’re new to the industry altogether, then send us an email at [email protected], or click here to contact us directly.