Marketing Sex Toys: How to boost your brands return on investment
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Marketing Sex Toys: How to boost your brands return on investment

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Marketing Sex Toys: How to boost your brands return on investment

Based in the South East, the team here at Adult PR are experts in all things marketing for sex toys. Helping brands within the erotic industry since 2009, our agency has served organisations from around the world, assisting in their success and growth. 

Our team are multi-skilled, with departments to cover every marketing area. We can help you with: 

Building a strategy 

Social media marketing 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) 

Pay per click (PPC) 

Event management 

Public relations (PR) 

Crisis management 

Graphic design 

Web development 

Is marketing the same as advertising? 

sex toy PR and digital marketing aenncy

This is a question that’s regularly asked by our clients and actually, is a common misconception among most. Whilst marketing and advertising may both be ways to promote your brand, their approach to this couldn’t be more different. 

Marketing for sex toys is an organic, subtle approach to boosting your brand. This technique focusses on a few key areas as opposed to just improving profit. For instance, a good strategy should also help you to solidify your reputation, build a better relationship, and encourage customer retention. 

Comparatively, advertisement is all about promoting your products using paid platforms and methods. For instance, this would include adverts on the TV, billboards, and leaflets. Whilst this can be highly effective, this method is also incredibly costly. 

3 reasons you need marketing for sex toys right now 

Not quite sure whether you want to invest in marketing right now? Here’s why you should! 

Getting ready for the festive period 

With Black Friday and the festive period just around the corner, its vital that your brand has a strategy in place for the busy months ahead. During this time, the sale of sex toys is predicted to skyrocket. With this, similar brands will no doubt be putting more into their marketing campaigns, drowning out the noise of others in their industry. Investing in this area sooner rather than later will help you to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Building your reputation 

When it comes to adult brands, credibility is everything. When buying a new sex toy for your partner, you want to know that the product you receive is going to be safe and of a high-quality. With this in mind, reputation is likely to play a huge part in your buying decision. 

The sex toy industry is currently dominated by a couple of giants, so much so that these sites are the first place people will look when shopping. Through the power of marketing, however, we can help your brand to appear in front of the right people. As a result, you will quickly see a sharp increase in site visits and sales. 

Staying competitive in the current market 

In the US alone, the sex toy industry was estimated to be worth $12.6 billion (£11.94 billion) in 2021. With this, more and more brands are moving into this space, looking to take advantage. For you, this means that the already oversaturated market is only going to become even busier with time. 

Marketing for sex toys will create a story for your brand, helping it to stand out from among the crowd. If you want to build a more stable future for your business, investing in your strategy is a great way to ensure this. 

How we work 

Here at Adult PR, we believe that communication is the key to any good partnership. With this in mind, we’re more than happy to tailor the way we work to suit you and your business needs. Whether you’re looking to use us as a consultancy or are in need of more hands-on help, we’re ready to get started! 

After a quick consultation, our team will get to work on an entirely bespoke and complimentary proposal. Within this, we will take into consideration your budget, brand values, and key goals for the project. 

Once a tier has been agreed, work with implementing your strategy can begin. Throughout this process, we will collaborate with you to build campaigns that align with your brand. To ensure you’re always kept in the loop, we’ll also create monthly reports. These will detail our results and how we plan to keep the numbers growing! 

Getting in touch with our experts 

If you’re looking into your options when it comes to marketing for sex toys, why not get in touch? Our team love getting involved in new projects and can’t wait to help you grow as a brand! To reach a member of our team, just click here