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Marketing for Adult E-commerce: How to Build a Successful Brand

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Marketing for Adult E-commerce: How to Build a Successful Brand

When it comes to building a successful business in the sex industry, marketing for adult e-commerce is key. After all, a comprehensive strategy will help you bring your brand to market without fault. Nevertheless, prior to investing in a marketing campaign, you need to lay the right foundations.

Building Your Image

Prior to marketing for adult e-commerce, you first need to create a face for your brand. This will set the right foundations needed to build a successful business. Your branding is what makes you stand out and become recognisable and memorable. 

Your branding consists of a few main elements. These include:

  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Key colours 
  • Fonts
  • Tone of voice 

When developed, your branding should be applied to all your future marketing for adult e-commerce materials. This includes your business cards, social media graphics, official documentation, and your website, among other things. 

When you work with Adult PR on your branding, we will collaborate with you to build a strong image for your company. This will put you in good stead going forward. What’s more, we will also produce comprehensive branding guidelines so you can ensure you are always staying consistent.

Designing Your Website

Next up, your focus should be on developing your website. There are lots of different CMS’s to choose from so, if you are building your site yourself, you should put time into researching which suits your business the best. For e-commerce brands, this will likely be Shopify.

Next you need to consider how you want your consumers to view your business. Are your products/services premium or budget friendly? Do you want to create a sophisticated or fun atmosphere around your brand? All these elements will play a part in determining the route you go down with your website design. 

Creating a Marketing Strategy

Next, it’s time to consider your marketing strategy. That’s where our experts come in!

With the adult landscape as competitive as it is, brands simply cannot survive without some form of marketing. As such, developing a comprehensive strategy is going to be key. 

When you work with Adult PR to produce a strategy, we will work with you to gain an understanding of your business, goals, and target demographic. From here, we can apply our industry knowledge and formulate a comprehensive plan. Some of our specialist areas include:

Search Engine Optimisation

As an e-commerce business, search engine marketing is probably one of the most crucial marketing elements for you to be implementing. Ever wondered how your competitors are ranking higher than you on the SERP? Search engine optimisation!

Search engine optimisation, often shortened to SEO, is a way for businesses to improve their website in line with Googles algorithm. When done correctly, this gives them the opportunity to boost their visibility. 

Google’s algorithm is centred around improving their end-user experience and answering their questions as quickly as possible. As such, they reward websites that put the user at the forefront and are sharing regular content that answer industry questions. By implementing search engine optimisation, not only are you boosting your ranking but you’re also improving your user experience (UX) too!

There is lots of work to be done if you have never implemented SEO before. This includes optimising the current content on your site and also producing new blogs and landing pages regularly. With this being such a demanding and technical process, we always advise that brands bring onboard experts in marketing for adult e-commerce.

Public Relations (PR)

Here at Adult PR, we have a vast network of connections within the journalism and media field. What’s more, these contacts span the globe meaning we can help our clients go global.

PR typically involves us looking for media placements on behalf of our clients. This could be within mainstream or niche publications, as well as TV appearances, radio, or podcasts opportunities. This is an incredibly successful technique as it helps to build credibility for the brands we work with, as well as spreading awareness. These two things are both crucial when operating within an oversaturated market like the adult industry.

Once opportunities have been secured, we will manage these from start to finish. If the placement is within a publication, we will typically write these articles on behalf of our clients unless they would like to handle this in-house. The piece is then sent to the client for approval and then distributed by us to the interested journalists. It’s as simple as that!

Social Media Management

Although not suitable for every adult business, some brands within this space heavily rely on social media to create a sense of community and keep people coming back for more. Moreover, a strong online presence opens doors for long-term business growth by creating a greater sense of brand awareness. This technique is invaluable!

Our team offer a variety of packages to suit every budget. If you’re a small business looking for a bit of direction, we can offer a consultancy service to give you the boost you need. Alternatively, if you’re looking for full management, we can also facilitate this too! 

Our social media clients benefit from our in-house design team who can create captivating visuals to share on your feed. Given the restrictions on adult content on platforms such as Instagram, relying on graphics is a good way to avoid the chance of getting your account banned. When mixed with product images or UGC, we have the perfect recipe for success!

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Looking for an external team to help with marketing for adult e-commerce? Our experts would love to hear more about your business! For more information and a complimentary proposal, click here to get in touch!