Insights from our international cam girl PR agency.
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Insights From Our Cam Girl PR Agency

PR agency for cam girls

Insights From Our Cam Girl PR Agency

Due to the current circumstances at the time of writing, there’s a lot more people with time on their hands and at home, than there is usually. This has been beneficial for the cam girl industry. Which already has a head start over the rest of the adult industry with regards to their digital and audience expertise. Simply having a cam girl site doesn’t instantly equate to success, however. That’s where a cam girl PR agency comes in. The team here at AdultPR, a leading adult agency, wanted to talk about the most pertinent things they’ve learnt about the cam girl industry over the past few years.

Access Top Publications.

marketing agency for camgirls

Before anything else, a cam girl PR agency main remit is to secure you coverage and exposure in leading publications. A team of PR executives work on behalf of your brand, constantly communicating between the cam girls and journalists to land articles. This kind of coverage provides your brand with much needed gravitas to help establish yourself as an industry-leader.

There are other publications, of course, asides from solely B2B industry-driven magazines. We’re talking about the mainstream media. Bear with us here for a moment, because although the mainstream media and the adult industry haven’t always exactly seen eye-to-eye, adult issues are increasingly being brooked by mainstream publications. This is mainly down to the societal shifts in attitudes towards adult issues. The ‘taboo’ that has stigmatised adult themes, traditionally, is gradually disappearing. That doesn’t mean it’s suddenly become easy to access the mainstream, however. That’s why you need to be using experienced and talented PR specialists who can nail that middle ground. The balance between too much adult to be published, and too little to be engaging for the reader.

Don’t Get Hijacked.

With many escorts side-lined for the foreseeable future, there has been a noticeable climb in the number of cam girl services available. The increase in demand has been outweighed by the increase in supply. It’s vital, therefore, that your brand makes a point of displaying its already-established experience within the industry. The adult world of escorting and that of cam girls is very different and each requires separate skillsets. Look to incorporate this ‘experienced’ tone into your marketing. Make a point of showing that you’re not simply a pretender to the throne. You could, for example, add slogans and headers to your website such as “Performing for over a decade”. This acts as a sort of watermark of quality and trust for your site to keep the amateurs at bay.

Keep Abreast Of Industry Trends.

In such a competitive sector, one that moves at a frenetic pace at all times, it’s important that your site and your cam girls are aware of the latest industry trends. There’s a big difference between being amongst the first to adopt something, aka being a trendsetter, and waiting just too long before jumping on board with a trend. If you leave it too long, you’ll clamber onto the trend after the primary gains have already been secured (by those trendsetters) and by then another new trend will have come along and passed you by.

If you don’t know where to find these trends, then don’t worry. It’s a PR team’s job to keep on top of what’s hot and what’s not in the adult sector. At our cam girl PR agency, our team are constantly researching new industry ideas, the second that they have a spare moment. It’s also about knowing how to disseminate between those trends that are going to take off, and those that are duds. This is important because as positive a step it is getting involved with a big, new trend, it’s equally damaging if you attach yourself to something that ends up being a flop within a few days.

Someone Who’s Got Your Back.

The adult industry constantly finds itself under fire from various different sectors. This is most likely never going to change; no matter how progressive a society we live in, there will always be those living in the past. As strong as an adult performer is, no one is invincible to cold comments, no matter how much you try to brush them off. That’s why, sometimes, it’s just nice to have somebody that has your back, someone who will support you unconditionally.

That’s what a PR team can offer, and it’s something that people don’t normally associate with the discipline. But look at what PR stands for, public relations. You might as well substitute that public for personal relations. PR teams will work for you, with you and alongside you, through thick and thin. If you contact a cam girl PR agency, and the personal quality is lacking, then steer clear of it.


Another thing offered by PR teams is their brains. It’s a fine art being a PR executive. You need to be able to balance the precise, analytical and organised side of things with that inherent creative flair. You can’t just ramble on with big words, nor can you write completely dry content. Their whole job is geared around finding a balance. We’ve found that most branding and content creation angles always end up coming down to striking a balance. It may be the balance between cheeky and crude, or what may or may not be teased.

Ultimately, our job is to get you exposure of a different sort, to separate you from the rest of the field. There are many ways in which you can boost your chances of success within this ever-changing industry, many of which an agency such as ours can help you with. So, if you’d like to find out more about our cam girl PR agency, then get in touch! Contact AdultPR today by emailing us through our contact form. Alternatively, head on over to our Instagram page to get more of a flavour as to what we’re about.