Industry Insights Into Adult Convention Marketing..
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Industry Insights Into Adult Convention Marketing.

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Industry Insights Into Adult Convention Marketing.

Any kind of adult convention requires a certain level of adult convention marketing. This is the case whether you are organising your own convention, or whether your brand is attending a larger expo. I don’t need to spell out why any and all kinds of conventions have been a no-go this year. But, as some sense of normality gradually resumes, we can expect sex conventions to come back into the mainstream. Or as mainstream as a kinky convention can be. 

The initial success of an event will be down to a well-executed marketing strategy. Assuming you are organising the event, rather than just exhibiting at one, you will need to attract two separate audiences. Once the date and location have been set, you need to attract your exhibitors. If you have no exhibitors to advertise, why on earth would the second audience – visitors – attend? They are two separate entities and will need to be attracted and engaged with in different ways. With this in mind, it will be essential to your marketing strategy to consider the demographics of each audience. 

Despite how obvious this advice may sound, it can be overlooked shockingly often. The pressure of working towards a fixed date can result in the most essential elements of organisation being dismissed. When it comes to building and sticking to a great adult convention marketing strategy, you will find that an adult industry marketing team is the best solution. The team at Adult PR has put together this blog to detail exactly how a marketing team can help your convention succeed. 

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Adult Convention Marketing: A Sensible Investment 

There is no realistic way to attract an appropriately sized audience without a budget in place for marketing and advertising. It simply can’t be done. In order to create a successful marketing strategy, you will need to consider the consumer’s requirements. This will inevitably result in an event that is entirely focused on the wants and desires of your target consumer. 

Alternatively, a sales strategy would involve you influencing a consumer to attend the event, regardless of whether it meets their requirements. It’s perfectly clear which option leads to a more successful event overall. Although, it’s certainly worth noting that a few sales tactics can come in handy when looking to attract exhibitors. 

You may be able to handle all of this yourself, or you may prefer to let an adult industry marketing agency help you out. Whatever you choose, the team at Adult PR are prepared to let you in on a few great ways you can start your adult convention marketing with a bang: 

Adult Website And SEO 

A website will function as the central hub of information regarding your convention. It is the perfect place for interested consumers to be enticed further and will also help to generate inbound leads. Think of it logically, Google is the answer to most people’s problems. Even in cases where it shouldn’t be. Having a website a consumer can turn to is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, however, simply having a website isn’t enough.

You will need to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in order to stand a chance at appearing high enough in the search rankings to be seen by your target audience. This will ultimately lead to you receiving more enquiries, whilst reinforcing your convention’s credibility. If you were looking to attend a convention, would you really trust the one on the third page of Google? Probably not, but without a good SEO value, you would be lucky to feature on the third page. 

In order to carry out effective SEO, you need a considerable understanding of Google’s ever-changing algorithms. If you’re just blindly packing your website with key phrases, for example, your ranking won’t just stagnate, it will drop. If you’re struggling to implement SEO, get in touch with an adult convention marketing team that can help

Adult Social Media Marketing 

Promoting any kind of adult brand on social media can be a tough job. With virtually all social media platforms outlawing anything too risqué, many adult brands don’t even bother with it. This is not a sensible approach. There may be difficulties in effectively utilising these platforms, but it is by no means impossible. 

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Just because adult content isn’t allowed on the platform, that doesn’t mean your target audience isn’t using it. Just look at Instagram’s 1,000,000,000+ active users. A strong social media presence pairs credibility with exposure, and should be considered essential to your adult convention marketing strategy. Instagram and Twitter are a great place to start. Although we recommend that you investigate what other social media channels are being used by your target consumers.

You will be hard-pressed to create any paid ads on social media considering the adult nature of the event. Instagram especially. With no ads to rely on, your entire following and engagement will need to be organic. This will undoubtedly take time. Not to mention a considerable understanding of the workings and restrictions of each platform. These platforms will make daily changes, meaning everything down to the hashtags will need to be thoroughly researched. 

To ensure your content is valuable, it is essential that you post at least once per day. It’s also important to engage with your audience, as well as other users as this will really help in building your following. But, again, research is very important. It’s pointless to engage with just anyone and everyone. This will result in a following full to the brim of people who have no interest in your event. It seems obvious, but make sure to research who you engage with. 

Adult Convention PR 

A press release is a good place to start with your PR, but don’t limit yourself to this alone. A huge amount of brand exposure can be found in well-executed PR. With this in mind, it should definitely be a part of your adult convention marketing strategy. It can be difficult to know where to start if you don’t already have connections in the media. This is where an agency, like Adult PR, can help. We have invaluable connections across mainstream and industry-specific media outlets alike. 

Our team of PR professionals will develop newsworthy angles to ensure your event appears organically in the press. This will ultimately result in some exceptional brand exposure. Not only this, but it will also offer your audience some engaging content whilst painting your brand as an industry leader. 

If you are overwhelmed by your adult convention marketing strategy or want to get a headstart for when events become commonplace yet again, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Adult PR!