How will escort agency PR help you thrive?
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How will escort agency PR help you thrive?

Escort and sex worker PR agency

How will escort agency PR help you thrive?

Escort agency PR is sorely needed, due to the veil of judgment and misinformation that continues to shroud the industry. Typically constructed by cheap tabloid publications, the substandard reputation of escorts is often one of scandal and disrepute. Opinions spewed like facts, only to be regurgitated time and time again by judgmental readers. Thankfully, in more recent years, however, much of the world has seen a new wave of empowerment, sexual wellness and self-love. Whilst this important change in perception hasn’t penetrated everybody’s worldview, it’s certainly a step in the right direction for sex work. 

It is for this reason that escort agencies should, and do, enlist the help of a marketing agency, like Adult PR. Our dedicated team of public relations professionals are experts at putting a well-deserved positive spin on the industry. Time and time again we provide sex workers, of all kinds, with an opportunity to offer a more truthful account of the industry; gradually picking apart the stigma and giving a voice to those in the line of fire. 

If this isn’t enough to convince you that escort agency PR is an absolute necessity, the Adult PR team have compiled a list, detailing the extensive benefits of utilising an agency like ours. 

Escort agency PR eliminates the stigma around sex work! 

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Not to beat a dead horse, but sex workers really have been given a truly dreadful rap for countless years. Historically, this can be blamed on misguided perceptions of ‘purity’, but those times are over. Nowadays there’s really no excuse for this backwards prejudice, other than cheap and exploitative journalism. It only stands to reason, then, that in order to introduce a more positive social view of sex workers, press surrounding the topic must be more positive itself. This is where escort agency PR comes in! 

The ill-informed stigma and gossip surrounding sex work in the past has led to the widespread belief that it is a shameful profession. Those working in the industry safely and voluntarily, however, will often paint their career as empowering and enjoyable. So, why then are these stories not being told?


An adult marketing agency will have extensive connections to renowned publications, ultimately providing escorts with the opportunity to share their opinions and perspectives with journalists that have no agenda. It may be hard to believe for those working in such a stigmatised industry, but there are many journalists out there who are happy to publish their stories and share the objective truth with readers. 

Escort agency PR promotes better standards of safety 

Money is naturally the driving force of any business and escort agencies are no exception. This should never result in the safety and wellbeing of escorts being anything but the top priority, however. Especially considering how much the safety of sex workers has been neglected over the years. Public relations is the key to establishing a greater standard of safety for escorts as the norm. 

An escort marketing agency can generate a lot of noise and publicity, ultimately altering the attitude of the general public. Whilst it’s impossible to make everyone happy, healthier attitudes in general will ultimately lead to important changes within the industry. A significant reduction in the plague on sex work that is male entitlement, for example. 

Escort agency PR will help you grow your business 

At its core, public relations revolves around securing press coverage. With this in mind, we challenge you to find an industry that needs positive press more desperately than the sex work industry. Adult PR is in its element when we’re chatting with journalists and media outlets about all the exciting features we can provide. So, it goes without saying that we will put 110% into supplying you with the coverage you deserve. 

We have access to an extensive database of journalists and publications. With this, we can pinpoint the exact audience you would like to reach with the stories we know they would like to read. Furthermore, we can also help your agency to feature at relevant expos and trade fairs! In such a relationship-based industry, taking advantage of these opportunities is extremely helpful in forging connections and partnerships. 

Escort agency PR will help you avoid a potential crisis 

No matter what industry you find yourself in, a disaster of some kind always has the potential to wreak havoc. Ideally, of course, your escort agency will never need to actively avoid a crisis, but it’s essential that you have a contingency plan in place, just in case! 

Relying on a reactive approach certainly isn’t ideal. Being proactive in the face of any disaster is the most effective approach to crisis management. Whilst not the leading role of escort agency PR, our dedicated team will be able to create a tailor-made approach to any impending crisis. 

Get yourself a crisis plan

Creating an outstanding crisis management plan and then never needing to use it is, of course, the best-case scenario. Should it need to be implemented, however, you will see a substantial reduction of any damage done to your agency. Firefighting won’t be necessary and you will be left in a comfortable position to reevaluate and rebuild. Considering the stigma we’ve already covered, it’s fair to say that negative press can be particularly damaging to your business. It may be entirely slanderous, but the general public will still lap it up. Never get yourself into a position where you’re not equipped to deal with this issue, should it ever happen. 

We can never expect the taboo surrounding sex work to disappear entirely, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do everything within our power to destigmatise the industry. Public relations offers escort agencies with a multitude of opportunities to present themselves to the public in a positive and healthy way. Grappling with escort agency PR without the helping hand of a marketing agency, like Adult PR, however, can be a bit overwhelming. Should you be interested in finding out how we can help you, please get in touch today! You can send us an email on [email protected].