Adult industry social media - how to capatilise from it for your adult brand
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How To Properly Navigate Adult Industry Social Media

social media for the adult industry

How To Properly Navigate Adult Industry Social Media

The online world now hinges around social media. The statistics that surround it are staggering! Worldwide there are approximately 3.2 billion users of social media – that’s over 40%of the global population. With such a vast audience to explore, you should be utilising it as part of your brand’s marketing strategy. Regardless of whether your adult-based or not. Social media marketing is one of the most lucrative avenues of marketing there now is. Other facets of marketing remain worthwhile but the sheer scale of social media marketing makes it hard to ignore. The team here at Adult PR, an adult industry social media marketing agency; have compiled this guide on do’s and don’t’s within adult social media.

Promote your adult toys and services with adult industry social media.

Social media is now incredibly brand-driven. In fact, 54% of social media users use social media platforms to research products and shop. Therefore, there’s no reason this shouldn’t extend to marketing your brand’s sex toys. People are much more likely to trust user reviews, especially with something as pleasure-based as the sex toy industry. Looking to utilise influencers within your adult industry social media marketing strategy is a smart move. Getting a relationship expert, lifestyle influencer or a self-love advocate on-board with your brand; then having them endorse your product will secure maximum exposure for your toys.

However, it’s not just toys that will benefit from social media exposure. Escorting and porn services should also look to utilise social media platforms. All it takes is someone with a great working knowledge of social media platforms to start gaining your adult brand a genuine following. This is achieved through following sprees, appropriate hashtags and consistent engagement. Not to mention those influencer collaborations we spoke of before. The adult industry has a new social media platform friend in Only Fans. This service, which sees users offer content in return for payment, has been used by lots of people to post explicit content. Securing endorsement from some of these users, who are already further along the adult spectrum, is another great way of securing publicity for your adult brand through social media.

Learning to create safe-for-work content.

Putting out adult content on social media platforms is close to impossible. What you want is the opposite of NSFW content. As an adult brand, you have to straddle a very fine between the illicit and the acceptable. You and your team of content creators need to become masters of the tease, experts of euphemism, savants of sexual symbolism. All of which can be done in an entirely tasteful yet erotic way. This is incredibly important. The last thing you want is for your adult brand to come across as crude or childish. This is a massive turn off for potential customers. The problem is that this is all too easy to do if you’re not making very conscious, deliberate decisions that have a lot of thought behind them.

Creating content for social media shouldn’t be rushed. It should be a considered process. Hitting the nail on the head of what is sensual and seductive and what is tacky and on-the-nose. If anything, the lack of any content that’s actually explicit is attractive. The old phrases ‘always leave them wanting more’ and ‘leave it to their imagination’ must have originated from somewhere, right? In this way, social media’s restrictions on explicit content actually force your hand into making content that is ideal for adult brands.

 Adult industry social media helps place the goalposts in the perfect position for you to show off without explicitly showing off. Another way of making aesthetic content that is safe to post is to create visually attractive graphics using your brand’s key themes and colours. By creating a trend of consistency within your Instagram grid, for example, you portray much greater professionalism to other social media users.

Making the adult industry more accessible.

Bridging the gap between, an industry that is traditionally spoken about in hushed tones and the general public requires capitalising on the opportunities that social media provides. Adult industry social media is a great way of showcasing that the adult industry is about so much more than just sex; social media gives you an opportunity to showcase the personal lives and the stories behind those industry professionals, whilst still garnering your adult company some serious brand recognition. At its core, that’s what social media is best for, regardless of the industry you’re involved with.

However, in the adult industry, it’s especially important given the lack of content you’re able to put out; that brand recognition becomes your main focus. Getting people to know about who you are, what you offer and why they should be interested is a good thing for your adult brand. The emergence of social media platforms such as TikTok further offer insights and fun snippets from people’s personal lives, in the way that Snapchat and Instagram Stories initially did. Making the adult industry more personable in turn makes it more accessible. As a result, a significantly less daunting prospect to get involved with.

Adult industry social media marketing agency.

An adult industry social media marketing agency, such as Adult PR, specialises in creating content; scheduling it and then overseeing the management of all social media campaigns. Social media management is an agency’s bread and butter. As a result, outsourcing to one will see your adult brand consistently grow, driving increased traffic for your brand. The adult industry is evolving and changing constantly. Society’s stigmas and opinions are shifting, crumbling brick by sexual brick. The truth is, the adult industry is ripe for social media marketing. Whilst it may at first seem like a pointless pursuit for the adult brands, what with their restrictive guidelines. On further examination, you can see just how beneficial it can be.

So, if you’d like to find out more about our adult industry social media agency, then get in touch! Simply click this link or Email Adult PR on [email protected].