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How PR Can Help Your Escort Agency Thrive

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How PR Can Help Your Escort Agency Thrive

How escort agency PR Can Help Your Escort Agency Thrive

Escort agencies are shrouded in an unjust miasma of judgement and misinformation. This substandard reputation is often one constructed by cheap, tabloid press publications. Whilst escort agencies are continually painted as seedy and scandalous; the new wave of self-love, sexual wellness and empowerment that has enveloped the nation throughout 2020 is certainly bringing about an important change in perception. Sadly, this improved attitude to sex work hasn’t penetrated everyone’s world view.

This is why the utilisation of an adult PR agency that focuses on escort agency PR is essential. A dedicated team of PR professionals will work tirelessly to put a positive spin on the industry; provide a more truthful account of those within it, and ultimately remove the unjust stigma that surrounds it. Here at Adult PR, an adult entertainment PR and marketing agency based in the UK, we have put together a blog which details several of the extensive benefits of utilising escort agency PR.

Eliminating The Stigma Around Sex Work

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The sex work industry has been given an awful rap for countless years. There’s really no reason for this other than cheap journalism which creates backwards prejudices. In more recent years; many have spoken out about the need for the social view of sex workers to be more positive. Escort agency PR can do a lot to bring about this change.

The perception of sex workers in the past has been fuelled by unjust and ill-informed stigmatising, which has led to many believing it to be a shameful profession. It’s important that this unjust view is changed to one of empowerment. If your agency is featured in a selection of renowned publications; something an escort PR agency can help with – you will have the opportunity to share your opinions and perspectives of the industry with a journalist that has no agenda. A journalist who will publish the objective truth. 

Current, dominating trends encourage education and openness. Jumping on these trends is essential in chipping away at the awfully stigmatised sex work industry.

Promoting Better Standards Of Safety

The safety of escorts has been famously neglected over the years. Whilst money is the driving force of any business – escort agencies included – this doesn’t mean the safety and wellbeing of those within the industry should be glazed over. It is essential that the industry does more to protect those that bring the money in, and PR can help to create this necessary change. Once a greater standard of safety for escorts is considered the norm; this outlook will spread throughout the adult industry in its entirety. 

The publicity and noise that an escort PR agency can generate will force the hand of the industry, giving it no choice but to change for the better. These healthier attitudes we strive for will inevitably lead to more important changes within the industry. The male entitlement that has plagued sex work for generations, for example, will see a significant reduction.

Growing Your Business

PR – public relations – is all about securing you press coverage. You’d be hard-pressed to find an industry that desperately needs positive PR as much as the sex work industry. Reaching out to journalists, publications and media outlets with exciting and insightful features in hand is what the team at Adult PR does best. Our escort PR agency will do all we can to supply you with the kind of coverage your industry needs and deserves. 

An adult industry PR team has access to a wealth of journalists and publication databases. This allows them to specifically target your exact audience with stories we know they will want to read. These connections allow our escort PR agency to provide you with excellent opportunities that will ultimately put you in the best possible light. On top of this, a good PR agency will also be able to get your agency into any relevant adult trade fairs – once these kinds of events are able to safely reopen. Much of the adult industry is relationship-based, making these opportunities highly beneficial in forming connections and partnerships. Online interactions simply do not compare to meeting face-to-face when it comes to laying the foundations for a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Avoiding A Potential Crisis

No business, agency or industry is safe from a potential disaster. Ideally, you will never need to actively avoid a potential crisis – let alone recover from one – but the chance is always there, and it’s always worth having a contingency plan in place for this exact reason. Being reactive is not ideal. Instead, you want to have a proactive approach to crisis management. This can be tailor-made for you by an escort PR agency. The bespoke nature of our working relationship is one of the strongest highlights of an agency like Adult PR.

The best-case scenario is that an excellent crisis management plan will be created, and then never used. If it does need to be used, however, it will result in a substantial reduction in the damage done to your business. This leaves you in a much better position when it comes to rebuilding, as you won’t need to firefight. With the previously mentioned negative stigma that surrounds the sex work industry, bad press can be particularly disastrous to your business. Even if it’s entirely slanderous, society will lap it up and damage your business significantly. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’re unequipped to deal with this problem if it rears its ugly head. 

The stigmas and taboos that surround the sex industry are unlikely to ever disappear entirely, but with the new decade comes countless opportunities which allow escort agencies to present themself to the public in a healthy, positive way. These opportunities can be hard to grasp without the help of an escort PR agency.If you would like to find out how our escort agency PR will help you, get in touch today! Send us an email on [email protected] or click here to learn more about how we can benefit your escort agency.