How Does Adult Industry Marketing Work?
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How Does Adult Industry Marketing Work?

Adult Industry Marketing

How Does Adult Industry Marketing Work?

The adult industry marketing has been a trailblazer since the dawn of digital media. Worth an estimated $97,000,000,000, to say the industry is thriving is an understatement. This is largely due to the copious amount of free content the web blesses us with. Not only this; approximately 69% (yes, haha) of pay-per-view online content is also adult material. So, it’s fair to say the adult industry is dominating the web. But, how does adult industry marketing and PR actually work? 

Considering the adult industry doesn’t have the under-appreciated luxury of showcasing it’s offering as publicly as, say, any other industry, marketing efforts for XXX brands often have to take a much more cautious approach. So, how can you promote your adult brand when such a taboo still exists around the industry? Well, let’s consider the industry giant, PornHub. 

PornHub receives a almost 92 billion video views per year! An absolutely staggering figure, alongside their 60 million visits per day. This is double the amount of traffic the internet’s leading SFW video sharing site, YouTube, receives. As impressive as this is, however, it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering PornHub’s years of tactical advertising and marketing. 

The team at our adult industry marketing agency, Adult PR, have collated some of PornHub’s subtle tactics that have helped to boost their brand into the stratosphere: 

1. Give people what they want! 

People know what they want. Especially when it comes to getting off. Utilising consumer data in your marketing efforts is something every business should implement. PornHub does it. So did LoveHoney, and these are some of the most successful adult brands out there. Over the last 8 years, PornHub has even become a leader in providing data-driven campaigns with their fascinating yearly insights. 

2. Don’t take yourself too seriously. 

Yes, running a business is a serious… business, but sex is fun. It’s exciting. It’s not often taken too seriously. Especially not when individuals are logging on for a little private time. With this outlook in mind, consider how you will need to skirt around the product or service your offering with adult industry marketing. This will often manifest in the form of humour. Ultimately, humour is a great way to create SFW content that your audience can relate to without compromising it’s impact. 

3. Be bold, not boring. 

Jumping through the hoops of rigid social media rules and restrictions can often feel suffocating. With this deflating feeling, many adult brands end up coming across as a bit boring. But this doesn’t have to be the case! With a little bit more thought and creativity, your content can be as bold and brazen as the platform it’s advertising! Well… almost. 

4. Understand your audience. 

Considering how many businesses are all after a piece of the pie, it’s no surprise that the adult industry is about as competive as it gets. Your business can’t afford to try and target everyone. Make sure you have a full understanding of your target audience. This way you will be able to create much more effective marketing materials. 

Have you thought about your competition? 

To build on the above, knowing your audience is invariably important in adult industry marketing, but you mustn’t forget your competition! Investigating who your competition is targeting can reveal their marketing techniques. From here, take a look at a target audience niche connected to their service and come up with some creative ideas that rival their approach. 

Consider adult industry demographics… 

Not only is it essential to think of who has a simple want of your products or services, but also who will be most likely to purchase them. The following factors should all be considered: 





Marital and family status 


adult industry digital marketing

…And adult industry psycographics. 

You’ve lined out your demographics. Now it’s time to take a look at more personal characteristics of the prospects, including: 





A deeper insight into these factors will help to determine how to effectively approach your target audience within your campaigns. Furthermore, it will even help you understand which platforms will be most beneficial, as well as when you should post content. 

Adult industry marketing and PR. 

A strong reputation is key to building yourself up as a successful brand in the adult industry. Your products or services will immediately become more attractive to consumers if you can prove yourself to be a reputable business. For this reason, sex industry public relations is more relevant than ever. At Adult PR, we specialise in safeguarding your brand’s reputation, whilst ensuring your brand awareness skyrockets. 

We’ve put together three reasons why PR is so important for the adult industry. 

1. We can tell your story. 

Whether you run an online sex toy store, an escort agency, or anything in between, you business will have a story to tell. Our agency can secure opportunities for you to share your story in mainstream publications. Digital storytelling in this way will help to increase the awareness of your brand. It will aslo build strong trust amongst potential customers and clients. 

2. We can promote your values. 

Public relations will allow you to paint your business’ values in a positive light, across a multitude of relevant media platforms. We can help you to effectively target your consumer base, ultimately increasing the likelihood of them engaging with you business. Thus, bolstering the positive perception of your brand. 

3. We can manage any crisis. 

As we’ve already clarified, reputation is everything when it comes to adult industry marketing. A good reputation leads to positive brand perception. Without this, you may well find yourself in a PR crisis. In the unfortunate event that something goes wrong for your business, having a crisis management plan in place is vital. 

At our adult industry marketing agency, we specialise in providing adult entertainment PR packages. This includes crisis management for brands who need to shift public opinion. If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or click here to be taken to our contact page.