Global adult SEO company - what to look for
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Global adult SEO company – what to look for

SEO for adult business

Global adult SEO company – what to look for

Trusting an outsourced marketing team with your brand image can be daunting. Afterall, one wrong move could leave your reputation in tatters. As such, the search for a global adult SEO company may feel a little overwhelming. Finding someone you can put your faith in and an agency whose values align with yours is vital. The question is, where do you start? 

In today’s blog, we break down the ins and outs of SEO, what an agency is responsible for, and the perfect firms’ key characteristics. 

What is SEO? 

SEO, also known as ‘search engine marketing’, is a way for businesses to improve where they rank on Google under relevant search terms. It’s an organic marketing tactic aimed at boosting visibility, growing credibility, and ultimately, driving sales. 

The SEO process involves making specific modifications to your website alongside sharing optimised content in the form of blogs, website copy, and landing pages. Content should be of a particular length, easy to read, relevant, and will contain topical keywords. 

Any changes made to your website should be targeted at improving the end-user experience. One of the first places to start is with mobile phone optimisation. Other modifications include adding in meta-descriptions and alt-tags and improving the loading speed of your site, among other things. 

What does a global adult SEO company do? 

As a specialist SEO company for adult brands, it’s our job to keep on top of any changes to Google’s algorithm. This is what determines where a website ranks, so it’s important your site is hitting all of their criteria. The search engine is updating their requirements constantly, so staying up to date can be tricky and time consuming.

In addition to this, we’ll use our knowledge and experience to optimise your website to its fullest potential. We’ll also produce relevant and topical content to share on your site, carefully considering what your customers are searching for. Carrying out competitor research, we’ll aim to target the keywords they are ranking for. This will ultimately help you to position higher than them, driving more traffic to your platform and stunting the growth of theirs.

It’s important to note that your sites ranking won’t improve over night. It takes a few months of consistent work to see results from your SEO. If you’re looking for immediate sales, we recommend running a PPC campaign alongside your organic search marketing strategy. 

What to look out for 

The search for the perfect marketing agency can be tricky, especially for brands operating within the adult sector. Unfortunately, many mainstream providers won’t work with those within the sex industry, limiting your options. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t settle for a team you’re not happy with. 

Below, we’ve detailed a couple of the key characteristics any credible firm should have: 

Experience with global brands 

As a global adult SEO company, it’s important that you’re able to demonstrate your experience working with multinational brands. What’s more, that you’ve specifically launched marketing campaigns to a range of different consumer groups around the world. 

Here at Adult PR, our team have worked alongside brands from across the globe. The majority of our clientele are based across the US, UK, European, and Asian markets. This means that our team have direct experience marketing to a range of different people. Knowing how to target the right demographic is key. Without this, the results from your campaigns are likely to be stunted. 

Positive testimonials and case studies 

It’s all very well being told by an agency that they’re the best of the best, but the proof is always in the pudding. When choosing a team to work with, it’s important that you ask for testimonials from their current clients. Case studies are also a good indicator of their skill. 

Here at Adult PR, one of our biggest achievements is the sheer amount of happy and longstanding clients we have onboard. Having worked with a vast range of brands in the adult sector, we’re confident in our abilities to conquer any challenge thrown our way. What’s more, we’re also able to back up our claims with a plethora of positive reviews. 

Quick and helpful customer service 

How people respond to your initial enquiry says a lot about an agency’s customer service quality. As such, it’s important you pay attention here. If a brand is taking days on end to respond, this doesn’t bode well. Communication is vital, especially when you’re trusting an outside firm with something as important as your brand image. 

Here at Adult PR, we pride ourselves on our impeccable communication and customer service. We aim to respond to all email enquiries within 24 hours (during the working week). Moreover, we’re always at the end of the phone should you need us! 

Reasonable contract terms 

When looking for a credible global adult SEO company, you’ll come across lots of agencies with long contract terms of up to two years. This is quite the commitment, especially should you find yourself needing to cut back on your outgoings at any stage.

Our team recognise and understand that the current state of the economy and the importance of flexibility. As such, our contracts are a maximum of six months in length. We’re confident that we can demonstrate the value in what we do during this short amount of time, eliminating our need to tie you in for months on end. 

Fair pricing 

Whilst most marketing tactics won’t cost you any money, support with implementing your strategy does require a budget. This being said, marketing doesn’t have to and shouldn’t cost you the earth.

Based just outside of London, we keep our pricing competitive and fair. We’re determined to make marketing accessible for all businesses, no matter their size. What’s more, all of our packages are completely bespoke and include a tiered pricing system. This allows our clients to pick and choose the level of support they receive and how much they spend, providing ultimate flexibility. 

Working with Adult PR 

Based in Essex, our team have over 14 years of experience marketing adult brands. Moreover, we’re also trained across all aspects of organic promotion, from SEO and PR, right through to social media and paid ads. We’ve also got in-house teams dedicated to event management and graphic design too! 

For more information on our marketing packages, contact our global adult SEO company today. You can get in touch by clicking here!