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Escort PR Agency

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Escort PR Agency

Escort PR Agency

Our escort PR agency know better than most how saturated the market is. With hundreds of escort booking platforms already out there and more set to join, it can be really difficult getting yourself seen and heard. Being specialists in this area, we know how best to portray you in the media. What’s more, we have access to both national and international contacts.

Being a female owned and staffed office; we are all passionate about empowering women. Having been on multiple ‘sex work is work’ protests, we are keen to help in making a difference and modernizing the views of the public. Unfortunately, when it comes to PR agencies, a lot of them won’t touch the adult entertainment industry. This being purely so they can protect the other companies they represent. Here at Adult PR, we are dedicated to getting you the exposure you deserve and strive to make the escorting industry a safer place.

What is PR and How Can it Help?

Public relations (or PR) refers to the steps a company takes to bridge the gap between them and the public. It is a way of building and maintaining a steady reputation for yourself through various different media outlets. Featuring in a magazine for example. 

In light of everything going on at the moment, your escorting business may be suffering. Not being able to leave the house has no doubt put a halt to your work. This combined with the economic crisis is bound to have been detrimental to you; whether you’re an individual companion or a booking platform. Now restrictions have begun easing, you may want to consider investing in an escort PR agency. 

PR has a plethora of advantages. Starting with the most obvious, it brings with it a whole lot of brand recognition. Getting your branding out there for everyone to see will naturally drum up more bookings and/or website traffic. As well as attracting your target market, it can also help personalise your brand. Having a life story published about you in magazine is likely to help break down the barriers between you and the public making you more relatable. PR can also help highlight your USP. Doing so will help add value to you as an individual or as a brand resulting in more clients. 

Beating the Stigma Surrounding Escorting

In an industry so frowned upon by the general public, it can be hard to break the stigmas surrounding sex work. PR is a great way to scream about the changes you want to see. The power of news articles is something that many people often overlook. Having seen many escorts fall into the trap of only targeting industry specific media, our escort PR agency are here to tell you, you need to be hitting mainstream too. Especially when you’re trying to change the views of the general public. The more noise that we generate through PR, the more we are able to educate.

Types of PR

Of course, there is much more to PR than the previous examples I have given. It’s for this reason that people often get a bit overwhelmed by the whole process and seek help from an escort PR agency. Not all the various different avenues of PR will suit everyone. This is something that should always be tailored to suit you.

Looking at life stories first, we are always looking for ambassadors who are leading the community to speak about how they got to where they are. This can be great for normalizing the taboo that escorting is; as well as bringing about change for the way escorts have been treated in the past. These make for very interesting reads for everyone, not only people in the sex industry. 

Empowerment campaigns are massive when it comes to PR. Although touched on before, they can be a great way to help break the stigma. Protests and articles promoting a less judgemental approach can be a great way to get your voice heard. What’s more, being remembered as someone who helped voice this change can be massive for your image. Whether you’re working as an individual or if you’re an agency, being known for such a great cause can really improve your reputation.

Crisis management is also a huge part of any PR campaign. Negative news stories can be detrimental to anyone’s reputation and career. Here at Adult PR, we recognise that humans make mistakes. We’ve all said and done things we wouldn’t do now. It’s for this reason we think it’s unfair when someone’s career is hurt by this. Already being in an industry so (wrongly) frowned upon, negative press is bound to have an even bigger impact. Keeping negative press from touching your brand is something our escort PR agency specialise in. 

Making it a Safer Place

The world we are living in is, unfortunately, a scary one. Being a team of feminists, we love getting behind anyone who wants to help make the escorting world a safer place. Not only this, we understand that male escorts need to be protected as well. Having worked with many escort booking platforms through the years, we have seen first-hand the ways many promote safety for their escorts. 

Booking brand Smooci have optimized all areas of online safety. Our favourite feature being the option to leave reviews. Not only can customers leave reviews but so can the escorts. Being able to warn other men and women when you’ve had a bad experience and what clients to avoid is a great way of ensuring you are protected at all times. These reviews also cannot be taken down by the client meaning optimum safety. 

Contact Us

If you’re passionate about what we’ve discussed, we are too! We’d love to chat to you about how our escort PR agency can benefit your brand and help keep the industry free of danger. No matter whether you’re an individual or a booking platform, we can help. To get in touch with us today, click here.