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Escort Agency SEO Specialists: Boosting Your Visibility

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Escort Agency SEO Specialists: Boosting Your Visibility

Did you know that only 0.63% of people looking for adult content click on Google’s second page of results? Did you know 90.63% of websites get no organic search traffic from Google? This is because they aren’t on the first page! With Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) dominated by the likes of Pornhub and LoveHoney, standing out can be difficult. The reason these companies rule the SERP, however, doesn’t just come down to their names, but also their SEO strategies. Having been escort agency SEO specialists for over 14 years, we’ve seen just how impactful this can be. 

For most of us, it’s human nature to stick with brands we are familiar with. This is no different for the adult industry. Whether that’s specific porn or camming sites, sex workers, adult toys shops, or something else, it’s just who we are. Unfortunately for new adult businesses, however, that makes breaking into the market and gaining exposure that much more challenging. Unless you commit to boosting your SEO, that is. But what does this really mean? 

What is SEO?

Adult industry Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essentially the process of modifying your website to improve its Google search ranking. When Google looks to determine a website’s rank, it marks it against an extensive list of criteria. Some of these criteria include user-friendliness, loading speed, mobile-responsiveness and how well-optimised the content you create is. The more of these boxes you tick, the higher you rank, and the more traffic your website receives. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, with SEO, you’ll soon come to realise just how complex the Google algorithm really is. 

How Does It Work?

When searching for anything – adult content included – Google will always display the results it believes will be the most useful to the person searching. To determine this, it first must evaluate just how accurate and informative your website is. After all, user experience is Google’s top-most priority. The last thing it wants is for its users to spend hours searching page after page for what they want. But how does Google prevent this? One word, three letters. SEO. 

As we’ve mentioned, search engines use several ranking factors to provide the most relevant content for a specific search query. Before this is even considered, however, first they crawl and index every inch of your website. Crawling is the process of Google sending out bots known as ‘crawlers’ to discover new or updated content. For your website, perhaps this could include a new blog post, or an updated home page. If you want to be visible, it’s crucial that your entire site is crawled. The content gathered by these crawlers is then indexed. Once a page has been indexed by Google, it now has the possibility of being shown on the SERP. 

Whilst crawling and indexing are very much behind the scenes, the final process – ranking – is far more evident. If a user searches ‘escort agency SEO,’ for example, Google will scan its indexed pages for the most relevant content. Now comes the part that all your SEO efforts have been leading up to. Each of these pages Google suggests will be assigned a ranking, based on over 200 different factors. The more you satisfy, the greater the chance of getting a better position on the SERP than your competitors. 

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What Ranking Factors Should I Consider?

Google doesn’t like to share the list of ranking factors its algorithm takes into account. After all, if they did, everyone would tick every box, and the ranking system would be irrelevant! Unfortunately, this means that when it comes to optimising your website, you’re on your own! That is, of course, assuming you’re working without the help of experienced escort agency SEO specialists like Adult PR. Some of the ways we can help meet the algorithms criteria include: 

Content Creation

When optimising the content on your website, there are a few main focal points you need to be considering. The first of these is sentence length. Google dislikes long sentences, as it feels people will struggle to read them and lose interest. Because of this, sentence length must be kept to a maximum of 20 words. This isn’t enough, however. Everything also must be formatted to perfection. This includes using headings, subheadings, bullet points, videos and images scattered throughout your content. 

Keyword Identification

Alongside your content being well-written, engaging, and informative, it must also contain relevant keywords throughout. Keywords help to provide an insight into what users are searching for related to the services or content you provide. By Including them in your content, keywords show to Google what queries your website is well positioned to answer. Say you offer dominatrix services, for example. Some of your go-to keywords will include ‘sub and dom,’ ‘dominatrix near me’ or ‘BDSM services.’ Incorporating them and similar phrases into your content increases the likelihood your website is promoted when users search for them.  

Back-end Optimisation

Let’s be honest, we’re all impatient. Especially when it comes to the adult industry, all we’re looking for is some quick satisfaction. People don’t want to be watching porn only to be met with buffering and long load times. They’ll simply click of your website, and head to your competitors instead. Google knows this, and if your website isn’t optimised in this way, your ranking will suffer for it. 

It’s not good enough to just optimise the content on your website; your website’s back-end is just as important. Even if you’ve managed to understand what we’re talking about so far, this is where it can get quite confusing. Back-end optimisation involves things like meta-descriptions, alt tags and mobile optimisation, to name a few. Even if they might seem unimportant, Google takes all these factors into account when ranking your website.  

Contact Our Escort Agency SEO Specialists

Hopefully we’ve managed to help you understand just how important SEO is for your business. After all, you don’t want Google’s algorithm to cock-block all the effort you’ve put into growing your adult brand. For more information about how our escort agency SEO specialists can help with this, click here!