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Erotica social media agency

adult industry marketing agency

Erotica social media agency

Why do you and your business need an Erotica Social Media Agency?

Here at Adult PR, we cover every element of marketing and R for the adult industry. In this particular blog, we are going to discuss social media for erotic fiction. If you need help with another type of adult business, please click here to visit our homepage.

Writing a book is a massive accomplishment. Erotic novels have skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade, especially since authors like E.L James became mainstream.  This author wrote 50 Shades of Gray, which completely opened the market, breaking many taboos in the process. (Even if those in the industry don’t agree with all that was written) But, maybe you’re baffled as to how you should market your product. This is where our erotica social media agency can help!

Historically, many people have been excited about erotic fiction; however now the stigma associated with this is fading, it’s a great time to release a book in this genre. Obviously, this is amazing for you, because there is a natural and expected intrigue with readers ready and willing to immerse themselves into a new read. But it’s not always that simple…

Nowadays, almost anyone can publish a book. For example, you can easily self-publish, by writing and uploading your own E-book onto Amazon. But, it’s hard to gain exposure this way. Working with a publishing house means you are paying for the brand to represent you. Readers love and trust these brands, often purchasing books purely through brand loyalty. Either way, the industry is saturated because of the newfound freedom that comes with self-publishing.

However, whichever publishing route you choose to go down, utilizing social media to gain exposure is undeniably a necessity to advertise your book. As an erotica social media agency, we hold the expertise to gain both your book and you traction.

Understanding the social media landscape. 

PR for the adult industry

Many still love the feel and smell of a physical book, with some readers refusing to read Kindles because it lacks authenticity. Despite the devoted following that printed books have, the same cannot be said for printed advertisements. Although they very much exist, social media and digital marketing are the lead runners for successful advertising campaigns.

The digital age may affect how you should advertise your creative work because the way in which we consume media in 2021 is different to the previous years. Building a platform as an author is now an important aspect to promote your book. 

It is always a good idea for writers to collaborate. Using external agencies like an erotica social media agency allows our team of professionals to produce successful marketing strategies for your erotic novel. 

Writing a book takes dedication and patience. Ultimately, your creative talent is a rarity. So, when it comes to marketing, you are not expected to know everything. Yes of course, you may have a general knowledge on social media and how it works, but are you a qualified expert? When you finally reach the hurdle of producing published work, you may feel like a small fish in a big pond, in terms of how to promote your book and brand. 

It is vital to understand that social media upkeep takes time and consistency. In a world of reaching deadlines, meetings with your editor, and time management struggles, upholding consistent activity of your socials can be difficult. Well, we’ve got you covered! 

What do you want?

At our erotica social media agency, we can help you manage and create your content. But we also would love your input! Ask yourself, what do I want as an author? Because there are a world of options to consider. 

Would you be willing to offer free giveaways for publicity? Do you want a separate website from your social media platforms? Will you reveal extra graphics on your social media channels? Your book is yours, so whilst we can offer specialist advice based off your target audience, book genre, and your individual background; we want you to feel comfortable with the resulting marketing strategy. 

Alongside this, you can attend writing seminars, begin a blog, gain publicity in your local community, and spread exposure simply through word of mouth! This can bring a following to your socials, so once we help with your creative content, we can marry ideas together to produce personal yet strategic posts for your followers. We value creative independence, because Adult PR doesn’t want to restrict your input; we simply want to place you in the limelight, through professional production of content.

Rules and restrictions

We hate to say the words rules and restrictions because we’re pretty sure it brings up suppressed memories of covid-19 lockdowns, but it’s relevant here. Social media can often restrict “sexually explicit content.” At Adult PR, we can maneuver around these rules, because with erotica, and writing in general, you want people to buy the book. You do not want to hand content out on your socials for free. You must tease a reaction out of your audience, convincing them to purchase your erotica novel. 

This works in your favor because it potentially means you don’t cross over the “boundary,” that social media platforms have laid out for sexual content. Teasers can be allusive rather than obvious. How can you be 100% certain without experts at hand to guide you? You could receive a ban for an “explicit graphic,” or releasing erotic writing. This is especially true for Instagram. Our erotica social media agency understand the ins and outs of every platforms intricate rules, safeguarding your accounts so they never come under fire.

People want to know you

Commonly, and especially if you’re new to the industry, people want to know who you are, particularly if they love your book. Because realistically, if they enjoy your writing, they will tend to love you as a person! As such, they want to know the face behind the story! Although your socials are for promotions and advertising your work, what do your audience know about you yourself? Build connections with your readers by telling them a bit about yourself. Your accounts require you to inject some of your personality and style into your pages!

Contact us

Online media has changed the way we market brands and understanding the digital age we live in isn’t always easy. So, if you want to know what services our erotica social media agency can offer, feel free to contact us by clicking here! At Adult PR, we value creative minds and we would love to put you, and your book, on the map!