All you need to know about an Erotica PR Agency for your new release - Adult PR
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All you need to know about an Erotica PR Agency for your new release

PR for the adult industry

All you need to know about an Erotica PR Agency for your new release

So you’ve written your book, you’re pretty proud of it: now you need an erotica PR agency. How does that happen? What’s the best way in finding the right agency for you? How does the relationship work? Clearly, you’ve written a book, so you want people to read it. There’s a difference between self-publishing and sticking it on Amazon, and getting the professionals in. By hiring a PR firm, you’re ensuring the best quality outreach for your product. But you already know this. You know the value of hiring a firm, but we’re going to talk you through the process.  

Set some tangible goals

Firstly, consider what your goals are. What do you want from exposure? Reviews? Readership? Interviews? Having these goals in mind when looking for an agency will help with the promotion will make your life a lot easier. They’ll know where they stand with you, whether or not they can reach your goals. Take some time to sit down and go through what you’d want from an erotica PR agency. You’re the creator, what do you envisage? If you have specific ideas in mind, you must tell your firm. We might be good at what we do, but we’re not mind readers. If you has a specific idea for an event, let us know! We just might be able to make it happen.

PR for the adult and sex industry

Research your options

Have a look at some other erotic authors in your sphere. What agents and marketing firms are they using? Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most trustworthy sources out there. Make sure you look around for agencies that work with authors on your level. It’s okay to shop around, but not okay to lead agencies on. It wastes both our time and yours.  Check out platforms like LinkedIn for recommendations. Connect with potential firms that way, and strike up a conversation. If they’re worth their salt, they’ll set aside time to chat. A great way to make connections is to attend writing events. Of course, at the moment they’ll all be on Zoom. That doesn’t diminish their importance! They’ll have opportunities to contact people, sit in on workshops, and attend seminars. Also, being online will make it a lot easier to connect. Once you’re able to, get back out there and attend some of these events in person! You’ll never know who you might meet. Sometimes you’re able to see which erotica PR agency your preferred literary agents use. If they trust them, why shouldn’t you?

Be Ready to Spend

Most firms work on an hourly basis. This means that you’ll be paying for a certain amount of hours to be spent on your account weekly. If you want more output, you’ll need to pay for more hours. Think of it this way, would you rather have a tailored, high-quality hour spent on your book, which may cost more? Or have general, low-quality time put in for less? Chances are, you’ll pick the former. On top of that, if you have specific ideas, these will have to be accounted for too, as they will not always be able to be carried out in your allotted time weekly.

Trust your PR Firm

You’re a writer. You know how to write, and the reason you’ve come to an erotica PR agency is that you don’t know how to market yourself. If your firm comes to you and suggests a change of tactic, believe them. They’ve said they need to pick up socials? They know best. Suggested increasing hours? They’re likely not trying to scam you, it’s for the best. As a firm, we want results as much as you do, otherwise, we wouldn’t have taken on the contract. We understand it’s hard to relinquish control and let the experts get on, but it’s the only way you’re going to see results. Helicoptering around them as they’re trying to work will most likely have the opposite effect.

Don’t Disappear!

Taking initiative and being proactive is the best way to see the fruits of your labour. Be prepared to actually do some work on your end. The role of an erotica PR agency is not to take on your account, wave a magic wand, and make all your dreams come true, you have to pull your weight too. Yes, some firms will also take control of your social media, depending on your goals. It’s also good from time to time to have a personal touch, and therefore you’ll likely need to have some input into your online presence. Not only that, if your goals include outlet coverage, you’ll likely need to provide comment at a moment’s notice too. Make sure you’re aware that you’ll need to be available to an extent to support the erotica PR agency.

A word of warning

Make sure you stay savvy and that you’ve got your smart head on when talking to potentials. If someone is coming to you saying they’re going to get you on the New York Times Bestseller list and a Nobel Prize in literature, chances are they’re stretching the truth. A good erotica PR agency will always stick to the facts and (hopefully) be brutally honest with you. So yes, it’s nice to see a potential firm likes your product, but if they seem like they like it a little ‘too much’ it might be a red flag.

If you’re looking for an agency to work with on your erotica novel, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert marketing and PR by sending an email over to [email protected].